Ouch! Oprah Winfrey’s feet are rebelling on the set of The Butler, now filming in New Orleans, Louisiana. She wears huge bouffant wigs and appropriate vintage clothing and shoes for her role as the wife of the White House butler played by Forest Whitaker. The movie spans several decades and Oprah has a massive wardrobe with appropriately painful shoes. Even her striped flats were hurting her as she arrived on the set today, so she took them off until the cameras rolled.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. All her extra weight over the years did a number on her feet and toes. Wearing high heels with pointy toes will do it. She’ll always have this distorted foot, going under the knife is the only solution and I’ve heard it’s very painful. Some things money can’t buy.

  2. Look at the size of that bunion! Her feet would hurt in anything. Women, stop with the high heel torture!

  3. shoes must be custom made for miss knobble-toe.

  4. Over 50% of BLACK women have herpes….can Oprah use her $$$$ to help this crisis?

  5. I couldn’t care less about Oprah’s bunions.

    And I try not to respond to Strom, but ENOUGH ALREADY with the black women/herpes comment.

  6. Strom a quick google reveals 80% of American adults have oral herpes.
    45% not 50% of black americans have genital herpes as opposed to 17% of white americans.
    Might point to the black peoples enjoyin fuckin 28% more than the uptight white peoples.
    Baaaad black peoples.

  7. Does Oprah have ‘that’ in addition to the gross bunion and her eternal fight to lose weight. ‘That’ is the question. LOL

  8. why doesn’t oprah get her shoes stretched out?? how do we know she hasn’t had the bunions treated before??? they tend to recur.

    do we HAVE to be subjected to stroms herpes in every item about black womens??

    get a clue janet this is why you don’t have a lot of traffic here…you need to monitor your site

  9. Because the herpes epidemic in BLACK women is very pertinent to this thread. And because rich, BLACK, so called entertainers who have made money off THEIR PEOPLE have either contributed to it or done nothing to help!

  10. and posting about it in these threads is not going to get them to do anything about it..

  11. for a very smart woman, oprah has the worst feet. a testament to wearing ridiculous shoes for years. on a recent “O” magazine cover, oprah had a very pristine tootsie poking out from under her skirt. i can only guess photo shop was in overdrive!

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