Lindsay Lohan has met her match- when it comes to cheating lovers. She has added Entourage star Adrian Grenier to her long list of beaus, both Italian and otherwise, but little does she know HE’S been cheating with an acquaintance of hers – Kim Kardashian! Kim spent time in Cabo with Adrian in early December and they’ve been in touch and seeing each other on the sly ever since. Maybe that’s why Kim was quick to deny that she and footballer Reggie Bush are engaged.

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  1. Oh good? They can pass around the same STD and have even more in common..

  2. Janet, our client Kim Khardasian is not involved in any capacity with Mr. Grenier. We ask that you retract this spurious statement from your blog and cease and desist from publishing anything about our client in the future. You are hereby warned.
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    9401 Wilshire Boulevard
    Ninth Floor
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212-2974
    Phone: (310) 273-6333
    Fax: (310) 859-2325

  3. Adrian Grenier and Kim Kardashian would actually make a good couple. They are both much smarter than people give them credit for in and they would actually probably be great together. Alas, I am sure this is just gossip and not true.
    Adrian Grenier is not even with Lindsay Lohan. She is just a subject in his documentary, as was Paris Hilton. As I am sure Kim Kardashian is.

  4. What Hollywood needs is more doctors trained in detecting and treating gonorrhea (spelling?), syphillis, all STD’s, not to mention AIDS. You could make a fortune in this germ-infested, immoral, sinful place, just concentrating only on sex diseases.

  5. Lindsay is a lesbo. Lives with Courteney Semel who’s daddy runs yahoo. Courteney is a dyke. Common knowledge.

  6. They are brewing a new deadly strain of STD’s that will eliminate this vulgar generation.

  7. if lindsay was a lesbo. then why would she be shagging those italians dudes. get a facts right please

  8. Kim Kardashian is only famous because some guy peed on her. Only in L.A.

  9. Lilo is like a 10 year younger Angelina Jolie. She gets it on with whoever. That is a fact.

  10. no marge don’t believe the taboids. she’s a slut but not lesbian

  11. I agree with Marge. I don’t think she is a full blown lesbian. But, I do think that if she has an ‘off-night’ with men and if she meets a gal she fancies, then she will indulge in a one-niter.

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