Anderson Cooper is considering doing his own clothing line. (After all, he WAS voted into Vanity Fair’s Best Dressed Hall of Fame.) He got the idea from Tom Ford when Tom was trying to talk him into promoting a fragrance he was releasing. CNN has been getting a lot of emails and letters from viewers who like the way Anderson dresses on camera and out at events and they want to know where he gets his clothes. Actually, Anderson picks out most of his own stuff and chooses things from a number of designers and sometimes off the rack. He has definite opinions about fashion and wouldn’t mind dabbling in the clothing biz.

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  1. Hes so fugly.Bland face and weird shaped head,he gives me the spooks,Ugly and full of himself asswipe

  2. Janet, this is a complete fabrication. Anderson is concerned with deeper issues than clothing. Get it right for once.

  3. This doesn’t seem like something he’d be interested in doing, but he keeps everything close to the vest and might surprise us.
    “Bev” needs her eyes checked and her head examined. Anderson is gorgeous and labeling him “full of himself” is about as far from the truth that you could possibly get.

  4. That he has the serious need plus set aside time to exercise, diet and elevate his elite stature shopping for the very best is absolutely amazing. Think of how he could waste his days and nights seeking truth, securing a safe and healthy world and helping others less fortunate.. and wouldn’t that be acting like a normal human!?

  5. So what. With tons of money at his fingertips from day one, who couldn’t be a fashion-ista. He is still a pitiful faggot, and all his money won’t help him on Judgment Day.

  6. P.S.: Also, all his money won’t buy a cure for AIDS or an STD, that he could get at any time. And that is especially if he changes partners often, as so many queers do.

  7. Oh Gloria Vanderbelt. She designed those fabulous belts in the late seventies. They were to die for.

  8. Help me Jesus for I am intolerant and a bigot. I am ignorant and a small minded gossip about someone I do not know. Pray for me when I am burning in the hell I threaten others with. Please show me mercy even though I know I deserve none.

  9. 7:55 a.m.: Read the Book of Romans Chapter 1, heathen. Jesus states that UNREPENTANT fags will not enter the pearly gates. Ones that repent and turn to Christ for salvation will be saved. No Holes Barred was correct in what he/she said, but should have said they must repent in order to go to heaven. I have studied and preached for 35 years; what are your credentials?

  10. Margo calm your AS$ down. You see a man any man and you act like a cheap B!tch in heat. TRAMP.
    Now Anderson is picking up more than boys at Crunch Gym he’s picking up some fashion sense.

  11. Please Jesus forgive me. I am a blowhard and a braggart. I twist words to fit my agenda. I am a downer and a turn off.I am a know it all. I have to go to entertainment websites where I am not wanted because everyplace else has ran me off. I will use this new technology to spread hatred and twist your words I mouth as my own. I am a false prophet who claims to know you. Please show me mercy that I do not deserve when I am burning in the hell I threaten others with.

  12. Dear Southern Baptist Preacher,,,”SHUT YO ASS UP AND QUIT TALKIN FOR ME!”

  13. Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah BlaBla Blah BlaBla Blah Blah Blah BlaBla

  14. Janet, love, maybe you should refrain from topics of homosexual persons such as
    A. Cooper. Seems to stir up animosity between the forever-raging debate of straight vs. otherwise. Being straight myself, I read Bible, Romans, Chapter One and am still somewhat befuddled. This topic is truly a never-ending saga, as is eternity.

  15. Janet can and should write about anything and anyone that interests her. Thats why we are her fans, even if we tease her or disagree with her. Thats what makes this country great. Sorry that some dimwit hillbilly from the south doesn’t belong here and can’t grasp those simple truths. Perhaps they should dance around a snake in their little isolated ‘holler in the deep south ad stay off entertainment blogs.

  16. You people can’t seriously believe that Anderson would start a fashion line? He’d be bored to death with something like that.

  17. Um, the fragrance thing was denied by both CNN and Ford in press releases. Why must you continue to print this bullshit? Does Jon Klein really have nothing better to do all day than make these up and send them to you?
    I’m sure some of the easily lead will believe this anyway and not question it at all. Sad.

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