Sam Worthington has one thing in common with Leonardo DiCaprio: they starred in the two highest grossing movies of all time. Avatar has topped The Titanic but Sam’s popularity never reached the extreme heights that Leo’s did. After Titanic, Leo could never leave the house without paparazzi and swooning fans following him everywhere. He complained bitterly about his loss of privacy. But after Sam’s amazing performance, he just melted into the crowd. He’s nice looking but can look incredibly ordinary, as is illustrated in the right photo, above. An astute photographer recognized Sam leaving Boa steakhouse in Hollywood. WE never would have figured out who he was.


  1. Those 2 may have alot in common except for one thing……..Sam Worthington is a far more superior actor than Leo!! This is why he can meld into society so well. Oh yeah, Sam is much better lookin than Leo too.

  2. let’s be glad you don’t know this financial dissaster, folks!!

  3. Muffin I disagree. Of the few films I have seen with Leo, I think he does a good job.
    I think Sam is one of the most wooden actors, (Sam Woodington perhaps) like that guy Marky Mark in Planet of the Apes – it just amazes me he gets cast in leading roles.
    He ruined the Clash of the Titans for me.

    Nor do I find him attractive.

  4. DiCaprio has **star quality. Not every actor has it. DiCaprio was so good in TITANTIC which was on TV again last Night, he was so good in the movie This Boy’s Life, and he continued on with
    the movies Blood Diamond and The Departed. DiCaprio is very vocal about his causes and charities without a hint of negative publicity.
    By all indications, Sam will be one the actors that you only read about when he is making a movie and shun the spotlight when he is Not!!

  5. I think they’re both hotties, but Leo’s Titanic role was far more romantic, and Sam spent his time in Avatar well, as a blue Avatar. There is really no comparison.

    I also hated Avatar, and feel as if I’m the only one who didn’t like it.

  6. Cal, are you serious?!? Mark Walhberg is a far more superior actor than Leo as well. I have been a fan of Mark’s since his first movie “FEAR”. For a first timer, he was amazing. I must say I haven’t seen The Clash of Titans(nor do I want to) but come on. Mark is an infinite A list actor. Have you see any of his other movies??

    Leonardo is an over actor if ever there were one. I mean, “Gilbert Grape” puleez. Choke, cough, cough. He does have a knack for picking blockbusters but I am not sure if that would be him or his agent.

  7. @Denise

    Thank goodness you were brave enough to air your plight in public….for I too have not found the interest or charm of Avatar!!!

    Worthington does a fine job but DiCaprio has the magnetism and hard earned talent. Keep in mind that DiCaprio has been working at it since he was a very young boy.

  8. @ Denise and Walt Cliff:

    I am looking forward to the 3-D version of TITANIC due out in April of 1212.
    By the way since we are talking about DiCaprio, can you believe that he and Demi Moore will share a birthday on 11-11-11??

  9. @Leo,

    Hey buddy! I’m looking forward to the 3D version and a big barrel of buttered popcorn. LOL!!!

    Bet Leo celebrates more than the very beautiful & haughty Demi.

  10. The only thing I saw Leo in was “Titanic”. And what was so impressive is the stunts they had to do, like when he and Kate were trying to open the stuck gate underwater and of course when they were in the freezing ocean. I don’t know why he kept dumping and taking back Bar Refaeli. She seemed perfect for him, unless of course the rumors are true that he is a switch hitter.

    I remember that before “Titanic” came out, many predicted it would be a huge flop. Joke’s on them.

  11. I bet that scene with the “propellor guy” rocks in 3D.

  12. Casonia Sade Logenberry aka Lydia Anne Kelly of Seattle washington and Big Fan of Hells kitchen with chef gordon ramsay and wonder who he is going to Ram off the show this week and my fingers are crossed for that little dumb stupid Elisa..She really sucks says:

    I would look twice to gather an understanding of…Where did I see this guy before? Of course with wonder but this man really works hard and I am sure his work really wears him out and…His life has turned up side down! Never being the same and know here comes the big concern? How he looks and he should and has the right to dress down and not look picture perfact each and every day and as many months and weeks this man has been busting his ass and really throwing himself into working harder then 3 people put together has every right to just say…The Heck with it! I don’t always feel like doing the same thing day in and day out and just want to let go to some degree but…At times his life has become frustrating to some degree..Because every one is always looking at him…Every single moment of the day..There is no privacy or just a moment of just letting his hair down and be himself is key to joy in your life and…I Still find him Sexy to some degree. He is on his way of being the star of years to come.

  13. @Denise @Walt, I’m sure I have previously voiced my plea to James Cameron that I want my money back that I sat through Avatar – I went because of the 3D aspect, was not fussed on the story (typical hollywood), but what a waste of what he could have done with 3D technology – he could really have used the technology to it’s full advantage. But in my eyes he didn’t. That is why I want my $ back.

  14. @Muffin – it is just my opinion that Mark W did a wooden acting job in the Planet of the Apes (hell maybe it was what was expected of the part!), just like I think Sam W does on the projects I have seen him in to date.

    That’s not to say I think Mark W is a cr*p actor, because I don’t. Rather I admire him for his many successful ventures to date.

    As to whether he is better than Leo, I can’t really say. However, I’m sure Leo probably has a quite few awards on his mantlepiece that say otherwise.

  15. Casonia Sade Logenberry Hells kitchen is so hateful this year and pressure and swearing at other people like Scott or Andy who are lead Chef and part of Chef Gordon Ramsay is a No No and sooner or later you got to go... says:

    This Guy just let him self go and He thought no one was going to notice him and well when your a movie star being enored is never going to happen and here comes being bugged to Death and some actors have to be groomed for the part and some guys have what it takes to make millions and he is doing it and if he looks rough then so be it and I bet he is going to make more movies in the future?

  16. @Cal

    Good to know there are at least three members to our Anti-Avatar Club. LOL!! My older meaner (lol) sister thinks I have lost my mind for not appreciating it.

    Personally, I would love to see a cool monster movie (like the Creature from the Black Lagoon) in 3D. Now, that would be cool!!!

  17. Sam Worthington is the basis for a figment of a digital artists imagination. Women fell in love with him, men want to be like him. Jake Sully comes across as strong yet protective, very likeable and absolutely adorable. Sam Worthington is not quite like that. There are some of Jake’s mannerisms in Sam but it is amazing how it is Sam’s acting that brings out Jake.

    By comparison it seems Leo is the same in every role. He is just playing himself when he acts. He is good looking and all, and can carry a movie so can’t really complain.

    But Sam acts in a movie, or rather his avatar is terrific 🙂

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