It looks like NBC will rue the day they fired Ann Curry. When Matt Lauer decided he no longer wanted Ann as his cohost on the Today show, she was unceremoniously replaced by younger Savannah Guthrie. Viewers (us included) were fond of Ann and turned off by Matt’s tyrannical behavior. (HIS reputation will never be the same.) Ann’s fans are tuning out in droves and ratings for the show are disappointing – especially since the Olympic games ended. Best of All, Radaronline reports that Angelina Jolie has expressed her outrage at Ann’s treatment – she and Ann worked together to bring awareness to Darfur, among other things, and struck up a friendship. Angelina says if NBC wants to interview her or Brad in the future, they will ONLY do it with Ann.

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  1. Oh, please, Ann Curry was a disaster as a co-host! (Even worse as a news reader; she rarely finished a sentence without stumbling over her words–probably because she desperately needs reading glasses but is too vain to wear them.) She was either overly saccharin, overly intrusive, or inappropriately intense, and lacks a sense of humor (irony? fuggetaboutit!). If Matt Lauer was behind her firing (and even if this is the case, from what I’ve read, the show’s producers wanted her gone as much as he did), he certainly did this viewer a favor by replacing her with Savannah Guthrie. I can now tune in Today again without diving for my mute button whenever Ann Curry did a segment.

  2. Tune into CDAN for Al Roker’s comments about Matt throwing people under the bus. Lauer costs NBC $13/viewer. He’s no bargain.

  3. Looks like Ann has a publicity machine….she got millions so get over it. She is plain and any host should have his/her choice of employees. NBC mad a mistake by not letting Ann GO AWAY. This will only get more intense until she does. NBC made a poor choice with Savannah also.

  4. Matt Lauer is so in love with himself, I’m surprised he doesn’t start kissing himself right on air. Ann Curry brought some class to an otherwise yawn of a show. I tuned in once in a while, then promptly went back to Good Morning America. THAT show has some fun. Good for Angelina for drawing a line in the sand.

  5. All those morning shows are utterly unwatchable. The dumb banter among anchors that takes the place of news coverage is unendurable. Balding Matt is and always has been a cretinous, self-important little gnome, and Ann was the very definition of obsequious. Al Roker can’t get a sentence out without gasping for air. They should scuttle the lot of them, along with all the competition, and replace it with some REAL news of what’s going on in the world.

  6. NBC made just one mistake when they replaced a co-host a few months back: they replaced the wrong one! Matt is such an egotistical asshole… now there is talk that the crew who work behind the scenes aren’t happy with him at all… I loved Al’s “throw under the bus” comment, then NBC says it’s not about Ann… sure, uh huh…. good for Angelina Jolie, maybe NBC will admit to their mistake eventually…

  7. Ann Curry’s deep voice and her stammering, talking too fast, and wrinkling her chin (see above for chin) is a big turn-off. She did appear to work hard, but there is something about her that is unlikeable.

    Matt’s old lady has threatened divorce at least 3 times because of his cheating. He seems to think he is a handsome hunk with hair, when he actually has a big nose and looks tired and old and almost bald of course. Matt supposedly had an affair with Natalie Morales when they were in other cooutries covering stories; many think Nat’s kid is his. This last story is from an ex-NBC employee.

    Savannah Guthrie has no qualms about dating a married man and Mrs. Lauer I’m sure is leery of her. Savannah is too tall and her top lip is thin, like a pencil line. She has broked up 2 marriages….no morals.

    Al Roker tries too hard to be funny. He is said to be jealous of the higher salary Matt gets and snipes about it all the time.

    I watch ABC the first 15 minutes to get any breaking news, and then off goes the telly.

  8. PS: I always thought Ann Curry was the most beautiful national news anchor/co-host.

  9. i stopped watching the day she was not there anymore. i loved her on the show and the ratings were low for a longgggg time. the show is old looking,and it is a bore. It needs new blood,no Al,and a new modern set with modern people. ann was great on it and is

  10. Ann’s delivery and intensity was a downer and ill suited to a morning show. She tried … they tried … but it was the wrong combo. And in the context of this article ie. Angelina Jolie, I found her interviews with both Jolie (and also Pitt) extremely cringeworthy to watch. Way too fawning and so discredited Curry as a journo which is what she apparently wants to be known as first and foremost. Can’t have it both ways. And I don’t think the Today Show will suffer by not being able to interview Angelina Jolie who notoriously controls the content so you won’t get any “news” out of her. Plus you can read all you want about her in a dozen mags or websites any day of he week it seems. Over saturated.

  11. Not only they should get rid of Matt Lauer, but also NBC News Foreign Correspondent, Richard Engel, he is so full of himself. I know for a fact – from experience on twitter, not the most nicest person and has group of mean women who follow him who are rude to others and that particular group are his favorites since Arab Spring, he only caters to that group, two in particular one is known as the “Queen Bee”, from what I hear on twitter land she is so after Mr. Engel and there is more to the story, but I’ll just leave it at that.

  12. Curry’s memorable interview with Brad Pitt was as frightning as anything I’ve seen since Fatal Attraction. Throughout the interview she appeared more like a stalker chasing her prey. As for Pitt, he looked like a deer caught in the headlights… not knowing how to escape from this mad woman. Brad Pitt has never appeared more uncomfortable. Ironically, in light of this story… that interview with Brad Pitt… was the beginning of the end for Ann Curry.

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