Michelle Williams started the trend with her role in “My Weekend With Marilyn” which just might get her an Oscar nomination, or so they say. She does seem to have the tentative sweetness Monroe showed at times. For whatever reason, Lindsay Lohan‘s Playboy layout mirrored Marilyn’s original layout in the magazine with all the modern benefits of photoshopping. The lips are a tad overwhelming. Never one to miss an opportunity, Lady Gaga channeled Monroe just for fun with surprising results the other day in New York.


  1. I hate to say it but….I think LILO is going to make BIG comeback. I heard she was going to dump her Mom/Manager. I think if she does indeed do this, the skies the limit for this girl. Again!

  2. All these copy cats are getting tiresome. Btw, I hope you’re wrong muffie! I’ve had enough of Lindsay for a lifetime!

  3. Lindsay is just not believable as MM. She looks more like Veronica Lake (with a touch of Rita Hayworth) in the picture here. Williams doesn’t look like MM at all, BUT she is so effective at acting like her that I even believe her in a photograph. Who does this pic of Lady GG really look like? When I look at it, I almost hear a smoky, gravelly voice a la Kathleen Turner.

  4. wow, it must have taken 5 teams of technical wizards to make crack head Lilo look good.

  5. For the person who critiques my punctuation and spelling mistakes, I realize it should be sky’s not skies. Sorry bout that! 😉

  6. No wurries here, Muffie!! 🙂

    And a query: are you the artist formerly known as “Muffintop?” Always wondered about that.

    The topic at hand: despite Williams’s enormous talent, nothing that you see of her in the trailer channels MM.

    No comment on the Muppet in the middle and the drag queen on the right. 🙁

    The role should have gone to Kelly Garner. She has Marilyn’s mouth, coloring and voluptuousness. She’s even got the voice for it. And she can ACT. See “Bully” and “Lars and the Real Girl” for proof. She’s currently on that retro airline show on TV.

    She’s gonna be one to watch for a long time.

  7. Eh, wanted to add that the “Norma Jean and Marilyn” cable movie from years ago looked better than the current film.

    BOTH Ashley Judd and Mira Sorvino played Marilyn—at different times in her life in that project—and they were superb.

  8. Yes Say Something Nice, I am formerly known as Muffin, Muffin top and now Muffie.

    I agree with you about Williams she just doesn’t seem right for the part.

  9. I think Williams is a sub-par actress. All of this salivating over her is puzzling. She’s just a little TV girl that no one cares about. Perhaps she has some Jewish roots?

  10. I have a dog that looks more like Marilyn than lohan or gaga. Williams at least comes close, and is a good actress. I have never understood what anyone sees in the lohans. I don’t think any of them are even remotely attractive. Lindsay, I guess, is the best looking of the bunch, but she is average-at-best on a good day. Horrible, fake hair, deplorable skin, average features, saggy bosoms and oddly shaped legs. Her “model” sister is even scarier looking. Even with massive photoshopping, their photo spreads make me gag.

  11. It is amazing that all these years after her death MM is more famous than ever. She wasnt even close to the best looking star of the time but played “dumb blonde” to the hilt. With better make up techniques today it is much easier to make any of these hags look like MM, especially in print.

    LL carries the yiddish banner of these 3.

  12. I think the hottest, make men fumbling idiots, pheremone emitting girl going in Hollywood at this time is Christina Hendricks.
    Could she have played M.M.?

  13. LL Jewish, huh? She’s as Irish as as upturned Sullivan nose and freckly skin. Silly boy.

    Another great portrayal by someone who did not resemble her but was quite believable is Poppy Montgomery’s version

  14. Loser Lohan missed a scheduled taping for today’s Ellen show season finale because she stayed out too late partying in Hawaii and skipped her early morning flight. It was set up by Playboy months ago to help promote her spread this month. I predict that burning Hugh Hefner and Ellen Degeneres in a single day after all the crap she’s already pulled will be the last straw for her.

  15. 1/2 side is yiddish though she didnt get the brains. She may make up the late appearance by letting Ellen munch on her.

  16. ^^ There was no late appearance. Lindsay offered to reschedule, but Ellen declined and scored a coup to replace her – Paris Jackson’s first solo TV appearance.

  17. Sorry…She may make up the disappearance by letting Ellen munch on her.

  18. Original as mud.. even Marilyn wasn’t anything but what the movies made her.. and she was very good at it, but these women have no conception of how to provide the lovely, fragile, childlike demeanor she projected that was her asset..

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