Oh, yeah, fashion. We already know how successful Mary-Kate has been with her many lines, including the high-end collection, The Row, which is only sold at the most exclusive stores. Coincidentally or not, Kanye is said to be developing a similar high end collection for men and women and supposedly has set up a studio in Paris. He could learn a lot from her.
However that doesn’t not explain the fact that Page Six says they were reportedly seen “making out” in New York at West’s 34th birthday party! Are they an unlikely couple or WHAT? Petite Mary-Kate usually prefers arty downtown Jewish guys from good families, while rapper Kanye has a yen for ultra sexy video vixens like Amber Rose or leggy models. We’re eager to see if this odd coupling develops into anything…

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  1. Well except for the obvious skin color difference probably a lot. Who knows, maybe they will be a long lasting couple. I don’t think so though, Kanye seem a little too egotistical for MKO. Just a muse for each other maybe? Hmm, I guess we will have to wait for Janet’s next post on them to find out.

  2. Very simple…..Kanye is going after the white girl. Same across the NBA, NFL, and certainly on reality. It is not going to work out long….it hardly ever does. Skank city.

  3. The twins have developed into hard-core alcoholics, druggies, men-lovers, stuck up little billionaire brats.

    Kanye is just Kanye, thinks he is tooo coool. Can’t stand him.

  4. Spy Trixie has infiltrated the enemy camp and is compromising the secrets of the leader? Oh no.. she is in ultra fashionista corporate espionage mode, easily learning all his trade plans and secrets., for they aren’t that grand or new.. What can you say; she’s small, rich, successful, nice, intelligent, giving him wise advice and behaving herself a friendly/non-aggressive manner.. and that is key to entering the barrier on his defensive heart.

  5. PRUNE alert!

    That sheet has got to stop! MUST they always have the prune smirk? STOP IT!

  6. The prune face, with the deer in the headlights eyes, facing one another like they’re siamese twins is there trademake pose, lettuceprey.

    Kanye is a d-bag. If they are together, they rate an 8 or 9 or my creepy couple meter.

  7. Surprised none of you noticed in this pic Kanye is turning into a fattie. maybe he can be the new “Biggie Smalls” type. I’m sure tho with all his dough he likes to eat some good food, and I don’t mean good girls. I’ve ALWAYS detested this asshole and wish he’d find the edge of the planet to sail his overly fancy yacht over.

  8. Muffin
    What has skin colour got do with anything?

  9. “Dalstongirl” it is the only blatantly obvious difference between the two, PERIOD!!

  10. Good for Kanye he fucked her then the white guys can go back to her and suck on the black juice. Yay, it’s always a win.

  11. I hate the way Mary-Kate purses her lips, much like the way Kelly Ripa does. And (sorry) speaking of Kelly Ripa, she just took the whole clan (5 of them) on a cross country tour to several Western states and it is all her money, as Mark has no job. She pays for everything ($7 Mil per year) and yet she is terrified he will cheat, and he tells her what to do. I’ll never understand the rich and famous, esp. skank types like Kelly.

  12. the comment by HELLO,is a typical dirty nigr remark,your just pissd cause you are a ghetto ass turd,living off whiteys table scraps.KANYE IS A FAGGIT ANYWAY,HELLO WAS CAUGHT SUKING HIS COK AT THE PRIDE PARADE.if it were up to me i would drown every black male baby born in a 5 gallon bucket.they are worthless shit talkers who run from every challenge that faces them,unless of course if it involves chasing a ball.NAACP stands for,nigrs are always causing problems.HELLO ,YOU CAN GO EAT A HOT BOWL OF DIKS ASS HOLE.

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