When Guess co-founder Paul Marciano, 66, learned that one of the company’s most famous models, Kate Upton, accused him of sexual misconduct, like most entitled white men he was outraged and furiously denied all charges and demanded details. Keep in mind, Moroccan-French Marciano was born in a country with an abysmal human rights record for women- rapists could avoid punishment by MARRYING the victim, and wife-beating is perfectly acceptable. Marciano couldn’t resist INSULTING Kate – he claimed she was FIRED because she got “fat” and her charges were revenge based. Meanwhile, Kate DID provide very specific details about her rude and aggressive experiences with Marciano. We’re eager to see how this develops – meanwhile – no more Guess jeans.

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3 thoughts on “WHAT NOW, PAUL MARCIANO?

  1. If the guy was saying she was fat way back in 2011. You all might have a look at her in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue 2012. And wonder as I did why did they put her on the cover and thru ought the magazine with all that excess weight. Seriously, what the hell were they thinking – how to stop publishing that issue ? As per the Eonline article about the ass grabbing and foolery that might of gone on. So long as it’s not too personal and keeps the gal jumping around so as for the photo shoots to look lively as go look at the Shirley’s of Hollywood photo shoots. Everybody looks like they had way too much lunch and if they had a few sour pickles to just top themselves off so as to shut them all up. As you know how catty a bunch of talkative ladies can be. As no doubt, now days ass grabbing and exotic location photo shoots are out of the question thanks to you know who.

  2. “like most entitled white men” ha ha.

    What about the criminals Jayzee, 50 CENTS and the murderers Puff Daddy and OJ Simpson?

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