Woody Allen and Soon- Yi and their daughters Bechet and Manzie are in beautiful Oviedo, Spain, where he filmed much of Vicky Cristina Barcelona. He’s in Spain for the premier of his latest movie “You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger” with Naomi Watts, Antonio Banderas, and Josh Brolin. In Madrid, he announced that he can no longer afford to film in New York and that’s why his movies take place in Europe. It’s funny that Jennifer Aniston’s movies have big New York budgets and Woody’s don’t.


  1. He’s obviously too cheap to dress his family from any store other than Wal-mart.

  2. Soon-Yi get a boob job? Funny how he’s holding on to the girl but not his wife.

  3. And doesn’t he pretty much make the same movie over and over except that now he’s too old to star in them himself?

  4. I don’t think him being a Jew has anything to do with him being just a plain slum sucking piece of carp. I have never like him or his stupid movies.

  5. he shouldn’t film in expensive places because no one sees his movies anymore. i did like matchpoint, but that’s about it.

    white men do not age well at all.

  6. Old perv! I find it gross that he is allowed to adopt!!! Sick sick sick

  7. Allen should just stop making movies. No one sees them, no one cares, and each new movie is another pile of sand on top of his legacy (e.g. Annie Hall, Manhattan).

  8. XYZ, that was a pretty disgusting comment. As Lenny wrote, what does his being Jewish have to do with it.

    Allen’s behavior was a generational thing. The history of Hollywood in the seventies is littered with stories of men who messed around with under-aged girls. Some of the perps, and relationships were even celebrated. To certain people, in a certain sense, Allen’s only crime was doing what he did twenty years too late.

  9. his only crime? I hope you’re not serious. I think he should be in jail.

  10. Does that dumb chink think he’s not molesting the other adopted kids. God she’s gross too. He’s a cheap jew that is why he is not filming in new york and thank god!! No-one in nyc wants to see his stupid ass. How does Ho-llywood say yes to this creep with a straight face.!?!?

  11. Palermo, I was talking about Allen is respect to all the others who did what he did or similar in the seventies. I do not approve of what he did, and you are right, he should have gone to jail. But, as I said, a lot of men did what he did in the sixties and seventies, and got away with it. Timing is everything it seems, as disgusting as that sounds.

  12. They covered up a lot of stuff back in the days. Sadly they still cover up a lot of stuff.

  13. Someone please clarify: Those kids are adopted, and not birth children?

    If they’re adopted, Woody’s got easy pickins for his predilictions.

  14. I assume they were waiting for the ugliest family in the world contest to start. Usually having a little bit of money prevents a person or family from having to live with being this fucking ugly. I mean look at Tori Spelling and her families money and what it was able to do(oh never mind that is a bad example she still looks like a horse).

  15. Hah, Reta, excellent comment!

    I agree with people who say his being Jewish has nothing to do with it, just his being a jerk!

  16. The greatest example of all of American and the world slooooooooowwwwwlllly morphing into a moral-less mess of humanity.

  17. True and the story of Morgan Freeman should be placed next to it, both Perverts Hall of Fame.

  18. Soon-Yi has sprouted some breasts that Woody may enjoy but she still has the Chink duck walk down to a tee.

  19. Is someone pulling a running gag based on an old Sarah Silverman joke, or are some of the posters here racist A-holes.

    It is no more acceptable to use the word “chink” than to use the N-word.

  20. Oh, and BTW, Soon-Yi was born in South Korea, which would make her a “gook” not a “chink”. So you are racists and idiots, and bad idiot racists at that.

  21. Sure it is Sebastian, if you’re a overt, gutter racist and bigot with raging hate it’s perfectly normal. That might be what dad taught you and who don’t listen to dear-o-dad?

  22. Soon-Yi has middle-age spread which Woody must definitely doesn’t find attrative, but then he didn’t find the lovely, intelligent, earth mother Mia attractive.

  23. Woody is SHOWING you what he finds “attractive”…and the obvious body language away from his “wife” is extremely telling as well. Like I said, he’s got a healthy grip on his future dearest there, as soon as he can dump the fatass one somewhere. Gee, I’d sure like to be a fly on the wall and listen in on THEIR conversation… ol Soon-Yi doesn’t look like she got a very big bite out of a brilliant NY apple now, does she? Looks like a large dolt in fact. Should have stayed a bit longer with the lovely Mia, maybe absorbed a tad bit of class before she started posing naked in her teens for the sleezy old creepy play-daddy! “Spread a little bit more Soon-Yi, I need to see your wHOLE smile…that’s a girl, like that, now HOLD IT!”

  24. Reta, and others, may I remind you that Mia is not all that. For one thing she was basically the child bride of Frank Sinatra (1966. He was in his sixties, she was 21). For another, her adoption of children bordered on the pathological. Finally, at a mature age, having lived quite a life, Farrow chose to settle down with Allen. Finding an example of Farrow’s good judgment is like trying to find a needle in a haystack.

  25. Most of you ignorant people should keep your thoughts to yourself. Love is love and I think after all these years you simpletons would see he WAS serious about the choices he has made.

    Butt out, you idiots!!! Live your own lives and stop dumping on his happiness. Life is hard enough as it is.

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