Hot British model Agyness Deyn DOESN’T Look like everyone else, and maybe that’s why she’s been so successful. Her personal style is unique. Too bad, what she really wants is to be a singer. So far she’s had no success with her voice, but she IS dating Albert Hammond Jr of The Strokes.

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  1. You people think’s this is style?
    She is nothing more than a MADHOUSE-CONVICT, the idiot!!

  2. You wanna pay for the healthcare of 20 million illegals , vote obama. confirmed by brother bernard obama

  3. Anonymous, this is not the correct forum for your politics.
    Since you want to go there, tax payers have paid for the billions of dollars used to kill civilians overseas who had nothing to do with the attacks in our country.
    But I don’t see the likes of you complaining about this waste of money or the loss of human life!

  4. Very stylish and nevermind those that can’t see it. I would be so happy to see people in the US put a little style into the clothes they wear when doing something mundane like walking their dog. But only a girl that young, tall and thin could get away with those shoes without looking masculine 🙂 They look great on her but I can think of many they would not. Americans should wear more scarves too, they’re cute.

  5. 12:38 PM is totally correct.
    Is Agyness pronounced “Agonies” ???
    Agony is what she looks like. A skinny 50 cent scarf like from the 60’s, cheap poly top, and men’s shoes. Ohhh yeaaah. And, the hair is excruciatingly beeuutiful.
    And this is a model? There is hope for the average person’s looks now. Is this the best the Brits have to offer? Oh I forget there is always the effervescent Amy Winehouse.

  6. Actually she looks pretty good for a Brit. I was astonished at how ugly most of them are. Centuries of inbreeding on one island and poor nutrition have left them fat, round-headed, and pasty-skinned.

  7. I hope Brits don’t read this site and see how ignorant and insulting Americans can be. Pea brains. So embarassing.

  8. The pea brains can’t cook either. Fish and chips, usually soggy.

  9. George Bush and his cronies were behind 9/11. You want 4 more years of avoidance of the truth?

  10. What kind of dog is that on her right – a puppy beagle

  11. George Bush and his cronies were behind 9/11. You want 4 more years of avoidance of the truth?
    This is SO VILE..AND A LIE
    Next this idiot will be saying it was the Jews.
    Take your crap somewhere else. I hope Janet Bans you..

  12. Yup…that’s a dooooode, and an ugly one to boot.

  13. I personally think she i hideous and not even remotely attractive. Why does a sing person think she has an ounce of style or beauty?

  14. After I heard her sing I needed medical attention for the psychological and aural trauma inflicted upon me. I should sue her. She may have something from the neck up, but for Christ’s sake, this thing is no model. Just stop it already!
    PS, Agyness Deyn is a stage name. HA!
    PS, you politicos are funnnny, now shut up.

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