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Alexa Joel had lunch at Jacques in New York with a mystery man who’s interested in acting. He’s carrying an acting book “Play the Scene” by Michael Shulman. Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley’s daughter is now 25 years old and the singer/songwriter seems happy. In 2009, a romantic breakup caused her great distress, but she got over it and a few months later she had a nose job that she claims improved her outlook. Alexa is sporting an exotic India-inspired look today.


  1. Janet how did you make out the book title from the photo? Or did you ‘make it up’ lol.

  2. She is such a lovely young lady and has a truly beautiful voice. I can’t help but wonder if as her mother (Brinkley) ages if she is threatened by Alexa’s talent and beauty. I always got the feeling (due to tabloid rumors I am sure) that she was bit too critical of her daughter.

  3. By her previous well publicized heartbreak, Alexa Ray seems to fall head over heels very quickly. Notice the mystery guy, Notice her outfit. Hopefully she will take time to make sure that the strings zing with mutual admiration with her Next great love!!

  4. I think Alexa is still somewhat of a ‘little girl lost’. Her b/f is either a car mechanic or a Muslim. And as to her mama, is she reverting back to her early 30’s, ’cause that’s the way she’s acting lately (wild).

  5. Alexa looks so much better with an improved nose. No need to do anything further.

  6. Indy, he looks East Indian. That’s a good thing for Alexa–it’s so difficult to find decent Indian food anywhere.

  7. She looks like an average, American woman. Her boyfriend is not too bad looking either.

    Glad to see that she is moving on with her life. I can’t help but wonder how hard it would be, to grow up being a self-obsessed super models daughter.

  8. yeah, the nose job helped that’s for sure, but there is something weird about her eyes. They are too big or something. Can’t put my figure on it.

  9. Lucky girl, she gets butter chicken with nan, some curried lamb, basmati rice and a cab.

  10. What’s with all the racist comments? Sheesh. My my, what if she was with a black guy, would you all be talking about fried chicken and watermelons? Hmmm….?

  11. So I take it that there was nothing to the relationship with Albie Manzo, son of Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Carolyn’s son. Poor Albie…he looked smitten.

  12. She’s a pretty girl in spite of the fact that instead of her mother’s supermodel looks, she got her father’s coloring and eyes. More importantly, so I hear, she also got his musical talent.

  13. @Tinydancer, probably not food but Strom might mention how much longer a cavity search may take.

  14. Did someone mention food???!! LOL 🙂 Watermelon is my middle name!!!!




  15. Casonia Sade Logenberry aka Lydia Anne Kelly of Seattle washington and Big Fan of Hells kitchen with chef gordon ramsay and wonder who he is going to Ram off the show this week and my fingers are crossed for that little dumb stupid Elisa..She really sucks says:

    This man really looks strong and in charge and I Can tell he is the boss and that he has something on his mind and he has business to take care of and at the same time..He looks really happy and on top of the world and has massive love for the woman standing next to him. He looks like he is on his way to doing something important.

  16. Casonia Sade Logenberry Hells kitchen is so hateful this year and pressure and swearing at other people like Scott or Andy who are lead Chef and part of Chef Gordon Ramsay is a No No and sooner or later you got to go... says:

    I can’t understand why woman want to take away something that god gave to them and it is to make herself feel better or does she think she is going to get the man back and I think that she is doing the right thing for her and if it makes her happy and makes her feel good…It is the right thing!

  17. Poor thing looks like her father instead of her supermodel mother. The guy looks like she picked him up working at the local carwash or else going through the dumpster in the neighborhood.

  18. Poor thing? You gotta me kidding me. She is young, rich and has talent. She will be just fine.

  19. The food from Northern India: Mainly breads with dishes which has a thick sauce and dairy products such as cream, paneer, ghee, and youghurt. These dishes are warmly flavoured rather than heat from chillies.

  20. Take the Indian Restaurant plug back to India….a promo is not needed here.

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