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Anytime Dog the Bounty Hunter’s Duane Chapman and his wife Beth visit a Hollywood hotspot like The Ivy, it’s a visual extravaganza. It looks like Dog is rocking new jeans for the occasion. Bailbondsman Chapman claims he posted the $11,000 bond to spring Nicolas Cage out of jail after his arrest in New Orleans. Hopefully the financially strapped Nicolas will be able to pay him back – or else he might end up being stalked on Dog’s show.



  1. There’s enough milk in those things to suckle two dozen Sudanese orphans.

  2. I think Dog is just happy with the attention that his dealings with Cage has brought him. There is no better advertising than being on all the celebrity gossip sites, is there now? Dog is looking for some BIG, rich fish to fry, and with all these celebrities finding themselves in the SHIT, he will surely catch a few of them!!

  3. The entire chapman family are pathetic hillbilly white trash fools.

  4. Beth can dye her hair all she wants but she is P.W.T all day long! Look at those nails. At least her attire is better.

    The Dawg could have found a much better shirt. He also needs a new hairdo, when his show is over.

  5. poster christine india is poster indy

    that is all…………

  6. TO:^^^^^THATISALL^^^^^^…..U R correct.

    Christine India is my full name; nickname is Indy. Muchas Gracias.

  7. She’s been eating straight out of ice cream cartons while watching the infomercials for kymaro body shapers.
    What’s the opposite of looking at Weiner’s dick? Dog’s chest. Button up your shirt buster.

  8. Everywhere these two show up, it’s Halloween. Please, Stacy and Clinton, offer these two a MAKEOVER.

  9. Is that show still airing?

    (And by the way, Beth’s heavily augmented breasts debuted soon after she started getting paid; in the pilot—which they used to sell the show—she was MUCH smaller and more proportioned.)

    Presumably the producers kept encouraging her to break into a run—in pursuit of perps—in order to spike the ratings. 🙂

  10. Hey Indy, “There’s enough milk in those things to suckle two dozen Sudanese orphans.”

    Too funny!!!


    I’m not a big fan of these two. I guess I just don’t get the appeal. Mr. Chapman needs a darker dye job and a shorter haircut. He also needs new shirts that have working buttons or snaps so he can button up and not show off his aging chest.

    Wifey needs darker locks (it can be blond without being bleached white) and more flattering clothes.

  11. She got the biggest ear muffs ever.
    God, I’d love ta abuse that goof in an enclosed situation.
    . Wouldn’t it be nice to expose his indescretions.

  12. Janet, poor dear, just doesn’t have enough room to list all things things wrong with these two trailor trash fakers. Fake yellow hair, giant fake tits, fake proselytizing, fake nails. (OMG! Do you see Dog’s SHOES?)
    Her jeans look mighty stained to me, so maybe next time she needs a full body plastic coverup next time she eats, but of course, with those nasty witch claws shes got no wonder most of her food splashes down her legs before she can catch it and eat it.

    OH, and how many of their “kids” are in jail now or were, like good ol pappy dawg?! Funny how he spent his whole early life as a criminal and now he has his own show. And who ever gave these charactors the “okay” to chase and catch people? I wouldn’tthink an ex-felon would be allowed to do that. But I DO have to give it to the guy for bringing back that rapist from California that the real police let get away.

  13. If either of these two actually SEE each other naked, without all the gag outfits on, what’s underneath just might scare the holy living shit outta them.

  14. Doesn’t the idea of these too getting it on,
    pretty much kill your own desire to have sex?

  15. Patrick, is that so? My German is not so good—other than “scheisse!”—which I employ daily, LOL 🙂

  16. ^^ Ahem. That comment was meant for the Peter Dinklage thread!

  17. We had more taste than that in the 60’s. We went for Ethnic,natural fabrics and designs,and flowing lines. THESE guys look more like Junkies who dress out of a Goodwill bin.

  18. Beth’s look works for HER.

    And one becomes positively light-headed imagining the condition, size, etc. of her thong.

  19. Not to mention its state of laundering, tensile strength…

  20. But where are the barbeque sauce stains down the front of her shirt?

    Photoshop! 🙂

  21. I really love the show and very happy there are People like that in America making this world safe for others…They look good together and they work well as a team and….What is up with Nicolas Cage? This man is a millionaire and has the money to pay him back just like that? So what is taking so long?

  22. Sir Justin Ross Feierabend is Crazy Casonia.

  23. It is not often you see Bounty Hunters with long hair…But it is nice to break down the wall and show that there are people out there that are outside the box and…Look nice doing there hard core work and…God knows they work hard at there skill and only a small part of the world has there skill! Bounty Hunters work is never done and there is always some one out there breaking the law and never ever want to follow the rules.

  24. After all the trouble Dog has been in(murder accomplish drug sales etc) Id think he would have understood that being in jail is one effective therapy for Hoalewood excesses .Bailing Cage out didnt do him any favors ut it helped dog with his narcisstic raging ego .He is looked upon as a kapakai haole in the islands since he came

  25. Thats expensive trash ..I say its a traveling wrestling team that cant find an audience to stick around.Or its a trash filled series of idiots and tear jerks blazing jesus for bucks.Next carrear comes complete with side by side recliner chairs and a trailer park getaway spot in familar company speaking southern border pidgeon while shuffling down to the liquir store singing some bottled up ballad long forgoten and for good reasons as are his indigressions tamped down by staying on tbe run as before with addicts …oh well another sucksess story bring out the best in humanity for the world to see a glimpse of america the date raped lady…….thanks Hollywood for all the memories ..good and sickeningly over the seat and rim…dont forget to flush this again..

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