Adam Lambert was irritated when a big fuss was made over his new haircut. It was rumored that he shaved his head, but it was only a few inches on one side. He was MOST irked , however, when it was implied that he had COPIED Rihanna’s hair style. Adam insisted he cut his hair because it will be COOLER – he’s starting his Glam National Tour and it’s HOT in the cities he’ll be visiting. (Above he showed off his hair at the MuchMusic Awards in Toronto, and his fashion was surprisingly conservative.)



  1. Looks like a chicken’s butt as usual. NO hairstyle is original at this point. it’s all been done…and done…and done. it’s not exciting or interesting or unique. What would be unique would be for entertainers to just ENTERTAIN…such as sing brilliantly without all the gimmicks and distractions and machines to mask their lack of abilities, altho I don’t think he uses the machine. He does have a pretty good voice ecept for that tongue sticking out scream thing he does, which blew it for me. It’s NOT singing and I don’t want to see what he ate last night for dinner.

  2. You’re right. Lambert looks nothing like Rihanna. That’s because THEY ARE THE SAME PERSON.

  3. he does not realize that his career is on the fast track to nowhere. he does have talent, but he would rather be an attention getter.

  4. Don’t like him at all. His voice has a weird tinny quality to it, when he’s not screeching like a banshee that is, and his latest video, it sounds like all the “music” is obnoxious synthesizers. Do any young people actually play musical instruments anymore? Or become successful becuz people like to HEAR their singing? Seems its all about visuals these days. Music is supposed to be enjoyed with your ears, not eyes.

  5. Today it all about the attention first, the talent second. I agree with funky bootie on this one.

  6. Ugh – I hate so called sites who can’t report things properly. Adam wasn’t irked. He thought it was FUNNY that his hair was even newsworthy!!

  7. Chubby boy still has a fat face and bad skin.. ew he sings with his tongue sticking out to reach the high notes.. like a retard

  8. Adam’s new video just hit #3 on Itunes. The song debuted in the Top 40 this morning at #38. He won the award for favorite international video at the MMVA’s above. And people are already in line at the Nokia Theatre for his sold out show tonight. Not too shabby Adam.

  9. Love his boots! His hair – eh…not fond of their of their hairdos, but they are celebs, not ‘normal’ people and everything is a ‘show’.

  10. Apparently you have to be physically or intellectually under 12 to comment here.

  11. He’s a cheap knock off of lady GaGa and I am just about sick of her. Don’t need any imitators.

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