A top collector of baseball memorabilia in New York has been exposed as a fraud and he cheated sports crazed celebrities out of hundreds of thousands of dollars. Six years after Barry Halper’s death, it turns out he was a con man who sold replicas and forged autographs as one-of-a-kind gems. Among those burned are sports fanatic Billy Crystal, who paid $239,000 for “Mickey Mantle’s 1960 glove” and Penny Marshall, who paid $387,500 for “the last glove Lou Gehrig used in 1939.” Both were judged to be fake. We imagine these items were framed and displayed on the walls of their homes with considerable pride.


  1. That’s too bad. Possibly a result of having too much disposable income. They should have had them checked out before buying them I guess, if it was possible AFTER the dude died.

    As a side note, I sure do wish Billy would come back to the Oscars! I heard Oprah was going to host and it sounds like a bomb like we had last year, or maybe when Letterman hosted. Altho I had high hopes for his because he’s very funny and quick-witted.
    Back to Billy. All-time best host along with the great Johnny Carson, but much more inventive than any other host. Beginning bits where KILLER GOOD CLASSICS!!! PLEAS PLEASE PLEASE COME BACK BILLY! pLEASE! YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE THAT CAN DO IT AND YOU HAVE TO SAVE US FROM THE DEBACHAL THAT WILL BE OPRAH’S GIG!
    Oh, and love ya Penny! Maybe you can help talk Billy into it???!!! PUL-LEASE!!?

  2. They paid HOW MUCH??? Give your money to worthy charities instead of wasting it on old ball gloves, for god’s sake.

  3. I’d be more concerned about the little guys who bought stuff from this thief as investments. You can’t argue with sports enthusiasts who simply “must have” whatever the item is. I don’t know why they wouldn’t have another expert authenticate before buying.

  4. Who ever Duped Penny and Billy Must had been really hard up for the money and really needed it badly and it made this people look like a fool and yes it was junk this man was saleing? He just played head games and he was hard up for the money and yes he played rich people out of there hard earned money and that is wrong to lie but this guy has been doing it for years and…He likes to live high on the Hog and take what ever he wants and I wonder is he going to jail or does he have to return the money? Rich people are Rich and they have money to throw away and it should be on something that is worth the money they spend! So when your poor…It is hard to come clean and let them know about fraud…But this Fraud man is going to jail and sooner or later…The wrong things you do in life will come back to bite you in the ass.

  5. Ahh, these 2 old money bags can afford to lose a few mil. It’s only chump change to them.

  6. I’ve been burned with collectibles. But not to that tune.
    Chinese fakes are mind blowingly good.

  7. how will he go to jail…the article says he’s been dead for 6 years!!

  8. That’s fucked up but that’s good for their dumb asses. Why would you give an idiot that insane amount of money.

  9. Yes it is true that Penny and Billy have millions and they are payed well and they make so much money that other people struggle and have really hard times just making the kind of money they spent on the items they got but it is still there money and they worked for every dime of it and they love sports and they had faith in the person they where buying from and that person took advantage and took them for millions and poor will always take from the rich and use the money to take care of themselves and Yes with one movie Penny and Billy can make that money again…But for some one who is poor it would take years to make that kind of money and in life some people have more then they need and some people don’t have enough and that is life.

  10. Patrick…thanks for worrying about me dear, but no, I don’t drink, do drugs, or smoke (ANYthing) in spite of what you may be thinking.
    I just really loved Billy Crystal’s Oscar hosting…he was the best and most inventive and quick-witted on his feet with banter, which I love. I know most of it is written before hand, but when they have someone like him things can and do spin into different shapes and the creative powers that be go with it knowing it will be good and it will.
    They have written lines behind the curtain right before coming out due to something someone did in the audience or a winner’s speech, etc. They have to stay fine tuned and well oiled every minute and Billy is the best at this kind of timing. I want him back. NOW do you get it??? If not, YOU go have a drink!

  11. Thank you Reta, I will.
    Jess, Reta’s tellin me to get hammered.

  12. 2 Jews getting outfoxed by wait………Another Jew.

  13. Might they have donated that kind of cash to poor children whom have no organic fruit and veggies to eat instead..?

  14. you gotta feel impotent im mean important somehow..

    sell them the malibu pier too

  15. Well it is there money and they can do what they want with it and I hope that the man is sitting in jail and doing time and yes it is massive amount of money and they did work hard for it and yes they can do so much with there money and take care of massive programs but when they got this stuff..They thought they where doing something for themselves and it did not work that way and some people have so much money they don’t know what to do but really it is up to them and how they feel and it is again there money.

  16. Casonia logenberry..Enough about Hells kitchen this people don't even know I am alive? But A.B.C. TV is taking off One life to live and replacing it a show call The Chew and..I say Screw The Chew and leave my Roger Howarth alone. says:

    I think down the road that they are going to have there future Buys checked out by some one who know there stuff and that way they can’t get used in the future but they could had used that money as a tax right off for all the Librarys for some reason all the Librarys are closing from AUG 29th until Sept 6th and that money could had been used to do some good in this world.

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  21. Please go away and do not return. Or you might get another report from the Pied Piper on his collections and tastes in organics!

    Greens to the front! Call Center duffs to the rear.

  22. Never better said:

    Please go away and do not return. Or you might get another report from the Pied Piper on his collections and tastes in organics!

    Greens to the front! Call Center duffs to the rear.

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