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How the other half lives is always interesting – in both directions. Facebook mogul Mark Zuckerberg, who happens to be a billionaire seven times over, always surprises us. He recently gave up his modest rental home to move with his girlfriend Priscilla Chan into this newly renovated house in Palo Alto. The new house has 3800 sq ft, 5 bedrooms and 4 baths – and as far as we know – no media room. Supposedly he has top notch security but the home is not gated and it looks like you can see right in. He’s not cloistering himself away from the world and continues to walk to work.


  1. Well he’s very smart not to spend his money foolishly. Obviously he plans to keep his wealth instead of pissing it away on stupid shit. I respect that. How much house does one need anyway?

  2. This home is a rental also. I love this guy. Personal $8 Billion fortune, company worth around $50 billion, floods the Newark public school system with $100 Million, and yet lives in a rental, walks to work, and probably doesn’t cheat on his significant other either. He provides a stark and welcome contrast to the vapid excuses for human beings we usually get to read about in gossip columns.

  3. Evidently Mark has chosen to live a normal existence,surrounded by regular Everyday People who helped to build his success.

  4. I hate FACEBOOK with a passion. And Mark Zukerburg better live simply, because we’re on to Goldman Sachs and their dirty games……..nuff said. Facebook is NOT valuable.

  5. How exactly does Facebook make so much money? It’s not like users have to pay for it and to my knowledge it doesn’t have ads so where does the revenue come from?

  6. Futzy, I too wonder about that. But the house is adorable and I’d love to live in a house that cute. it’s just the kind I love. The mega-mansions of the rich today are hideous and I would think a chore to actually live it. I think you’d feel alone all the time in the echoing mega-rooms. But I can just see hanging out in that house above, and love the bay window and upstairs porch.
    He’s doing exactly what I would do if I made that kind of money. I’d still be me but would have a blast helping others which it sounds like he is doing.

  7. Teddy: I hate FACEBOOK with a triple passion. Same goes for My Space, Twitter, and anything that comes out of fat Oprah’s mouth regarding her OWN.

  8. I’m often made to feel like a social reject because I don’t have a Facebook page. But I agree with Betty White, its a huge waste of time.

  9. Walking to work is so totally insane. Has he never heard of being kidnapped for a huge ransom. He’d better wake up into the real world of danger. Also, he should buy a huge mansion somewhere on a tropical island to get away from it all. Otherwise his brain will just turn into a giant facebook computer.

  10. I’m sure he has top notch security the like that we mortals know nothing about.

    Also something tells me this is for show. He’ll be like Bill Gates in a year or so.

    Facebook has ads, that’s how they make their money

  11. Good for him. He’s doing his thing without a care for what people say/twitter/facebook/report/myspace about him. More celebs should do it this way.

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