We love to compare this new promotional photo of Mariah Carey looking like a bronze goddess to a photo taken of her the other day in New York. Mariah is absolutely an attractive girl, but she looks more muscular and sturdier in the NY photo, and her skin is as white as an endive. It’s amazing what a bit of photo enhancement can do for one’s ego.

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12 thoughts on “A TALE OF TWO MARIAHS

  1. love mariahs musis but she always looks like a desperate wet mouse to me and she is fat, if you ever look at her pics from when she married tommy motorolllalalalala you will see what she really looked like thin. her and beyonce have had their abs lipoed to death, why do you think theirs dont look normal like swimsuit models abs.

  2. She usually looks a tad confused; probably left-over from her mental melt-down a while back. Yeah, she had a doozy of a breakdown; I remember a guy (can’t remember name) broke it off unexpectedly and that sent her into a tailspin. She remains kind of a mystery gal.

  3. i don’t think that she is fat. heaven forbid the girl eat hamburger and fries once and a while. give me a break, not everyone wears negative size clothes

  4. I agree she is not fat. But she is not skinny like she used to be.
    During the time of “Vision of Love” video, she was skinny, flat-chested, and had long curly hair.
    Now she just looks infatuated with her body. She is always posing sexy and touching herself.
    She has a voice and talent, she doesn’t need to slut herself up.

  5. uh hello! Anyone ever hear of the program called PHOTOSHOP?
    If not, it’s a great program that can make anyone look a lot better by playing with the picture.
    And Janet, I know you are smart enough to know that her picture was photoshopped to death.

  6. I think the photo demonstrates that ankle straps are no one’s friend.

  7. Crappy songs she needs to do something totally different. I don’t like her show offy style of singing, gimme Cher, she’s more honest and a nicer person.

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