Julia Roberts and Danny Moder have survived endless tabloid cover stories claiming their marriage was over. Before Brad and Angelina hooked up, Julia and Danny were the closely watched Hollywood couple who were “splitting” every few weeks. All those dire predictions were dead wrong. Julia and Danny are in Rome where she’s filming “Duplicity” and when they had a break they grabbed a scooter and gleefully toured the city.

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  1. They never appear happy together: “how you get the man is how you’ll lose the man.”

  2. And, ..who the hell else would marry her rotten, bitchy self?

  3. It’s nice of her to let Mr. Roberts drive and feel important at least for a little while.

  4. I’m sorry but I could never see Julia as a ‘pretty woman’. Too tall, skinny, sharp pointy nose, and the widest mouth ever. Danny is just ordinary looking and is definitely pussy-whipped. No, not jealous.

  5. In agreement with 5:33pm.
    “America’s Sweetheart” is a very lucky woman. For me, she has very little appeal and her movies do not interest me.

  6. As if you are sooo jealous!!! the fact that you even mention that proves it. i dont understand why people are always wondering when the celebrities are getting married and then when they do hope for a breakup. Because youre just hoping they are a miserable as you are..Get a life and you wouldnt be wishing ill will on someone else. HATER!!!!

  7. @ 6:18 PM: I’ll admit I am somewhat jealous of them being in Italy and other places where she made movies. However, NOT jealous of the adultery she committed to get Danny, who basically is a nobody. And, I certainly frigging NEVER said I hated him or her.

  8. Are we talking again about strong private parts here?

  9. Good for them. The best gift she can give her kids (which money can’t buy) is a stable home with a mom and dad who love each other. She might just be capable.

  10. Benjamin Bratt is so glad she broke off their looong engagement; he is now happily married. Seems Miss Pretty wanted a non-rich, non-celeb to marry so she could call the shots. That said: 3 more things…. (1) I’m sure she is a good mother (2) I can’t get over that Grand Canyon mouth. (3) Moder’s in-laws still despise her for breaking up his marriage to Vera.

  11. OOPS…On number 3, meant to say JULIA’S in-laws, not Moder’s inlaws.

  12. AS IF .u should have stuck with your orignal comment because now youre worst than i thought. you call Danny Moder a nobody. so not only are you a jealous Biatch but now you think u have the right to call someone a nobody. luckily julia is down to earth and not as high and mighty as you think you are and didnt think less of him because he wasnt as sucessful as she is. god forbid a woman make more than her husband..then hes a noboby? its no wonder how men feel insecure about how much money they make. its hos like u who think they are not worthy to date

  13. I really hope they make it and break the baby, then marry and then divorce cycle so prevelent in HW.

  14. As with any relationship where 99.9999% of the money (and the power, control, prestige and resultant enormous ego) is HERS, the stresses faced by these two come hourly, if not more frequently.
    She bought Danny Moder and everyone knows it, especially him.
    For the most part, he’s managed to suck it up, but it’s not easy. This is a man who has not smiled in YEARS.
    He and Guy Ritchie have so much in common they could be identical twins.

  15. From Vanity Fair:
    “If you want to know the truth,” said Julia, “when I’m not on a movie set, I don’t walk around Taos expecting everyone to treat me like a movie star.
    “In my private life, I prefer to be known as ‘Mrs. Daniel Moder,’ and this (pointing to Danny), is my bitch.”

  16. Julia Roberts is one of the most beautiful actresses to grace the movie screen.

  17. Adultress, handicap-space-parker, and all-around WAAAAAAAAYYYYY too impressed-with-herself b*tch is what I think — since you ask.

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