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We can’t stop wondering about what will happen to Lindsay Lohan’s extensions now that she’s going to jail. Like Phil Spector, Lindsay has to surrender all fake hair at the door. Will she wear clip-on extensions for her heavily photographed jail arrival and check them with her wallet and other personal items? Or will she have them removed ahead of time and be photographed going to jail without her hair? And what about the eyelash extensions?


  1. Janet let’s rephrase that question: What will Lindsay DO in jail without her drugs? Or what will a famewhore do in jail without the paparazzi?

  2. Maybe she can suck that “F-U” off her middle finger. You know, the one she was showing the judge?! I say strip her of ALL her drugs cold turkey, and hair, eyelasses, nail polish, or anything that could be considered a “luxury” item. Looks like she’s already given up on keeping her hair dyed properly, that ugly black streak down the middle looks so classy on her, just like the OTHER skanks in la la land.

  3. God! We have a generation of girls who are so lazy and stupid they cannot grow their own hair.

  4. They HAD hair, but a steady diet of anorexia and drugs will make your hair fall out.

  5. I agree with Sally! Take a look at Lindsay in “The Parent Trap” — how healthy she looked! Clear-eyed, too! Hubby and I think that she’s done some heavy duty meth in the last few years — it shows in her face, big-time. So sad. Looks like she’s on the “Robert Downey Road,” but hopefully, she can get her s–t together sooner than he did.

  6. Its the fools giving them money who has caused the problems…these twits really think they are smart and beautiful….and then like Angie J. think they can rule the world!

  7. L.Lo has got to be the stupidest skank in all of GollyWeird. To stick that FU finger up in front of the judge is one thing. But then,***with bad acting and a raspy voice from drugging***, she said she was ooh so sorry and begged the judge for mercy. Your average person that had been busted for DUI would have been sentenced to way more than 90 days. And the pitiful thing is she will probably only have to serve 20 days or so, that’s the way it is in la-la land.

    BTW, her dad was on Access Hollywood yesterday and he said that Dina was the cause of her falling into her sad state of affairs. He repeated over and over that Dina was to be blamed. All of them are dysfunctional and bordering on psycho.

  8. PS: When will she decide once and for all if she is or is not a lesbo? Sam Ronson wants to know too.

  9. Uh, why do posters always insist people like Lindsay or Kelly Bensimon are on meth? Meth isn’t a NewYork drug, no one does it there. People in New York do COKE or ecstacy.

  10. Sally and Hillary, I know, I know. I recently rewatched Mean Girls. It was depressing to see how beautiful and health Lindsay once was, and realize what a mess she is now.

  11. It’s wiser to keep and sell it to your jail mate chumbs to buy ciggies with don’t ya think?

  12. I am so over this chick and her non-stop endless bad behaviour. She thinks she can do whatever she wants and not have to pay the consequences. I hope she and her crazy ass mother fall off the face of the planet. Please relocate them to a deserted island so we don’t have to hear from them any more. I can’t visit my favorite sites anymore w/out them clogged up by this bitch and her whining. I’m sick of her and hope nothing but bad things for her – she needs a kick in the head to straighten her out, but it aint gonna happen. And yes, I’ve heard RDJ isn’t clean any longer either…

  13. ………..britney could do it.(BEING BALD)
    she wasn’t even sentenced.

  14. I never thought for a second that Downey Jr. was or is sober. He just keeps his use on the down low. For that matter, I don’t think anybody in HWood is drug-free. They each have their poison, it’s part of the main course.

  15. What about her sister Ali, she will need those extensions in order to get some work and keep Dina in the life she is accustomed to.

  16. Hopefully the two sentences will force Lindsay to straighten herself out. That was a wise judge. And, hopefully, Lindsay will not kill herself with partying before she goes in the slammer.

  17. Lindsay seems so narcissistic I don’t think she will ever see herself as the problem. Unfortunately her selfish idiot parents ruined her.

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