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  1. Ha, ha, ha. That’s great and a fun Friday piece. Can you do more?

  2. The munsters was my favorite show growing up as a child in the soviet union.

  3. Cancun Cruz is a disgusting excuse for a human being and a danger to our democracy as a Senator. He makes me sick and it’s not about his being ugly not the outside. His ugliness doesn’t begin to convey the rot and depravity of his soul.

  4. Dan Dan, you’re a hateful person. In my experience, hateful people are miserable and unhappy. Maybe you could spread some sunshine instead.

  5. Light Brigade,

    How is loving one’s country and wishing to protect it from the enemy within being hateful?

  6. I’ve said it before and it’s happening.
    Biden will be taken out by falling UP stairs.

  7. Patrick,

    I assume you won’t be spending your stimulus payment. Doing so would make you a hypocrite.

  8. One played a lovable vampire; the other is truly an evil, nasty vampire.

  9. Patrick,

    I should have known that. All you “deep thoughts” come from the screen. You’re a teenager spending too much time alone and online. Get outside and play ball or ride a bike or something. Talk to an actual human. It will do you good.

  10. Biden may well be taken out by falling after a hard push by Kamala!

  11. Grow up, Dan.
    Canadians don’t qualify for U.S. benefits.
    Mexicans do. Luck with that.

  12. Then stay out of American politics, Patrick. We don’t need your hate-filled comments about our president, who is doing so well undoing the gross malfeasance of his predecessor and his predecessor’s minions–hideous Cancun Cruz to name just one.

  13. Dandan, why so much hate? Are you really that unhappy? Perhaps you don’t understand that you are not pursuading anyone with your rants. Probably the opposite.

  14. Light Brigade,

    Calling out evil does not mean I am generally unhappy. It just means that I am a person with morals who speaks his mind. You need to find something meaningful in your life to care about. My state of mind seems to be too important to you. It’s difficult during the Trump pandemic but maybe take up knitting or something. Or read a book.

  15. Dan Dan Biden is a complete catastrophe. He has allowed the whole world to invade and bankrupt us. You must be mentally ill if you cannot see that. I bet you typed that comment with your face diaper on.

  16. Dear Biden sucks,

    Please support your assertion that the whole world has invaded and bankrupted us with concrete evidence. Thank you.

  17. DanDan go to Texas. Their border is being swamped, illegals running through people’s yards and businesses. The Governor and Mayors all said it’s totally out of control and that they are tapped out unable to financially deal with it. Stop watching CNN. CNN works for Klaus Schwab. If you want real news you have to use DuckDuckgo and do your own research unless you are perfectly happy to be a brainwashed cuck.

  18. I’d chime in with ya, Biden sucks.
    But Dan says I have to keep my political opinions to myself.
    That’s the problem with Liberals. When you start to win the argument then you’re a racist or not allowed to talk anymore. Phhht. Babies.

  19. Dear BS,

    What is the political affiliation of the governor and mayors in question? What is your source for your “information”? Are you aware that our Constitution says it is legal to show up at our border and seek asylum?

  20. They will stop showing up when we stop letting them in. But most are ok with letting them be temp workers with no chance of citizenship or gaining govt payments.

    Covid payments for illegals and prisoners>>>>>>what a joke.

  21. Dandan,

    Look up asylum. It is not for mobs that just want to get here and get free everything. It is generally because if they go back to their country, their lives would be in danger. Not so with this ragtag band of uneducated, free ride seekers.

  22. Dear LB,

    Not exactly a constitutional scholar, are you? And, what is your ancestry? Unless you are Native American, then you or your ancestors immigrated here or were forced here against their will on slave ships. This country was build on immigration and people have a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to seek (repeat, seek) to live here.

  23. DanDan if you are so concerned about illegals take them into YOUR home and pay for them yourself. And the big question is where do you get YOUR information from? everyone knows this is happening except YOU.

  24. DD, My family came in as legal immigrants. Not illegal aliens trying to get free medical, assistance, food, housing, etc. My family brought a trade, learned to speak English and became self-sufficient. We abided by the laws – starting with LEGAL ENTRANCE TO AMERICA.

    You really show your ignorance.

  25. The people who arrive at the border are not illegal aliens They are seeking to enter the country legally. . My family were non-English speaking foreigners from Southern Europe who also arrived at a border seeking to become Americans and were processed through Ellis Island. They were also hated by those who came before them and wanted to shut new immigrants out of the US. My family, on both sides, built a new life for themselves and their progeny in the US. Why are you so intent on denying others the same opportunity my family and your family were given?

  26. Why can’t I cross the Canadian border illegally and demand that they support me and pay all my bills? Why can’t I move to Mexico and demand free everything and that everything is printed in English for my benefit? Why is America the world’s doormat?

  27. Dear Not today,

    Assuming you are referring to the United States as “America” please explain how precisely the United Staes is the world’s doormat. Thank you.

  28. Justin would love to throw the door to Canada open. But then Quebec wouldn’t vote for him and he would be out.
    We don’t allow Dominion voting machines in Canada because Trudeau has stated they allow fraud and cheating.
    Google it, Dan. True. He said that.
    Now what could go wrong in the states with those voting machines? Any idea, Dan?
    Thought not.

  29. Those machines and our elections were completely overseen and have been thoroughly vetted. I suggest if you have concrete evidence to the contrary that you contact state election authorities. Why are you so interested in the US? Are you suffering vicariously from the Dominant Group Status Threat that plagues uneducated white Americans?

  30. I love Disneyland. And Coca Cola. And sometimes war.
    How ya doin, buddy?

  31. Looks like Bidens gonna take questions?
    I suspect….a scoop a chocolate on top of the vanilla?

  32. DanDan it’s clear you are just trolling for an argument. You have no interest in listening to anyone so it’s time for us to stop engaging you. I get the feeling you live in some kind of facility for people with challenges. Maybe you should hook up with Lipp. She’s perfect for you.

  33. Dear DF,

    How is presenting actual evidence that counters the outrageous falsehoods posted here trolling? How is asking questions intended to get the brainwashed here to think about the illogic in their claims trolling?

  34. Amazing to see the, (actual evidence) of Bidens mummification in his first presser. Undeniable elder abuse for all to see.
    Or am I brainwashed?

  35. President Biden was professional and thoughtful. What a refreshing change.

  36. I liked the parts where he was reading the wrong answers on his cheatsheat to the questions asked.
    And …crickets.

  37. Could you be more specific? And what is your source? I watched the whole presser and never saw that. Also, as a Canadian, aren’t you abdicating your responsibility to watch your own country’s political news?

  38. Canadian minors are going to rush the border.
    And steal your coal jobs.
    And there’s not a darn thing you can do about it, Dan.
    Saw it on the Canadian news.

  39. If Canadians didn’t watch American news how would we know Trump was the greatest President the U. S. Has had since Obama?
    He did get ten million more votes than Obama, right?

  40. Patrick,

    Try to understand. Each election in the US is a distinct election. Trump lost. More people voted for Biden. Obama won. Twice. More people voted for him than either of his opponents.

    It is pathetic you choose to align yourself with the most ignorantly disgusting and hateful segment of the American population. But maybe you are an equal opportunity hater. Do you despise the Somalians in Ottawa too? I understand that they are also the victims of hate crimes.

  41. Over half of Americans are disgusting?
    How sad for your country.
    Joe is going to end that division.
    If Nance tells him to.

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