Nick Jonas has a new fan. We never thought we’d be confessing this, but we were blown away by his polished performance in “Hairspray” at the Hollywood Bowl last weekend. The cast was more than impressive – Harvey Fierstein, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Corbin Bleu, Drew Carey, Darlene Love, etc. The sets were minimal, but incredibly, the actors managed to fill the enormous stage. Nick played the Link Larkin teen idol role – not only did he outdance the pros in the chorus, but his voice filled the enormous stadium. When he kissed Tracy Turnblad, the crowd went wild. He was adorable and has a great future on Broadway.



  1. He may be OK in something like Hairspray, but if you’d seen him in the Les Miserables anniversary show on PBS you’d have just been embarrassed for him. It was obvious he took it very seriously, but I’ve heard better singers in church choirs. Putting him with the best of the best was just an embarrassment.

  2. Where do you go to church? The Met? You’re an idiot. Nick was wonderful in Les Mis. That’s why they asked him back to perform in the 25th anniversary show.

  3. He seems to have come into his manhood of late. I think dating an older woman has brought out his mojo. I guess good sex, DOES make a man!

  4. Casonia Sade Logenberry...Is Elisa on Hells kitchen getting Buttered up to be next on the chopping block and...I don't like her and something gives me the creeps about her and her personality really stinks but she is great on making food that she enjoys.. says:

    Nick is Okay but…He as a person is well liked among the ladies and they all seem to be really crazy about him and…He is some one type and has something that draws attention to himself and..Of course he is a Jack of all Trade and works really hard…He is clearly doing something that gives him pleasure and joy and! I wish him well and keep up the great work.

  5. These Disney ‘assets’ have no place in the real world. Please, calling the Jonas brothers ‘talented’ is akin to calling George W. Bush ‘intellectual’.

  6. Casonia Sade Logenberry...Hells kitchen..Who are you going to pick on know? It looks like your ready to kick off more then 1 person at a time off the show..MasterChef Chefs cook way better then Hells kitchen try out...Right! People always say..I can do Be says:

    I like the Jonas brothers to some degree…But I am not attracted to them or they move me in any way shape or form and matter of fact…I have never gotton into there music or was never a fan but…I know massive young ladies who love there music and are excited to see them. That is Major Cool but I would not know who they where even if I walked pass them. They are not my type and I would not notice them.

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