Amy Winehouse is in the isolation ward in a London hospital while doctors try to figure out what’s wrong with her. She’s hacking and coughing up blood and having trouble breathing, and nobody wants to catch what she’s got. Tuberculosis was a possibility, but it’s been ruled out. Her family is happy that she’s still hospitalized because they feel at least she’s temporarily safe.

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  1. Was her ‘family’ happy when for such a long time she showed signs of total drug dependency, mental illness, and failing health. Where were they then? Looks they waited until almost zero hour.

  2. Thanks for the hourly Amy Winehouse update Janet. What would you write about without her and the internet?

  3. Does it really matter what she’s got? Put this junkie waste of space out of all our miseries already.

  4. She’ll be lucky if she survives. Her excessive drug use and malnurishment (like all junkies) most likely has shot her immune system and she has a very nasty systemic infection that is going to kill her. What you are seeing is what happens to AIDS suffers but she might not be HIV. Yes, AIDS like symptoms appear in people who are not HIV+. This woman signed her own death certificate. The sad thing is no one, not even her family took control to get her help. If she is lucky, she will pull out of this.

  5. I’m sure it’s pneumonia and it’s good that she’s getting help.

  6. You really look:

  7. Her greedy pop’s wet dream is a court-ordered taking over of her finances, a la Britney.

  8. She’s dying of filth.. and perverse additions.. and that’s a good thang.

  9. Funny how the industry will put out a psa about drugs, yet turn around and reward someone like amy with a bunch of grammys.

  10. With her iv drug use and risky behaviors, I’m guessing amy winehouse has HIV/AIDS. I mean the sores on her face look just like kaposi sarcoma.Google it! I know her publicist says impetigo.The pneomona she suffered from and now her breathing problems being emphysema?? Totally symptons of the disease. Cmon they are covering up for her having HIV/AIDS. Such a shame, cause if her/her family actually dealt with it, the she wouldn’t be regressing so fast. Her publicists are pulling rare diseases for her age unit covering up for it. When they should be telling the truth. She is exposing people to her disease by continuing her risky behaviors. Yes, those people may be addicts but no one deserves the fate of AIDS.

  11. agreed, it’s an open secret about her hiv status and there are more celebs hiding their aids cocktails!

  12. you are right on the money colleen. amy does not care about her life at this point. most people are embarrassed about contracting hiv and would rather succumb to something else. only way out is a drug over dose without the public finding out. if this is a cover up.

  13. Drug addiction is a horrible disease. It is very sad when this happens. Why do some people insist on attacking a person who is ill or down on their luck, regardless of their position. We all make mistakes and hers was taking that first dose. That is all it takes to become an addict for most. Please be more forgiving and help others. Next it could be you or your loved ones who fall into the trap. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone. It seems she is just defending herself and trying to protect herself. She is vulnerable and the vultures are attacking her. May God bless you Amy.

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