As the world mourns the loss of Amy Winehouse, her last love, Reg Traviss is strangely silent. He was seen looking distraught outside her house shortly after her death was announced. (He also looks incredibly HOT! – like he just stepped out of a Guy Ritchie movie) ) Reg and Amy dated on and off for almost a year and split before her last visit to rehab because he couldn’t tolerate her substance abuse.

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  1. When you lose some one you love and care about and laugh with and made history with…It really hurts and you feel lost on so many levels and not being able to tell the person you love and care about…That you love them and miss them and…It breaks your heart and twist and turn your soul and makes you feel that your world has crumbled. Drugs do drive couple away from each other and when drugs harm and hurt your body and when some one is adicted is hard to deal with and when you take time away from each other! It does take a toll on the relationship over all and…When some one Dies from there drugs addictions…Some times you can blame yourself for not being there to help them get off the drugs and many drugs kill. This man has been tramatized and he looks really sad and upset and needs to time grieve and yes he is a good looking man and young and strong and has his whole life to look foreward to without the person that he loves. I do wish him well and hope and pray that he is going to be fine…But with something like this…It is going to take some time?

  2. I’ll admit I watch too many things about strange murders and such, but the autopy hasn’t yet shown a cause of death, and he WAS seen outside her plase right after she was found dead. Watching the police work and then remove the body.

    Frequently the boyfriend winds up being the cause of death of an “ex-girlfriend” and THIS one was rich and famous. Just something to think about. I’ll bet the police have it on their list of possabilities to look at. Very often it’s the closest person to someone who has done them in.

  3. He slightly resembles Joaquin Phoenix. It’s a shame Amy couldn’t get the help she needed. Sadly, an addict has to want to get better & it’s a slippery slope. Addiction is a heartless, cruel bitch.

  4. Drugs will kill you and if some one is not getting there drugs then when they get there hands on there drugs it is going to be over used and what pushes people to O.D. on drugs and that should be controlled and if a person can’t shake the habit, Then Maybe they should try another way in the future?

  5. What looker!! Easy on the eyes, not so easy on the heart maybe?

  6. did reg ever thought of the posibility she was murdered?
    this murder would save her & management from being seen as a loser.
    this will boost her sales.
    almost everyone would think about her as a talented singer….not a bad performer.


  7. I’m only surprised she didn’t die sooner, and not because of murder, but because she was a drug addict.

  8. He looks like he has been crying and his heart is broken and losing a good friend is something that will never be replaced and his life is better for knowing this woman and she has torched and moved his life in so many directions but yes he is handsome and attractive and young and has his whole life ahead of him…But he nolonger has a friend that he can say Hello to and Wish a lovely day to any more and He can nolonger hear there laughter and will never ever get another smile again.. Take care young man and hope and pray you will be okay.

  9. Reg is just waiting in line to get a stake in the inheritance.

  10. He definitely looks like Joaquin—without the hairlip.

    As far as Amy is concerned, a close friend is saying that she was all-too-aware that she was headed for membership in the “27 Club.”

    And given her drug and alcohol history, that seems a foregone conclusion. 🙁

    I remember how happy she seemed in photos during that extended vacation she took to the Caribbean several years ago. She really seemed to be in her element.

    The same friend (who was her stylist and former housemate) has also revealed that when she made that trip, determined Amy managed to smuggle a great deal of heroin onto the island—in her stomach.

    Sadly, it’s probably also true that many of her friends (and perhaps the boyfriend above), had phone conversations with her that ended with them saying to her, “Amy, luv, call me in the morning, after you’ve slept and sobered up a bit.”

    But this time she never woke up.

  11. There is nothing you can do. Nothing.
    When people want to annihilate themselves.
    Such was the case with this one. And we all got to watch it in slo mo.
    Sorry Janet.

  12. The whole family suffers because they nolonger have some one that they all love in there life and to die from with draws of a drug and alcohol is sad as hell and just think if she was her life the way she did..She may still be alive and to not leave any children on this earth for her father to love has broken her fathers heart on so many levels and it seems like he is a great father and really miss his little girl and that really hurts and that is really sad and people are hurting..Because they really loved her and respected her and loved her taste and style and there will never be any one like this young lady on this earth and she was a one of a kind.. A true treasure to the world. Her laught and her singing and sound is like no other and she will be forever a part of us and she has torched are lives in so many ways but I am glad that she was hear to give us something that is rare and that is her time and career and her fashion will always haunt us and be forever in are hearts and minds and soul and spirit. She has made other people laugh and dance and listen to her and I can tell that she was loved by the world and that is a gift that will last forever.

  13. Wow! my thinking was exactly the same like
    pippamartins… He (last boyfriend of Amy W.)
    is interesting only in inheritance.. who knows eh! Is he rich or financially stable more than Amy W.? find out..

  14. It’s not likely a friend would have any legal claim to the Winehouse family assets.

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