Camille Grammer tantalized Howard Stern with hints that her estranged husband Kelsey Grammer is a cross dresser. Unfortunately for Kelsey some of us have long memories and recall a long-ago story published in the National Enquirer. This is back in the 80’s before the internet. One of Kelsey’s stripper girlfriends sold a story to the magazine revealing Kelsey’s sex secrets – the most amusing being his penchant for dressing up in women’s clothes for kinky sex. She claimed that after Kelsey indulged in lots of coke and booze, he gussied himself up in pantyhose, a frock, full makeup, and a wig as a turn-on before sex. She emphasized that Kelsey was not gay, but one of those straight men who like to cross-dress. It’s quite a mental picture.

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  1. Never could understand that bent.
    Reta. Could you deliver a thesis on this theme please.

  2. I imagine Camille’s eyes lit up enough over snaring Kelsey’s money so that he could have literally dressed up in anything or performed any kind of kinky crap and she would have encouraged it if only to hold him tighter to her. She disgusts me so much more than anything he could ever do. I hope her plastic ass gets nothing and Kelsey gets the kids too. She doesn’t seem too interested in raising them anyway.

    Funny how she seems to not mind the kink until he ditches her. It’s called being a whore. She got paid for her services, bigtime. Now she needs to shut her plastic face and go away. Nobody wants to hear anything she has to say about her husband OR her “castmates”. She’s about the most vile creature I have heard about in a long long time. Feel so bad if her kids have her DNA.

  3. Janet, one of our old tabloid colleagues told me about Kelsey and his penchant for cross-dressing a couple of years ago. And Reta, once again, you are ON TARGET. Camille had dollar signs in her eyes as soon as she met Kelsey, and my feeling is that she would put up with ANYTHING in order to keep the lifestyle he offered her. I mean, dancing for a fee at Bar Mitzvahs and being an MTM dance girl might get her a nice one-bedroom in West Hollywood, and that’s about it. I’m wondering if Kelsey has shown his penchant for frilly things to his newest fiancee? And how long this relationship will last? Thoughts, everyone?

  4. It doesn’t surprise me as I picture him as being into trannys as well. Camille said they never have sex which would explain the surrogacy thing so maybe Camille isn’t the awful one here. Maybe she just comes off really bad on TV? Either way she’s getting a nice payoff which normal women in her situation don’t get so just be grateful and move on.

  5. Yes Janet it is quite a mental picture. I have to go throw up now.

  6. First of all, Kelsey married Camille. He’s the moron here. I’m sure Camille is a gold digger. No question. But surely Kelsey could have figured that out. However, most men of an older age have such ego problems that they think younger women are into them (rather than into their money). It’s interesting Camille would talk about Kelsey cross-dressing, but as others have pointed out, it’s been talked about before, so it’s nothing new. Personally, if a man I was with wanted to dress up like a woman, I would run in the other direction.

  7. Kelsey’s rumored fetish aside, Bravo’s decision to kick Camille to the curb after 1 season was a good call – what a classless, ungrateful wench.

  8. Hopefully she will be like the other divorcees, bankrupt in 5 years so kelsely can have the last laugh.

  9. So, Kelsey like a little role play in the bedroom. I like wearing mens boxers and T shirts to bed. If you want to shock me you have to do more than wear women panties. Camille was lucky the ride lasted as long as it did because many never understood why he picked her up off the street.

  10. By Rick
    On January 14, 2011 at
    Kelsey’s rumored fetish aside, Bravo’s decision to kick Camille to the curb after 1 season was a good call – what a classless, ungrateful wench.

    Is this true??

  11. That’s what I’ve read from various sources. Type ‘Camille Grammer not returning for season 2’ in your Google search box. The rather obscurely written wording in the announcement immediately made me think of an employee who was given the option to either quit or be fired.

  12. … and it wouldn’t surprise me if the other women on the show gave Bravo an ultimatum that either she goes, or they do.

  13. I don’t know if any of it is actually true but…….I have read for off and on for years that Kelsey crossed dressed. I’ve also read that he is gay or bi. Maybe they didn’t have prenup but a contract (beard duties) of some kind. She hints and no sex (at least for a year) and cross dressing again.

    There’s rumors that they both met in New York and they both use to make extra cash as escorts. Her for men and him for men. I have no idea if it is true.

  14. I can’t stand Kelsey’s looks, not the least bit attractive. Kelsey, his new (also unattractive) skag, and Camille are headed for more troubles.

  15. Most of the time when you read about a marriage ending,you kind of have a feeling of sadness for the couple involved. The security of holding a marriage together is just as important as the time that you would prepare yourself to go to work on a daily basis. If the job ends,do you go out into the world and tell everybody who would listen how bad that job was that may have kept you and your family financially comfortable for years. No, you do the follow up, see what comes next,and move on. It is totally amazing how a couple who were so in love to get married, have a wonderful financially secured lifestyle fall out of love and now find it absolutely necessary to tell total strangers their spouse’s most intimate secrets. Enjoying a juicy piece of gossip is human nature, but do
    I really need to know that your husband likes to wear women’s clothing in the privacy of what used to be the home that the two of you shared?? If the man is divorcing Camille and she will probably be entitled as his wife a large chunk of money that He earned while they were together, why make him begrudge giving her a large settlement in divorce because it made her feel better to expose secrets that until now were okay by her. Camille is acting like a cackling hen, and when Kelsey is no longer in the picture, the only man who will look her way is a gigolo, because no quiet,respectable man is going to put up with her and her need for verbal vengeance.

  16. After seeing what that horrible plastic skank is like personality (or lack thereof) wise, I don’t at all blame the guy for not screwing her, or cheating on her, let alone having his children thru surrogacy rather than having to actually put a valued part of his body inside HER. She claims to have IBS..yeah, THAT’S sexy.

