Britney Spears still seems to be hell-bent on destroying her relationship with her two teenage sons- she’s still posting these nude photos that embarrass them. The big question remains: where is Britney’s husband Sam Asghari? It looks like the 12 -years- younger bodybuilder/actor does not give Britney sensible advice when she needs it. He happens to be one of the FEW people she still talks to- she’s on the outs with her family. Even her fans are now shocked when she posts these sexy photos and leave concerned comments. You might call Sam the villain behind the scenes here – he’s likely THE ONE BEHIND THE CAMERA!

Photo: Instagram



  1. He needs that ‘golden’ baby so he can stay in America . He is wanted in Iran for various things. He teaches Britney the Koran daily. Keeping her off the meds is his form of control .

  2. Freed from her conservatorship, she is now free-falling into total self-destruction. Most people are over her now. The constant “nude” pictures are hurting her brand and her image. And, Janet, for once I agree with you. She is basically saying FU to her sons.

    Her posts are hate-filled and not interesting. There are lots of younger, prettier and more talented chicks on the scene. If she doesn’t pull herself together, she’ll be going the way of the 8-track.

  3. Check his Insta. It has quite a few Iranian posts lately. It’s a bit weird.

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