Alec Baldwin has officially recovered from his devastating divorce from Kim Basinger in 2002. After their volatile split he vowed that he would never marry again, but he seems to be softening in a big way. Alec, 53, has been seeing 28 year old yoga instructor Hilaria Thomas for around four months, and he’s ready to give up his apartment for her. She spends her time downtown and dislikes the commute up to Alex’s Central Park West place. To make her happy, the New York Post says Alec put his longtime abode on the market for 9.5 million, and is looking for a place in Soho. THAT is a serious commitment.



  1. He should be married to the her first. That is just plain stupid. Why sell something that is going to only appreciate? For some LAZY ingrate that has to “commute” (OMG, all the time taken from her busy schedule of press conferences and , oh no, she doesn’t have any. She’s just a nobody dime a million yoga teacher.) He needs to get his head checked. He’s acting like Kelsey Grammar, another mindless idiot.

  2. She’s gorgeous and a bit too young for old crusty butt (my opinion). I can’t help but like him as an actor and find him hysterical funny in comedies. However, he is an arrogant, narcissistic imbecile to women.

  3. That $9 mil apt. is chump change for Alex. He still has a big estate in the Hamptons. It will be serious when missy gets a key to the mansion.

  4. A yoga instructor who doesn’t want to commute…I doubt she’s lazy. She probably enjoys walking to work, cycling for groceries and taking public transit. I think she sounds really cool and grounded. I hardly think a life filled with press conferences and overpaid ‘yes men” has any more value than a yoga instructor’s life. Maybe he will learn a thing or two about contemplation and patience.

  5. another man that can’t grow up; what woman in her right mind would want to be with him, he is abusive

  6. Twenty year old yoga instuctor?!
    He’s gonna be tired.

  7. 53 getting serious over a 28 year old .

    Despite that Alec is a hot mess, I would’ve thought he had more brains in his head than this.

  8. 53 getting serious over a 28 year old (eye roll).

    Despite that Alec is a hot mess, I would’ve thought he had more brains in his head than this

  9. I agree with Palermo, this guy is a woman abuser, and he talked to his kid something awful.

  10. He was definitely abusive to Kim and their kid, Ireland and he still has a temper if he is crossed. I never cared for him and thought his acting was wooden. And he always threatens to go live in another country if the politics/politicians here don’t suit him, yet he never leaves. Somewhere in his brain, there is a screw loose. This girl is just another gold-digger and if she wises up and gets out there will be plenty more waiting in line. That’s GollyWeird in a nutshell.

  11. If Alec is ready to give up his apartment for Hilaria, she must have put some heavy duty loving on him. The average person that give up that pet of 12 years for a New love often regret it. The New love claim to have allergies towards the pet, and then find out that the allergies is from the relationship. I don’t think that Alec ever got over Kim Basinger. She moved on and he had to accept it. Of course being caught on tape calling your young daughter an ugly Name while being on a parental rampage is Not a sweet song. Because his daughter is Now older, and seem to have formed a better relationship, maybe Alec *is learning that women will Not tolerate being treated just any kind of way, and because Haliria has her own career maybe her independence will be favorable in this new relationship. Here also hoping that his brother Daniel’s relationship with his wife whom he is claiming has threatened to kill him will see better days ahead. PEACE!!

  12. @Mel: I agree. There’s something off about it. Alec is too smart to be this dumb. He’s been through too much. He has also tried several times to sell the apt anyway. He didn’t marry that asian girl he dated for seven years, so I doubt he’d do this after four months. Unless he had a stroke or something. Either way, she’s taking advantage of his loneliness or fame. Fame whore. I read she wants her own reality show too. Hmmm…. I’m a fan. I have been for a while and I don’t want him to pull a Kelsey Grammer: I can’t believe how dumb he is.

  13. I’m sure she loves him for is personality. We’ll see how long before the temper comes out. They are probably the same mental age.

  14. 25 year age difference: Hilaria you are hilarious if you think he will be long-term serious about you. He is just going through his 2nd (or 3rd?) childhood. Wait until his temper flares and don’t forget to duck.

  15. Casonia Sade Logenberry aka Lydia Anne Kelly of Seattle washington and Big Fan of Hells kitchen with chef gordon ramsay and wonder who he is going to Ram off the show this week and my fingers are crossed for that little dumb stupid Elisa..She really sucks says:

    I do wish this man joy in his life and yes divorce is horror in motion and your heart really gets kicked into the ground and having to fight so long for a divorce really takes a toll of your health and future as well but if you find some one..Who does not remind you of your X that is a great way to heal and if they are fun and nice and kind and thoughtful and make you feel enjoyment on a higher level…Then that really works! It is better to be closer to some one that you have a relationship work well that way and as a couple you can do more things together and have more fun and it looks like Mr. Alec Baldwin is having fun and may all his dreams and wishes come true?

  16. Don’t do it Alec! This spoiled brat is too good to move uptown into your 10 million dollar apartment?

  17. Further up the thread someone mentioned Kelsey Grammer and his similar-looking, younger, gold-digging squeeze.

    Nailed it! 😉

  18. Indy, you are so right!

    Alec is an abusive husband and father and a misogynist. If that young woman thinks things will be different with her, she’s crazy. From some of the things I’ve heard him say and the way he’s treated people who are of no use to him, he really is a vile human being. They say you can tell a person’s real character (of lack thereof) by the way they treat people who are in their service or of no real use to them.

    That young woman better run for her life. If she stays with him, she’ll have a life of misery, just like Kim did after she married him.

  19. Didn’t he have a health scare a couple of months ago? Maybe he’s feeling his mortality.

  20. Casonia Sade Logenberry..On Hells kitchen are there some stupid blonds on there this time..I think some people are going to crack and lose it but some people..I really like and hope will stay and that is Paul and Will...Wolfgang Puck was amazing and wonde says:

    When you have Systoms the Sex is incredible and it takes your breath away and it makes you feel like your going pass out and love of sex and passion and want of it more is going to make the person relocate to have more time with you. But of course it is nice to let some one in after being alone for some time and when you run across another person that is nice and kind and more thoughtful…Then that alone has a major effect of your future.

  21. I think this relationship is THE one for him. I am very happy for the two love birds and it sounds like she is already ruling the roost.. come on now .. how long could it possibly take to go uptown .. that he wouldnt spring some money for a cab? A little bossy – but he may like that, so then he’s made happy. So, she will replace Kim as the boss in that family .. so that is all good for all people who wanted to see Alec happy, healthy and alive long enough to find true love again. I hope Stephen can help put a good seal of approval on her and get this family to fall in love with this woman. But, it doesnt seem like she cares what people think about her – just look at her bio (black outfit) – with her hairy armpits showing .. totally in control of her life and doesnt care .. bravo to her!!

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