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Angelina Jolie took Maddox, Zahara, and Shiloh for a walk in New Orleans. We just hope the rumor that she’s expecting a boy and a girl are true. This has to be the world’s favorite family. Imagine the chaos with six kids! Pax is probably off spending some quality time with Brad – he likes to spend time alone with each of them individually.

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  1. My mother managed 5 kids without the dozens of nannies, housekeepers, cooks, assistants and various flunkies Brad-Angie employ.
    Angie is not a saint, she is just rich.

  2. Actually other pictures of this scene show Pax was with them.

  3. Lots of rich people never consider adopting orphans. She could very easily be selfish and not care about making a difference in an orphans life but she isn’t and for that she deserves respect and credit.

  4. The world’s favorite family?
    According to whom? Most people I know just regard them as rich attention whoring child collectors.

  5. great family.adorable famous family. yes. they have many fans worldwide. angelina and brad are well loved abroad.especially in asia.china.japan.korea.

  6. The photo is cropped. Pax is in it too, holding a bag of cheetos.

  7. She and Brad need to get married. It’s unfair to the kids to remain unmarried. And, I agree with others who point out that they have lots of household help with the kids. I could handle a dozen kids with that kind of help and tons of money.

  8. I completely agree that most average families and even larger ones don’t have full time in house nannies,but that said we don’t have the jobs and schedules that Ang and Brad have.
    It would be crazy and scary to travel as much as they do with that many kids and all the events, film sets, and meetings they need to attend. If I had their jobs, schedules and money, I’d have household help too. If you didn’t want to hire a stranger to travel with you and the kids, hire your fave sister, cousin,
    sister-in-law, friend etc.

  9. It’s just amazing the amount of hatred spewed here and other places online. Some of you people are so miserable that I feel so sad for you. Don’t hurt yourself or others, please.

  10. I am surprised she lets them eat CHEETOS.
    Especially the littlest one. Not a natural thing in them
    AND you are all fooled. She has nannies, babysitters, drivers,handlers, guards etc.
    They keep them out of sight to continue to project the selfless image of pied piper to their merry international band of kids.
    They do seem like good parents but let’s not be ridiculous with the ‘Best Parents in The World’ thing.
    It is easy to do all that and look good doing it when you have tons and gobs of money like a previous poster mentioned.

  11. Of course she has scads of nannies, guards, personal assistants. But, how does she always manage to keep them out of the public eye. Wonder if they had to sign something that they would stay in the background and never write a tell-all book.

  12. Of course they have guards and personal assistants, but I believe they only have one nanny–a friend of hers. They are very hands on parents.
    And whoever wanted Shiloh to walk, she is walking in the same set of pictures. Check out other blogs and you’ll see.

  13. She’s rich alright, but she is also generous between the two of them they gave away over $8 million last year.. The average family not quite.

  14. She doesn’t look pregnant anymore. Weird. She was huge a month ago at the Independent Spirit Awards. Probably stuck a pillow in her dress to torment Jen Aniston and trawl for more media attention – her latest and greatest addiction.

  15. Cannot wait for the tell-all books by any of the children. Hurry and grow up, kiddies!

  16. Why bother to have kids if you are going to pay other people to raise them?

  17. this is a perfect family and i hope the best for them but, Angie you need to gain a little more weight honey, you look so thin! good luck to you and Brad with the expanding family!

  18. I love it love it love it that these kids are eating CHEETOS! Love it!
    Good to know she’s a ‘mom’ like the rest of us and isn’t trying to feed her kids ‘dried sea kelp’ while telling them they are fruit roll ups!
    And I LOVE Shiloh’s shoes! Too cute! (THey are all adorable!)

  19. If they want to do right by those children they will stop thinking of themselves and settle down in one house in one city, and let the children get a routine, schools and friends. It is abominable to see that every week they have uprooted these poor children from the last “favorite city in the world” to the next. Good parents put the needs of their children ahead of their own desire for endless fame and notoriety. When they pick one city to live in, and we stop seeing their staged family photo ops all over the tabloids, then I will believe they are trying to BE good parents, instead of trying to APPEAR to be good parents.

  20. This filthy fornicating adulteress will surely burn in hell. There is NO WAY Jesus and his wife Mary will even consider allowing her into his kingdom. Burn like a witch!

  21. If they had only one “nanny” (like someone mentioned earlier), there is no way they could care for 4 kids, do laundry, make movies, fly all over the world, take care of 6 or 7 houses in different parts of the world, plus being preg thru all this. They have many assistants and prob 4 nannies. This bull about when she flies off to do her charity work in Sudan or whereever, that Brad takes care of all the above chores is just that, pure bull. Do you think mega-mega millionaires do these mundane chores? True, she is somewhat of a hands-on mom, but could it be mostly for the cameras?

  22. sorry 7:12 Jesus never married, you watch too many hollywood movies.

  23. Some children are nothing more than acquisitions. Don’t know if this is the case here. How could I? But if they are, they are merely the latest additions to a roomful of Angie Acquisitions that include: Oscar and Brad Pitt. People should stop feigning surprise at Angie’s choice to have all these kids. Everyone knows that the more children a woman has, the more she is valued by society. “How many kids do you have?” “One.” “Oh, I have TWO!” “I have THREE.” And so on. And people wonder why teenage girls get pregnant. Society’s sending them the message that they’re more valuable when they are moms. Once women are valued for themselves, they’ll stop popping them out and adopting them willy nilly at all ages.

  24. I’m sure Angelina DOESN’T read these gossip blogs, but just in case, lets put the record straight:
    she’s a natural at motherhood
    she does not have any staff stay overnight
    she apparently has fewer security staff etc than any other superstar
    she uses her fame to promote good works and all the cash that comes with it
    she, like all good mums, is bringing her children up to be responsible, level-headed, decent adults who all us mums hope will do some good-works for our planet
    LEAVE her alone silly people – and you can’t comment at all if you have never had children – as a mum, you are constantly weighing-up which priority takes top place, and sometimes a bag of crisps or whatever is no bad thing!!
    love love love the Jolie-Pitts xxxxxxx

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