Kris Humphries has brought us back to the days when women like Elizabeth Taylor and Zsa Zsa Gabor judged their men by the size of the diamonds they received from them. Men liked the show off their wealth to impress acquisitive women who “sold out” to the highest bidder. Even Liz and Zsa Zsa would be shocked to learn that a woman who gained fame by selling her own x-rated sex video received an engagement ring worth two million dollars! (Of course we’re guessing it was BOUGHT for considerably less) But let’s analyze this. Two million is a year’s salary for Kris. Kim Kardashian earns twenty or thirty times as much as Kris. Hollywood insiders believe that Kim bought the ring HERSELF and arranged the proposal for maximum publicity (with a little help from her mom Kris Jenner.) She wants the world to know what she’s worth!



  1. Think 5 cents would be overpriced..This is one of most suzzy women around. Oh well she’ll be back on the market soon

  2. I don’t believe that the ring is worth 2 million. I bet Moma Kris worked (I was dying to use another word but it’s not nice) out some kind of a special deal to obtain the ring. Kris Jenner is sharp as they come and she seems to get whatever she goes after.

    I can’t see these two getting married for real. He seems to love the camera as much as she does and two divas can’t marry. Plus, he is what 3 feet taller than her??

    The media acts like this is her first marriage but she was married four years to that wackadoo Damon Thomas.

  3. When a woman buys her own engagement ring, it ain’t gonna happen. And, that’s the truth!

  4. I think Kim jumped the shark with her really buying this 2 million dollar ring.

  5. kim seems to be a publicity whore and her mother Kris, the puppet/whore master. I’m guessing the whole thing was a business transaction from the jeweler to the fiance.

  6. If a man can’t afford to buy you an engagement ring then he’s a loser. Case in point: Britney bought her own ring.

  7. It is no different than J Lo’s kids pictures in the mags for money. This picture says it all….walking down the street for camera’s,each checking their stupid phones.

    The ring is like LL’s necklace…maybe offered at 2 million but worth much less than half that.

    This guy is making a major mistake,,,,when all your wife is known for is screwing BLACK men, it is not anything to start a marriage on.

  8. Kim is a worthless tit. There seems to be a trend for these reality star wannabees to show off to their girlfriends with the latest pro athlete at their sides.

  9. listen: the country is in a serious crises, OBAMA HAS ALOT OF WORRIES, entire california is lost, a. schwarzenegger has an entire kindergarten eldewhere and you all believe when somebody tells anything HE IS HONEST?


  10. Janet u slumming on Sandra rose website for news?

    Nero must be smiling at Obama. The govt taking peoples rights one by one. 4th amendment, corruption, stealing, and assassinations. Trying to kill republican lady for pensions, judge on the take not prosecuting the shooter, killing Muslims for Jews, Jews killing Muslims/ cosins/ half brother for nonsense and stealing Muslims money, resources and land.

  11. we’d all be better off without stupid kardashians! Thanks ryan Seacrest! What a horrible portrayal of women-no class, no education, no redeeming qualities. How desperate do you have to be to buy your own ring? Hope she gets what she deserves!

  12. I used to design and sell fine jewelry and the “rule” loosely, is the man spends two months salary on the ring. I don’t know how much Kris’ salary is per month But I doubt it is one million bucks.

  13. Janet said he made 2 mill a year so do the math.

  14. Anyone who spends $2 mil. on a ring is nuts. The designer is a “friend” of the family, so I’m sure the cost was much less. Anyway, I’m sure when we see a photo, it will be as gaudy as all hell and quite tasteless, much like the wearer. Bigger is not necessarily better.

  15. Why is this bimbo even relevant? Instead of him having bought a ring, he should have bought her a flea collar cause unfortunately, 2 mil can’t buy class or personality.

  16. Mediatakeout.com is saying it’s the same fake ring she tried to pass off as the one Reggie Bush allegedly gave her a few years back. They have photos and it sure does look like the same one.

