We happen to love the comments Anderson Cooper made about the “Living Lohan” reality show, calling it a train wreck featuring horrific people. Publicity loving Dina Lohan was incensed enough to gripe to OK magazine that Anderson was attracting “bad karma.” His CNN cohost Erica Hill is very supportive, but Anderson is sorry he ever got involved in the feud with Dina. Someone at CNN leaked Anderson’s cell phone number to Dina and he quickly had his number changed. Wouldn’t YOU?

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  1. If it’s true that a CNNer leaked Anderson’s number to Dina Lowhan, I hope they get caught fired.

  2. Cooper should be on the look out. Dina has ties to other L.I. residents like Victoria Gotti and John Gotti Jr. Her tax return lists her occupation as ‘in the sanitation business’.

  3. Couldn’t agree more with Anderson Coopers comments. Ms. Lohan is one sick chick..

  4. Couldn’t agree more with Anderson Cooper’s comments. Ms. Lohan is one sick chick..

  5. THE TRUTH IS PAINFUL FOR DINA, wouldn’t you say so?

  6. Dina Lohan is a no-talent slug who is more interested in getting her own face out in public than her girls’ faces. She’s creepy.

  7. Dina IS in the sanitation business-she’s shoveling garbage constantly. If she were a decent mother she wouldn’t have had her 35-year-old looking 14-year-old daughter auditioning for a softcore porn director. I predict Ali will be in rehab before she’s 21. Too bad there’s no rehab that can fix the fact that her parents are coke-addicted attention whores.

  8. EVERYTHING Anderson said is true. Dina is not even good enough to shine his shoes.

  9. If ,( as they say), a picture is worth a thousand words, then look at her picture and we can all agree that she is crazy.
    Maybe Samantha Ronson is a mother figure for Lindsay in a sick warped kind of way.
    Ali will be a doper by the time she is 16, in and out of rehab.

  10. Unless True Master of Bad Karma Judge Sharon Stone declares it bad Karma, Cooper has no worries.
    The philosophical explanation of karma can differ slightly between traditions, but the general concept is basically the same. Through the law of karma, the effects of all deeds actively create past, present, and future experiences, thus making one responsible for one’s own life, and the pain and joy it brings to him/her and others. The results or ‘fruits’ of actions are called karma-phala. In religions that incorporate reincarnation, karma extends through one’s present life and all past and future lives as well.

  11. I like Cooper generally. Right though he may be, he crossed a line by talking about Ali. I would have loved more shots at Dina. Considering the massive problems we have in this country with our daughters and stupid image standards, I think he came off as doing anything for a laugh instead of caring. Ali is a victim of her mother’s greed already. Cooper needs to have some daughters and rethink his tactics.

  12. They have alcohol rehab, right?
    They have drug abuse rehab, right?
    Why not parent rehab? 99% of the population that knows of this dysfunctional family would agree that she is not performing as a nurturing mother, but a fame-whore for the 2 girls.

  13. I say Julio his “frend” leaked it.
    he is an embarresment to cnn with the bitchy gossiping and richard quest when he got caught in central park with meth and a rope around his neck and genitals………

  14. Coopie is the paris hilton of journalism, if he doesn’t want people to know about his “gay” life he should stop throwing stones.

  15. Anderson should direct his anger at his “friend” Ryan Seacrest for producing that dreck and offering Dina a show in the first place.

  16. Two complete idiots making each others lives a nightmare… Thats our country, alright!

  17. “Two complete idiots making each others lives a nightmare… Thats our country, alright!”-Joe
    You cannot seriously equate these two. Anderson Cooper is a Yale-educated journalist who has traveled the world and is capable of intelligently conversing with any person, whether it’s a politician or a soldier or a poor, displaced hurricane Katrina victim. Dina Lohan is a classless, coke-sniffing pimp whose professional resume highlight is “lied about having been a Rockette.”

  18. If Dina Lohan had ANY morals at all, she wouldn’t be shoving her 14 year old kid out into the public eye and opening her up to scrutiny and ridicule. Anderson rocks and not only is a great, smart newsman, but also is hot as hell. The Lohan’s need to just go.away.NOW.

  19. The show is complete garbage. Andersons’s right, the people who produce it are dimwits feeding garbage to the idiots.

  20. Anderson put himself further on the pop-culture map by dissing/truth telling on the most dysfunctional stage mother of 2008 (and her horrid 14 year old spoilt witchy spawn).

  21. Have pity for the guy. She has so many STD’s a close encounter infection would interfere with his immuno-therapeutics treatments.

  22. Anderson was/is 100% correct!! I have seen (unfortunately and out fo morbid curiosity) the horrible show too, and the mother is an absolute witch…anly wants screen time for HERSELF!! The daugher, so-called “talent’ looks and sounds like a old smoking crone…scrawny legs and now SUDDENLY sports a HUGE rack!!! WATER BRA anyone?? The girl can’t sing her way out of a wet paper bag!! The young boy id OBVIOUSLY STARVING for some waaaay overdue attention and will probably wind up being a serial killer with this horrible set of parents and siblings he was given!! Poor kid…he just wants to be NORMAL and they just want to collect dogs they don’t pay attention to…DUH…poop all over the floor!!!! And PLEASE don’t let that horrible girl “SING” anymore!!

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