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Alec Baldwin is trying very hard to contain himself and ignore the paparazzi following him and his striking daughter Ireland, 16 (whom he once called a “rude little pig.”) They went out for breakfast in New York together and thanks to Alec’s recent antics, had barely a private moment. Fortunately, Ireland has grown up to be a knockout and a dead ringer for her gorgeous mother Kim Basinger. She’d better get used to cameras following her.
Photo: INF via RadarOnline

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  1. Did she forget her pants? How could Dad let her walk around like that?

  2. very pretty girl who got over her awkward phase.

    baldwin is a good looking guy but he’s a hot head who can’t control his temper.

  3. Apparently she didn’t get pants from either of her parents.

  4. Can’t believe he allows her to walk around like that. Not good.

  5. @Walt,

    I’ll hold him down while you give him a few roundhouses to the head, with any luck, he’ll be sporting that burka from the other day & won’t see us (LOL!!!)

  6. I’m team pants (or a longer skirt) but dang, that colt truly sports mile long legs!!

  7. I bet Ireland remembers this:

    “In 2007, while in the midst of a nasty divorce with Basinger, Baldwin left a voice mail for Ireland, then 11-years-old, telling her “You are a rude, thoughtless little pig. You don’t have the brains or the decency as a human being. I don’t give a damn that you’re 12-years-old or 11-years-old, or a child, or that your mother is a thoughtless pain in the ass who doesn’t care about what you do.”

    Read more:

  8. She is adorable!! Mrs. Basinger did well. It is blazing hot in nyc, so I could see the shorts but the boots!?!? Come on!

  9. Why is Ahole getting a pass from the Media for tweeting anti-gay slur again, when Tracy Morgan was forced to go on an Apology Tour.

  10. She was a selfish little pig and good for him for calling her on it. She is a beauty but I hope that she didn’t inherit the parent’s crazies.

  11. Ireland, dear sweet, Ireland: a bit of advice:

    If you drop something, pls stoop gracefully and carefully to pick it up. Remember the old folk tale:

    Old Mother Hubbard went to her cupboard
    To get her poor dog a bone.
    When she bent over old Rover took over
    And gave her a bone of his own.

  12. Looks like Alec and Ireland were expecting lots of cameras — that’s why Ireland is dressed like that —- for attention!!! I guess she’s out of her shy stage.

  13. she will attend the ladies of the UCLA Rowing Team?
    ………please do so.


  15. Can that dress, or whatever it is, GET any shorter? Come on, Alec, don’t let your daughter who looks like that walk around showing her heine to the world! She’s a beautiful girl, but clearly has no sense of modesty.

  16. Come on, grammas and grandpas. It’s Hollywood, the land of illusion. People dress outrageously. I’m sure she has full-coverage undergarments or a bodysuit on.

  17. @Indy,

    Bad Indy!!! What would your Sunday school teacher say??!! LOL!!!! 🙂

  18. A 16-year-old, with her hair already bleached out to the hilt? Simply gross!

  19. Hope she didn’t get her moms “crazy”. or her dads

  20. I might be in the minority, but if I had legs like that, I’d never wear pants.

    Nope Nance, she is not adopted. Looks exactly like mom.

  21. Walt,

    As my punishment, I vow to resist that last piece of blueberry cheesecake. 🙂

  22. I agree–her skirt is way too short. But, seriously, she is such a beauty. Just like her Mom. Hope she can be less volatile than both of her parents.

  23. Alec: Look kid let’s have an adventure you scream and slug at the photographer and then we both giggle, go in that store and make a purchase then we come out with sheets over our heads..?

    Ireland: No you look, chill.. you got two hours and forty five minutes left to spend with me today.. let’s not waste it with my spitting in your face and calling mom to get the driver to bring me home early okay?

  24. That message is worded pretty strangely; is it possible that Kim called him pretending to be Ireland or something?

    Or is it exactly as it seems, Baldwin is just an abusive lowlife? To say something like that to your child is utterly unconscionable.

  25. Parents say things to their kids sometimes that they didn’t mean, but the kid or kids pushed them over the edge until something slipped out. It happens to pretty much all parents, so quit being so judgmental. Likely she is (or was) acting like a rude thoughtless little pig. I could say the same about my kids sometimes. What kids aren’t rude thoughtless little pigs from time to time who thinks the world revolves around them? Get real, people, and try having tweens and teens in your home and then get back to me on it.

  26. I don’t say things like that to my friends or my parents, either, nor to cops who pull me over, kids who try to break into my house, no one. I wouldn’t say that to someone like Jerry Sandusky whom I think is evil incarnate (I would charge in there and say get the eff away from that kid, however). I try to treat people as people; and when I am angry and lose control I do not make that kind of personal attack. But I know that not all families are like mine. I was taught that personal attacks are abusive and that we are always responsible for our actions, no matter what people do “to push us into it.” It is not a bad idea for a parent to say “I am too angry to address this right now; I will deal with you later” and then follow up with consequences.

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