    Frankly I’d find him in an apron and garters more appealing than her hard-edged-looking gnarly boulder-tits and that melting “face” she has had created out of leftover knee meniscus. I think she went pretty far in her attempts to keep him from humping her, and shouldn’t be complaining now when it has worked so well.

    She shows so much more “affection” slobbering all over that married “tennis buddy” (yeah, riiiight) than she does her kids or husband put together. You could actually MEASURE the fakeness oozing out of her whenever she had a “scene” where Kelsey was on camera as well and she was trying to “act” in “love”. (It would help her somewhat if her face could actually MOVE).

    The vision of her descending the stairs in her red dress to go to the awards show with him had me pleading for a couple of broken ankles at the top of the stairs she was so disgusting in how she came off. All her paid “friends” fake-feigning around her at the bottom and Kelsey with a trapped cheesy grin of “How the hell much longer do I have to look at this plastic bitch before I can run screaming permanently to the other side of the planet?” NO amount of money could make me touch THAT if I were a guy!

  17. PS: Bravo would be insane to let Camille come back. She is the MOST HATED “Housewife” of all the “Housewife” shows of alltime according to their own survey. NONE of the women on the show can stand her and her “friends” are all on her (Kelsey’s) payroll. Gee, wonder why?

  18. Just wanted to add that Camille was just on Bravo and admitted to Andy Cohen that she has had sex since her split with Kelsey. Gee, what do you want to bet that married hunky “tennis friend” found his way under her sheets as fast as he heard she was “lonely” (if not sooner).

    (NOw THERE’S a picture you won’t soon get out of your head)!

  19. I don’t see what the big deal is. Lots of men like to dress in womens clothing. Ahem.

  20. She is vile and contemptible and the show will be unwatchable without her.

  21. Excellent “institutional” memory, Janet. I also recall those old stories……not so old, huh?

  22. Kelsey has been a struggling addict for most of his grown life…The rumors have been that Camille relly kept the business side of their relationship running and she made him money and that they really were a team in business and in life. Camille was a big part of making his money increase with investments and TV projects.

    I think Kelsey took the Broadway production after he met Kate, and then told Camille to do the TV show in LA and the rest is history. I thinks a big part of Camille bad behavior was that her husband of 14 years was having an affair and slowly drifting away.

    I have a friend whose now Ex-husband is a macho up tight, Fox News watching, gun owning, Republican man whom dresses up in women clothes. The dressing in woman clothes is NOT a gay thing. Cross dressing has nothing to do with your sexual preference!

  23. Gun nuts are all gay. The gun represents the penis they secretly crave.

  24. Wubba: are you one of Michael Jackson’s grown “little boy’s”? Because they said that was the game he played with them “wubba wubba”…it would explain your deep knowledge of penis cravings and stand-ins for them.

  25. Back in the day any t. v. actor who liked to dress up all sissified was garawnteed an extra job with Rock Hudson. He be dead now.

  26. A ‘man’ who dresses up in ladies clothes is seriously f**ked up in the head. If anyone thinks this is normal, then they are abnormal too. And I am unanimous in this statement.

  27. I haven’t read the other responses yet because I wanted to keep my post a little bit different: here’s my perspective on this lady after I, for the first time, saw that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills… I have never seen any of those “Housewives” shows from any of the states, so this was new to me. My husb and I were channel hopping one evening last week and we ran into the Bev Hills one… we stopped and watched the episode, and good lord! It was an episode about everyone being all dressed in white at a party… and the way these people acted… I felt like I was watching “older” people (nothing wrong with older, I’m there too… haha) trying to act like they were still in high school… I truly felt sad for these people if this is how they really live their lives, partying and flirting in the hopes of getting something out of it, and you just felt that they were all there to find men with money… and I had the feeling the men were not too thrilled because there weren’t any young women there! lol

    As for Camille, I don’t have an opinion on her specifically, nor for Kelsey… all I can say is I loved “Frasier” and I don’t really care what he does in his private life.

  28. Indy: do you have a “split-personality”? Because I notice you said you were “unanimous” in your “statement” which would mean that other times you AREN’T unanimous…and have many opinions, right? Do you have fights with yourself over what side to take on these matters? I’d like to watch you in process, sounds so compelling! Maybe Bravo can make a program around YOU!

  29. Shes is a goldigger and thats it- she has a limited vocabulary, shes a gossip and needs to get a job- she is from the ghetto and its so funny when she brags about her lifestyle – but on the other hand she put in some years with a druggie – you cant blame her the pay off was more than most of us could have earned-
    her bad lips and fake tits worked for her-

  30. Reta, “I am unanimous in that/or/that statement” comes from the English TV series called “Are you Being Served” and said by Mrs. Slocombe. So, if you have never seen this show, that’s why you didn’t get it. It’s just a little play on words. golly cheez

  31. Indy: Sorry ol pal, haven’t seen the show, you can go back to sucking the “cheez whiz” out of the can now.

  32. i thought you said that you do not watch any reality shows, but you seem to know which one is the most hated from all of the francises.

    go make my sammich, you old fat toad!


  33. to: Wubba Wubba Wubba…I love guns and I’m openly (and loved as a) gay…now what? 🙂

    Regarding the article: His personal fetishes are his own, and none of our business. 🙂 Rock on Kelsey…rock on with those pantyhose gurl! I prefer men’s clothes personally but hey…judgments are not mine to make!

  34. Casonia...Hope elisa is the next woman to go and she is driving me crazy and I Really hate her for massive amounts of reason and her personality really sucks and blows and...Love to see her cry again just like alittle baby says:

    Good to leave when the relationship is nolonger making you happy and when stress sets in is frustrating.

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