Apparently “The Prince of Persia” didn’t catapult Jake Gyllenhaal into stratospheric superstardom. On a recent Saturday night around 11 PM he visited the popular Pazzo Gelato in Silverlake with a friend and no one noticed. Our witness said he and his pal stood chatting on the sidewalk outside the crowded gelato shop on a busy street with people walking in and out for twenty minutes – and not a solitary person did a double-take or asked for an autograph! Certainly Jake has mastered the art of moving around under the radar.

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  1. I think maybe the public has reached the point where they’ve realized these are just people and not anything to make a big deal over. I’ve been close up to many stars and Hollywood people and have never made a scene over them, just treated them like regular people out on the town, which is what they claim to wish for. I give them their space and privacy. If they’re at a public event where it’s expected for them to be “on” then it’s a different story and they should acknowledge the public as part of their job, otherwise they should be able to come and go freely and unhassled and live their lives.

  2. Why in this age of hyper-media awareness are people mis-stepping so often? Gyllenhaal is not an action hero. He should stick to independent films. Gyllenhaal does not have the overt macho sexiness required, and cannot attain it, no matter how many hours he puts in at the gym.

  3. when you’re a boy or just a faggot who desperately need attention of the ‘so called’ mutual friends there is only one solution:
    SHOW THE “adam lambert’s” OF THIS ERA YOUR NAKED BODY!!

  4. As a woman, what’s not sexy about the above picture, is he appears to have no neck. Also, the biceps seem to be sorely lacking in relationship to the rest of his torso. His hair looks stringy and greasy (NOT sexy), and overall he’s just not built up enough muscles for definition. He’s cute, but not smolderingly handsome either. Miscasting all the way.

  5. I just saw the movie and I thought he was very sexy in it. Lot’s of fun.

  6. Oh come on….Brokeback Mountain….he is queer as a $3 bill. He’s not that good of an actor where he could play the part of a fag unless he is one. When will the jerk come out.

  7. I’ve only seen a handful of celebs in my day, but when I do see them, I always leave them alone. I don’t want to bother them, or be one of those ‘hey gimme your autograph’ freaks. So, maybe folks were just being respectful? I love Jake, not as an action hero, but he’s good in the indie-films he makes. And I don’t care if he’s gay, straight or into chimpanzees…what folks do in their bedrooms is none of my business…

  8. Indy: Looks like you’re another of Janet’s resident gaybashers! This site is just about magnetic to them there are so many of them. Brokeback was a great movie, and in spite of your stupidity, yes, that WAS acting and he did a great job, as did Heath Ledger. You’re a real moron if you think the only way a person can play a part is if they ARE that thing they are playing. So, I guess if her were playing a murderer, he’d have to go out and murder someone because he’s “not that good of an actor” and that’s the only way he could pull off the feelings of being a murderer. Do you have ANY idea how absolutely MORONIC your theory sounds? Just because you are homophobic you see the world thru a twisted, squewed, view which brings you to wrong conclusions in the end. Try to think more logically next time. Life is not that complicated you know. And, I’m sure he didn’t date reese Witherspoon all that time just to please you and your twisted way of thinking. GAWD is there NO END to the freaks on this site????

  9. So far, from the latest survey, about 18,542,610 individuals believe that the effiminate Jake is gay. lol There’s that unexplainable gaydar again. And the pairing of Jake and Reese was soooo fake, everyone knows that. duh.

  10. Reta, I am offended by your comment about gaybashers. Just because someone points out that a celeb is obviously closetted, does not mean he is a gaybasher. By using that term so loosely you are trivializing homophobia and homophobic hate-crime. And, how is supporting gays in their charades – enabling their shame – helping anyone? Please explain, as I am sure I am not the only one who is having trouble figuring out your logic.

  11. Sebastian, Supporting “gays’ in my opinion, is simply not being concerned about THEIR lifestyle, which doesn’t reflect on my own. I believe ALL people should have ALL rights to a full and happy life without judgement, censorship, torture and torment, infringements of any kind from other people.
    “Outing” or pointing out someone by saying you have “gaydar” is rediculous and has nothing to do with reality, and as a point of FACT, unless you personally have slept with that person, you really do NOT know his /her sexuality, do you? I think it’s irresponible and inflamitory to point fingers at people you don’t really KNOW anything about and you are damaging their careers and private lives, or TRYING to with such volitile rumours. It is only meant to hurt, what OTHER reason could there be for it? And it is USUALLY done by the so-called “Christians” who I challenge to remember the Golden Rule they so often and conveniently forget. Let the “gays” who wish the world to know their sexuality, tell us, and those who wish their private lives to remain so, do so. Who has sex with whom has nothing to do with anything else, including how well someone does their job. Does YOUR sexuality have a thing to do with how well YOU do your job? Thought not.

  12. Indy: WHAT “survey” do you quote from? Anybody can throw out meaningless numbers at random. I think you’re totally full of shit. Where are your FACTS? PROOVE IT. Cite your facts.

    I have NEVER before heard of this actor being referred to as “effeminate”. You’re really reaching for the label gun this time.
    Yes, he and Reese hung out and dated all that time just to trip you up…riiiight!

  13. Reta, Please re-read and notice the “LOL” regarding the survey. Do you not have any sense of humor at all. This was an obvious joke…duh again. I don’t care where his affection lies.

  14. Indy, On the contrary, I have a fantastic sense of humor, but you have to be FUNNY! Maybe you should fire your ghostwriter…

  15. Reta, I do not have a ghostwriter to fire. My middle name is INDIA. My father is 1/2 East Indian born in New Delhi and moved to SanDiego. I hope that answers your question.
    Having stated all that, may I say you are indeed one unique individual.

  16. Indy, then I would expect more from you in regards to judging others. Perhaps before you make sexist judgements on others who you DO NOT KNOW, you might think of your father and the struggle he surely must have had in coming to America, and being judged by others, and refrain from passing blanket judgements on people you do not know and have NO WAY of really knowing their intimate life details. Glad your father made it here alive and you were afforded the opportunity to voice your opinions uncensored. Just try to remember the power of words to kill, maim, and destroy total strangers, before you rile the crowd into a lynch mob frenzy.

  17. Fact: “Sleeping” with someone won’t prove whether they’re gay or not.

  18. This man is so smoking hot, He can eat anything he wants to his desire and He was great in this movie and very sexy and very strong and has a Beautiful face and His acting is incredible and what I like the most about him is that he can really act and his roles often change and no matter what he is wearing and no matter how they dress him…You simply can’t go wrong and He is just very nice looking man and has a great smile and has emotions and feeling and can show many ways of acting and he has style and class and taste and of course it was very hot in the location that he worked to make this movie and of course something cool to cool his body down is great. I Love him as a acter and often see every movie he makes and for sure he is going to be around for along time.

  19. He is a good actor and is on his way to Greatness on so many levels and the shows that he picks are really fit for him to go in that direction as an actor.

  20. I say Oh my God love to hit that for a night or two…GOD KNOWS I WOULD GIVE THIS MAN A RUN FOR THE MONEY BUT YES LOVED HIM IN THIS MOVIE..Yummy is all that comes to mind looking at this amazing and Sexy As FUCK Kind of man to screw big time all night long and if I had the shot alittle something to remember me by a baby..To have his seed growing inside of me would be off the hook.

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