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Our favorite hoarder, Aretha Franklin, looks very together as she enters NBC studios in New York, although she has an injured foot. Her health is still a mystery – she seems to be busier and more visible than EVER, but the Enquirer insists she’s on her last leg and fighting for her life. The Enquirer is rarely wrong about health stories, but let’s hope Aretha is an exception.


  1. “Fighting for her life”? She looks terrific here. Hope the National Enquirer is wrong.

  2. What is she supposedly suffering from? Weight loss withdrawal!!

    She does look great, she should keep doing whatever it is she has been doing.

  3. Denise, I don’t think Walt is the sort who would announce his vacation to all on the internets.

  4. @Patrick

    LOL!! Think ya just announced Walt’s vacay. Think he’ll send us a postcard?

    Anyways, Aretha looks no where near death’s door & the Enquirer has been sued in the past for posting false stories. Let’s hope this like Kim K’s personality, is fake.

  5. This Is about the best looks-wish she has been since she first came out as a young woman, before she gained all that weight. Her face looks like she’s had a facelift which I doubt she would have done if she were dying. But the Enquirer has to account for all the weight loss and coming up with “she’s dying” is one thing that would explain it. Having a stomach surg to lose weight would ALSO do it and FINALLY maybe she had a thunderclap go off in her head and realized she WAS going to die if she didn’t change her gluttonous ways.
    I surely hope this transformation is healthy and she’s going to keep it up and be back on track and singing.

    I just read somewhere else that Aretha,the 68-year-old singer was battling incurable pancreatic cancer. Last Thursday, Franklin released a statement to The Associated Press, saying: “God is still in control. I had superb doctors and nurses whom were blessed by all the prayers of the city and the country.”

  6. I think she is very ill. They were holding prayer vigils for her in Detroit. If all that was just “for show” I would be surprised.

  7. YoYo, i doubt if we’ll get the card but when he returns I bet we get the down low on all the good eats he tried.
    I’m thinkin Cajun.

  8. Maybe she got the lap band or whatever and had her relatives plant the cancer story. Then when she reaches goal, she can say the cancer is in remission.

    Agree with Janet that the Enquirer is almost never wrong about this stuff, though.

  9. Lady of Soul is always going to be booked Rock Solid for the rest of her life and every one in the world is in love with this woman and she is incredible and fantastic and Beautiful and Smart and kind and she really cares about people in the world and she is lovely in her heart and soul! She is the Diva of soul and any one in this world would be honored to listen and be in her company.

  10. I absolutely adore Aretha, but do Not like the long flowing Diana Ross hairstyle. Aretha looks more prominent with shorter hairdos,but as the Queen of Soul, if this is a new try out style, who am I to question it? Rock Steady Aretha!!

  11. She hasnt been queen of anything except ass size in a long time.

  12. Aretha’s voice has been declared a “Natural resource” just to add to the list of accolades for The *Queen of Soul!!

  13. Its just all drivel and from long ago. Time for her to live off today instead of yesterday!

  14. @ Strom:

    Hope that you are having one of your best Saturdays ever.
    Please be sure to keep all of us posted at the happenings at The Martin Luther King Memorial Next week. PEACE!!

  15. Nothing is solid about Aretha…..its very much fluid!

    A call will go out from this day forth….the enablers will love that one…Obama wants to help the government create jobs…and wants to make sure the picked on illegal immigrants get to stay in the country until they get a fair hearing, just in case someone has picked on them!

  16. @ strom:

    I have absolutely No Need or desire in having the last word on a topic.

    All is forgiven, you are invited to have the last word. PEACE!!

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