We were curious about how the Kardashians’ DASH store is doing in New York, but they haven’t been forthcoming with any sales figures. There’s no doubt the Soho shop attracts crowds – mostly young teens with their mothers. They have a burly security guard to keep order outside like a club doorman. The odd thing is that once these Kardashian fans get inside the store they can’t find much to buy. The shop has been described as looking more like a “set” than a functioning store and the racks of high priced glitzy clothes are sparse. Most customers have been observed leaving empty-handed, although quite a few spring for the $10 Dash bottled water as a souvenir.


  1. Americans will buy any sort of rubbish associated with these half-wits.

  2. Doesn’t say much for the people who buy….likely many are foreign tourists…hopefully soon the days of K’s ripping off people will end with empty stores and no viewers on the stupid shows.

  3. That’s no different from the high-end boutiques in New York and Europe–a rack or two of maybe 20 items, and that’s it. They must be copying what they see themselves, except the Kartrashians are selling trashy, poorly constructed clothes one would be embarrassed to be seen in

  4. How much glitz and no substance can you continue to $ell. Soon,the voice of reasoning is going to hit full tilt,and the K’s
    are going to end up in the empty columns of Planet Hollywood and Blockbuster.
    Make No mistake this family have been blessed
    to have made million$, but at the same time,you
    have to give something back to those who have supported you. The K’s are Not known for charitable donations or contributing to anyone other than their egotistical selves. There are still curiosity seekers when it comes to The K’s,but with so many “in your face” self promotions, the attraction toward them is starting to wear off, and Yes it is an opinion!!!

  5. Thank you for this post about their “retail” business, which I have always thought was just a front to get free schwag from the designers. I’m sure that store(s) LOSES money every year….tax write off for the real money in reality TV and all its various endorsements. Kartrashians know how to make cash.

  6. Is there space on the back wall for posters or all the black men who have boned the various Kardashians over the last 10 years?

  7. Way to go,Janet! Post more items to give that British butterface Pippa one more reason to bash Americans.

  8. Hey Pippa, Gee, there aren’t any british embarrassments?……what about Fergie and your Prince Andrew. Your inbred royals are full of half-wits.

  9. Yes, Pippa, and what about that whorish woman who left her husband for the body builder who dresses up like a woman and takes pictures. You know the one, with huge fake nasty tits and some kids who are still being looked after and parented by the OTHER husband even tho the oldest boy, who is autistic or something isn’t his. Can’t remember the trashy chick’s name but she envisioned herself some kind of star on no talent as well. Ring a bell? By the way, you can keep THAT trollop over THERE please, I’ll take the K’s anyday over THAT.

  10. So, Janet, can’t get any PICTURES of what you describe? Only two extra tall silver-see thru statues that are pretty cool? I’d like to have THOSE!
    As for the bottled water, the picture is way too dark and dreary looking with the two that I can see looking glum and dressed in black. They screwed up on that. They should have been dressed in brightly colored bikinis and have bright smiles, playful, on their faces. Unless there are a series of the bottles and they go for the “collectors” who want one of every style.
    I’ll bet you good ol New York tap water is in it. I’ve heard it is some of the best drinking water in the world and has been tested and tasted over and over to those results. Maybe they make the two younger sisters, or their mom sit out back where the faucet is, filling them and replenishing the stock as the bottles are bought out front.

  11. Ref to antics in the U.K.:….Prince Charles is a closet fag. Camilla is a raging alcoholic and threatens to write a tell-all book about Charles’ fag lovers. Oh, and there’s so much more.

    So, it appears the U.S. and the U.K. are full of assorted weird-o’s.

  12. Hey Indy, Prince Charles has a butler whose express duty is to carry around and install a toilet seat for wherever the Prince travels.

  13. That $10 water is probably filled out back with a hose, tap water. All those Dash stores are just to give the illusion that these dumbbells are “business women” instead of tramps who are famous for doing nothing.

  14. when drinking it, YOU WILL BECOME AS DUMB & FAT AS KHLOE, folks!!

  15. Reta, you’re talking about “Jordan” a/k/a Katie Price, a so called “glamour model”. I read the online site “The Sun” and she’s allegedly trying to get her new boy toy younger model to marry her. I saw her on the Graham Norton Show(you must watch his show on BBC America, he is a scream and everybody always seems to be having a good time, but he’s gay so strom will pass)and she is very scary looking. Makeup and boobs and not much else.

  16. I attempted to watch this program, the show makes for abysmal television viewing.

    The store was obviously created to justify why those girls are trolling the streets of NYC and why they have a reality show at all.

  17. The K’s made it big, ’cause they have guts and glory. They know there are more $ucker$ out there than you can count.

  18. Denise, yes, that’s the one. Yeah, I have seen that show and he is very funny and quick-witted. I love the interaction with the guests. I can’t understand tho how that chick Katie price is any kind of celebrity tho. She’s hideous to look at.
    So, she’s moved on from the body-builder-transvestite guy she married? Gee, surprise!

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