Our clever friend Allee Willis got a huge write-up in the Home & Garden section of the New York Times that we had to share with you. Allee has a whimsical 1939 Streamline Moderne stucco house in North Hollywood that is filled memorabilia and a place where she has fabulous retro-inspired parties. One we will never forget was a pajama party for girls only. Carrie Fisher was there, and Penny Marshall and Cassandra “Elvira” Peterson among many others. After fun and games and refreshments, Allee called us together for a contest. The prize was a date with 1960’s pop idol Fabian! (This was the early 90’s when he was SINGLE and still handsome!) We all had to tell an embarrassing story about ourselves that nobody else knew, and the best story would win! Our story was hard to beat, but beautiful redhaired Cassandra Peterson got the most applause for her “date with Elvis” story and SHE won! (Especially annoying because she was married!) When Allee announced the winner, Fabian walked out IN PERSON to kiss her and everyone screamed! It was a great vintage moment! (Above, Allee and Niblet in her rumpus room)



  1. That sounds like such a great party and cool crowd. She has a brilliant mind. Allee has written some great songs. I love “Lead me on”, “Neutron Dance”, Boogie Wonderland” and a bunch more! Plus, she has directed a Cars (Ric Ocasek, Ben Orr…etc.,) video so I am in awe of her. I’ve loved the Cars since the 70’s.

  2. This ! Story ! IS ! Not ! WORTHY ! of !

    PS RE: “this was the early 90’s when he was SINGLE and still handsome!”

    does that mean Alle wasn’t Homely as hell in the 90’s?

  3. What’s with all the black memorabilia? What is that supposed to be?

  4. Yes, that was cool, then. But, like some women with broken romances, she’s apparently turned to cats.

  5. WONDERFUL story—looking forward to more in the same vein!

    We would have bet cash money that you were buds with Carrie and Cassandra—and it turns out, you are!

    Cool house. (Love the way the cat seems to be checking out the whale on the floor.)

    And yeah, Allee has probably been mistaken for Bruce’s sister more times than she can count.

  6. Looks like a nutcase? Is she a card carrying lesbian?

  7. Wow I can smell the Noxema and taste the Geritol.

  8. Awww, I never get to do anything fun!
    Walking over to the wall and punching it.

  9. Airstream Moderne? Isn’t that one of those beautiful silver mobile homes? It looks about that size from the inside of that room.

    And I agree with the “sister of Bruce” opinon.

  10. Funny story. And where can I get a pair of pants like that?

    @cal, the “I can’t believe it’s not butter” guy is Fabio. Fabian is the teen idol from the 50’s/60’s.

    Janet, I would like to hear more about Elvira’s embarassing date with Elvis story.

  11. She looks like an animal nutcase with 35 cats in the house and it smells totally like cat piss.

  12. Strom you are such a self hating gay ass bitch.

  13. That’s a fun story.

    Is that the hills part of North Hollywood, or the flat part?

  14. Casonia Sade Logenberry X person who is nolonger trying out for Hells kitchen with Chef Gordon Ramsay says:

    Memories like the corner of her mind and it makes her happy and gives her joy and it seems like she went throw alot of trouble to get all this items and this stuff must be priceless and…I like the cat, It is a tiny winny little…Itty bitty little meuw meuw…Boodabear Cat and she looks happy and on top of the world and proud of her collection of items and she has something that…We the world will never have and that is a collection that would give her a trip around the world. I am pretty sure that value and love has gone into her collection and not to mention the time?

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