Maybe Snooki’s latest boyfriend really IS different from her other fame-hungry guys. They’ve been together for three or four months now. Jionni LaValle routinely steps aside while Snooki is being photographed (here at the Wendy Williams Show) and as you can plainly see in this photo he is looking at her with admiration and pride. So far so good.


  1. – big tits.
    – being small.
    – look like a latina.
    – a belly with a bald VAGINA under it.

    ……so snooki?

  2. Such a chunky little monkey. Perhaps she should put the alcohol away now…it seems to be going straight to her waist, or what’s left of it.
    The guy’s not bad, but I don’t give him much time if he has any brain.

    PS: Gerard…have you EVER made any sense, ever?

  3. The boy was no doubt suckled until he was age three.

    If she lost abouat 25 pounds, a lot of the tit fat would melt away.

  4. Snooki said in a recent interview that she “couldn’t wait to have her own mini guidos”.

    I think she can scratch that one off her bucket list.

  5. Helena: interesting comment. Wouldn’t she first have to have somewhat of a torso in order to actually CARRY a child? She appears to be a head sitting on top a large squatty ass (with swollen torpedoes jutting out impossibly in between)!

  6. True enough, but I wasn’t referring to a child. I was referring the “mini guido” boyfriend.

  7. OOOOOOHHHHHH! I would have interpreted it as wanting a child because aren’t the guys themselves the “Guido’s”? So, wouldn’t a “mini-Guido” be a baby boy? Also “wait to have” kinda translates to giving birth, no?

  8. OR: a “Mini-Guido” could possibly be a penis if read the right way…(I know they all do a helluva lot of screwing on that show)!

  9. dang that grl has a badley built body…. Snooki get you a personal trainer and try to fix that badly proportioned body, and put on the highest heels you can…(LOL)…

  10. 1. He’s orange, and milking that cash…COW. 🙂
    2. She should die a horrible death for being famous for absolutely nothing….especially that trash TV show.
    3. Her portayal on South Park was accurate if you ask me. 🙂

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