  17. I checked that out Palermo, if the photos were in fact taken 2 years apart, the ring is VERY similar.

  18. This famewhoring family is disgusting!Show is fake,mommager is pimping out the kids and all the sisters look like shaved orangutans!

  19. The Kardashians, all of them, do not know or care or care to know that most everybody considers them trash. They just know they are always in the spotlight and bringing in big moola by hook or crook. Some day, I hope it all comes crashing down.

  20. It was barely a year ago that Kim K. brought a multi-million dollar house with the intentions of Reggie Bush moving in with her. I really do Not think that there are too many things that would scare a guy other than a young woman with millions of dollars, able to buy a house without your thoughts or financial input into the decisions about the house that is in her Name, and you are expected to move in there with the intentions of getting married to her. Not long afterwards Reggie bolted into a different direction. Now, regardless of the amount of paychecks and bonuses that Kris Humphries get as a professional athlete, I doubt very seriously if starting off an engagement with a multi-million dollar ring is the *best way to start off before a marriage. If a man feels obligated to start off buying an engagement ring worth millions, where does the seriousness of the marriage vows come into place. I am all for love and happiness, but if your engagement is about showing the world that you have found someone to go along with you and your family for publicity purposes to create an atmosphere of your worthiness to get engaged,the seriousness of “your” marriage is doomed from the start!!

  21. Much like her former ‘BFF’, Paris, Kim followed the same game plan:

    ‘Leak’ a sex tape / claim to be embarrased, yet working the whole sex tape for every bit of publicity as possible.

    ‘Brand’ their scuzzy life style in the form of perfume, clothes, accessories; anything that desperate and gullible will buy.

    And then proceed to ‘work’ as nothing more than sleazy, attention whores that completely lack character, substance or any redeeming value.

    Did Kim buy this ring? You bet.

    Remember when Paris was flaunting an equally gaudy rock when she claimed she was ‘engaged’ to a Greek shipping heir? Remeber how well that turned out? IIRC didn’t Nicole state the ring was not only a fake, but Paris bought it herself.

    Race has nothing to do with this: Kim is over used, stale goods and no one but another desperate attention whore is going to want her.

    Pro athletes may not be the most intelligent of groups; but considering Humpheries immediate net worth, future income potential,the cost of putting on and keeping up, the facade of having ‘serious’; takes a HUGE chuck of change.

    This is just the set-up for another faux ‘reality show’: Follow Kim as she gets engaged, plans wedding and (sob) is dumped ….

    Humphries will of course let her keep the ring, because it was ‘him’ not her that stopped them from jumping the broom and living happily ever after………

  22. Who cares, she can never make a large enough diamond, get enough plastic surgery, have her Mom cover up for her, or hide that she probably has something to do with the OJ murder, or that now her BF is on a team that won’t stand for this crap, and has a bunch of delinquents, and the good players like Kidd and C. Paul left becasue this is going to end with someone going to jail or something. It is really stupid and Kim will be a ho until she wants to be normal or admit WTF she did, and just be a normal person. They both are GUILTY of being jackass’s.

  23. I just have to accept this family is NEVER going to go away! UGH!

    Why! Why! (in my Nancy Kerrigan/sp voice)

  24. She’s a high end sex worker pimped out by her mom the madame.

    Of course the slim twins of crass Strom and The American aka the same racist troll, are loving this thread. Anything non-white has their panties in a twist.

  25. Kim cant hide her desire for more BLACK meat. Even though Kris is half black it is not enough for the wide ass Kim. She has been having an affair with a full on BLACK NBA player even though denying it. Does Kris have the balls to get out now? Does he want to be married to the famous girl who has screwed a record number of BLACKS?

  26. It is amazing what is happening…she obviously was cheating with another Black man…not half black this time but full on black.

    Kris should get out of this and quickly.

  27. That would be stupid to buy your own ring to marry some one and that is dumb…Hope this man did the right thing and got her this ring and she does look happy and cheerful and hope everything goes well for her wedding and if she does not follow throw…He can always get the ring back!!!! But something tells me they are in love and He is so big and She is so little with her big booty gal.

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