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Angelina Jolie showed up at the New York premier of her movie “The Changeling” looking both gorgeous and happy. This is her first major appearance since the birth of her twins and she didn’t disappoint. Gossip magazines have been writing that she was “deeply depressed” and “abandoned by Brad”- looks like they were wrong again….

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  1. Six rug rats and a psycho wife. No wonder he bought a motorcycle. To get away. He is sunk in deep.

  2. I don’t care for either of them. I hope they keep collecting orphans and move far, far away.
    She’s got some real issues and he probably is on good drugs to put up with all he’s gotten himself into.

  3. America haters .
    Love your country like your life depended on it.

  4. How do these women lose all that “maternity” weight so fast? Angelina looks fab.

  5. Fact is, when the 6 little spoiled brats who get to have and do anything they want start getting on his nerves, he will and has skipped out for a few days. Give it time…I predict plenty of feuding, fussing, and fighting.
    Btw, constant flying is Not good for the health. I know of two who flew a lot and had trouble with clogged arteries and heart problems. Change in air pressure constantly is dangerous, and esp. for kids. Living high on the hog will not last forever. She is a nut case, and he is spoiled and still smokes the hooch to relieve stress. It’ll hit the fan soon.

  6. brageloons are pushing for global socialism with the corrupt U.N.

  7. So nasty you Yanks.
    Leave them be…..they look wonderful and happy.
    If they want 10 children that’s there choice, not your’s.
    Life and let life, you will all be alot happier people.

  8. Brad is a very happy and content man who is exactly where he wants to be, with the woman he totally loves and who loves him, and their SIX kids. He always wanted 6-7 kids and told everyone this fact for many years. He raves about Angelina and Angelina raves about him. They are kindred spirits who support each other in every way.
    Some of you need to stop reading the lies in tabloids, that is why you are so miserable. Don’t you know by now that a diet of tabloids aren’t good for one’s mental health? LOL.

  9. Is it just me or does she have an expression of being broken, in all the recent pictures I’ve seen? Some kind of spark that she used to have in every photo has seemed to be missing. I thought at first it was some kind of plastic surgery/procedure – maybe botox on her forehead, but she’s been looking a bit out of it recently, and just ‘smiling’ alot more than doing her old sexy, intense scowl. I’m not against her being happy enough to smile either, it’s just that the ‘smiles’ don’t seem real to me, which makes me wonder… See above: fake smile, her eyes aren’t smiling. I could believe the depression story. It happens.
    Speak *your* truth, Ange. Find an outlet to get vocal. Bottling it up makes us ill.

  10. This partnership based on adultery and fornication will have trouble sooner or later. (No I am not jealous or hate-filled). I predict Ang will get paranoid about Brad flying off to promote his movies and will fear he will indulge in a few one night stands. She is already jealous of the thoughts of him seeing Jen again. She is a self-proclaimed spit-fire and free-spirit and has no qualms about seeing her ex’es (Johnny and Billy Bob). She shoulda married him when he begged her to (unless this is just a rumor). Who can figure these 2 out?

  11. Sorry to disappoint but Hollyweird IS ADULTERY AND FORNICATION. There is nothing pure about the town and even the actors and actresses who seem wholesome aren’t. It’s all about SEX, DRUGS, GREED AND LIES.
    It’s a corrupt business that breeds monsters. Name me one actor or actress who has it together?

  12. Sorry to disappoint but Hollyweird IS ADULTERY AND FORNICATION. There is nothing pure about the town and even the actors and actresses who seem wholesome aren’t. It’s all about SEX, DRUGS, GREED AND LIES.
    It’s a corrupt business that breeds monsters. Name me one actor or actress who has it together?

  13. She does look great, but then she can afford to have her tummy tucked they all do.

  14. Bonnie, I think Angie is too in love with herself to worry about Brad cheating. I think Brad should worry about Angie straying. As far as Jen is concerned, I wish people would leave that poor woman alone. She’s moved on to greener pastures. I don’t think she misses life with Brad.
    Also I think the reason these Hollywood woman slim down so quick because unlike the average Jane Doe who actually holds a job and doesn’t have the luxury of nannies, these women hire a trainer and nutritionist STAT. That’s why they slim down so quickly.

  15. 10:24 get a life! BTW check your facts they’re not married. “Fornicating adulterers” what era do you come from? Jen isn’t sad she’s got plenty of men to keep her company.

  16. 9:14 PM: Jane, I totally agree. Angie is totally in love with herself. Then again, so is Brad. After he was voted most desirable, most handsome, etc., all this naturally goes to his head. So to sum it up, two egotistical maniacs that want their way will cause fighting and bickering, and money won’t fix it. If Ang gets irritated with him enough, I believe she would have a fling with Billy Bob or whoever.
    RE: Jen…I also think she has moved on with her life. But, I think there are moments she maybe wishes she had kids and had done things different. We now know that Brad is not such a great catch, but there are few men left in H-Wood that can be trusted and not bull you.

  17. How did she lose the baby weight? A combination of snorting heroin and a quick tummy tuck. Duh. Brad and Angelina deserve each other. The children deserve much better. They need one stable home, they need to all speak the same language, go to school and make friends and have a normal life. They do not need to be flying all over the globe to betrotted out for publicity value, only to be replaced when “Mama” grows bored and needs a new shot of adulation for buying another one. Ever wonder why she doesn’t adopt American children? It’s because she couldn’t pass the rigorous standards we have here. A bit of cash under the table in some foreign countries and they’ll hand over a baby to just about anyone.

    American love the “NATURAL”-look?
    …….BETTER LATE THAN NEVER, folks!!

  19. 5:44 AM (ANONYMOUS) said that Jen has plenty of men to keep her company. Vince Vaughn, John Meyer, an assortment of AC/DC male models, etc. Well, where are they now? Just until the newness wears off does she have these so-called ‘men’, who are really just prowling wolves, looking for a quick (er well you know). Btw, a fornicator is someone who is not married under God’s laws and is just shacking up. Wait and see, when Brad gets the wanderlust to travel to promote his pics,etc. the pillow-lipped sex queen will get restless and start looking around, too. And, make no mistake, these mega-mega rich have nannies, helpers, cooks, bodyguards, out their kazoo. They are just careful not to let this be known. Every time you see Ang carrying a kid, he/she has a bag of cheetos in his/her hand.

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