For those of you who gripe relentlessly about Larry King, it looks like he’s finally going to retire to a weekend gig and CNN is offering Piers Morgan an almost 7 million dollar deal to take his place. Larry’s ratings have been steadily going down and the fading network is desperate to revamp their most popular show. Piers, a former tabloid newspaper editor in the UK, is now hosting “America’s Got Talent” and he was also the arrogant winner of the first “Celebrity Apprentice.” We think he’ll be a more astute interviewer than King, yet be equally annoying.


  1. YIPPEE!!!!! I LOVE Piers Morgan and thought he was GREAT on The Apprentice! I wish tho he would have given the smack down to that bitch Omarosa when she went off on his children! She’s one of the worst all-time horrible vile human garbage bitches that have ever come out of reality TV and Piers was great how well he handled her! He’s quick-witted and sharp and not afraid to say what’s on his mind. I admire him greatly and think he’d be the perfect pick to replace Larry. Not that little creep Ryan Seacrest! I’m sick to death of him, he’s all over the place and overexposed and I wish they’d replace HIM on A.I.!!!

  2. PS: Maybe Larry has figured out by now he needs to stay home and take care of the little woman (who’s NOT so LITTLE). After her recent overdose the cops are calling attempted suicide, perhaps Larry has figured out that he better do what he can to keep her ass alive, because if she does croak, HE’LL be stuck raising the two little boys they have by his lonesome. Of course, he can then always marry her sister since he’s been screwing her for 5 years anyway. All in the family…

  3. Omarosa kept the show interesting, plus she dressed beautifully.

  4. I can’t remember what show it was on, but Omarosa was on it apologizing to everyone that she was such a bitch in the past (she used that word). She further said that we could believe it or not, but she was a changed woman and is nothing like she was before. I truly saw it, and she said it.

  5. Reta,
    You are so right on! Except I’m sure that those boys are being raised by nannies, anyway! Even if this new host is just as annoying, at least he’ll be easier on the eyes, and he won’t have an earphone where producers tell Larry what questions to ask.

  6. Larry Kings rating are going down because many, many people are switching/starting to watch Joy Behar on HLN.

  7. Shawn Southwick King and her sister are no doubt comparing notes about his wrinkled old wee, all the while figuring out how to spend his money while drinking margaritas.

    Tonight….hip hip hooray….Tony Awards, 3 hours of Broadway. Can’t Wait

  8. Shawn Southwick King and her sister are no doubt comparing notes about his wrinkled old wee, all the while figuring out how to spend his money while drinking margaritas.

    Tonight….hip hip hooray….Tony Awards, 3 hours of Broadway. Can’t wait.

  9. Bu: LOVE LOVE LOVE Joy Behar! Her show is great and she gets interesting entertaining guests. She’s the ONLY one on The View worth watching, but I don’t get up that early anymore. Night owl. I’d LOVE to see Joy’s act in person. Bet it’s great! When she comes on Leno, she’s always a hoot!

  10. Janet, there is no way Piers Morgan could possible be as annoying as Larry King. Larry is the single worst interviewer on television. He’s never prepared, knows nothing about guests under the age of 70 and talks without regard to what his guests are saying. Plus, he looks like a hoot own in suspenders. Piers Morgan would be a very welcome change.

  11. I, like any one with a brain and good taste, LOATHE Larry King. I always have and I always will, even after he is gone, which should have been 30 years ago at least.
    He has absolutely NO interviewing skills, and why all these vapid and rich and famous celebrities make such a HUGE fucking deal about ‘talking ONLY to LK’ is beyond my comprehension. he sucks…..
    Good riddance.

  12. Ick…I dislike Piers Morgan and his arrogant attitude…I’ll never watch him.

  13. Piers impressed me greatly on The Apprentice with the amount of heart he showed for his charity, which if I remember corectly was for injured veterans of the war. He cried visiting them to give them the check of the money he had won and the look of appreciation on his face was priceless. He also shows a very tender side on his show America’s Got Talent (stupid title). He’s got a quick wit and a sharp tongue which I admire because it shows his intelligence which seems rare nowadays with intertainment folks, but then does have that tender side that comes out when it’s needed. He’s also quite the family man. I think he’s great!

  14. Bettye: On Omarosa, do you recall her lying about one of the white women and claiming that the other woman made a racist comment and called her “nigger”? It NEVER happened. They were filming everything and there was no proof or anyone else that said it ever happened. She flat out lied and should have been thrown off the show right then and there for trying that racist crap. Also when she claimed to have gotten a “concussion” when a small piece of drywall fell on her head during on of the chalenges. Drywall is VERY lightweight and I saw the thing happen and it was a small piece and barely even hit her. I think she was seeing dollar signs for while there and was going to sue The Donald until she figured out that the whole thing was on tape and she was busted. I really hate the tranny racist bitch! Oh, AND her fake tits!

  15. I think it is time to start employing AMERICANS in jobs. I am sick of all the programming going to the Brittish just because they have a stupid accent!

  16. It’s about time that fool retires those suspenders. Had he been listening all these years, would have noticed he asks his guests the same question at least 3 times. I’m sure Piers will do a better job with decent questions, getting a reply & he’ll only have to ask once.

  17. Larry, that was the dumbest statement I’ve ever heard. There’s not that many British at the border taking jobs Americans won’t do or will do. I’d don’t know of this Piers guy but he’s got to be better than Larry King.

  18. Typical LK questions, so you’re a baseball player, ever throw a ball to a fan? So, you’re a firefighter, ever have a fire so big you had to call in more trucks? These are the LAME questions you are guaranteed to get when watching Larry King live, or as my dad coined it many years ago, Larry King Dead. Good riddance to him and I’d be happy for almost anyone to take over his seat (except Ryan Seacrest who wouldn’t know how to ask a hardball question if his life depended on it). And the reqson everyone wants to go on LKL is because they know they’ll get no tough questions and can frame the interview anyway they want. Pathetic. I stopped watching years ago.


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