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For some reason we never get tired of looking at Ricky Gervais back when he was a new wave pop star with an attitude. He was the heart throb lead singer in the duo Seona Dancing signed to London records. (CLICK HERE to see his video) The music business didn’t work out for him so he turned to comedy. He looks better when he shaves. Time marches on…



  1. He looks much better now days than he did in the 80’s with that androgynous look. As a comedian, he slays me every time. He has a wicked sense of humor that I enjoy. 🙂

  2. Dang, that photo on the right looks like a mugshot. Ricky is very witty & glad he found his true calling in comedy.

  3. Not sure about the comedian gig but he is a pretty good actor. He will never be an A lister but he is a good supporting character actor. I also enjoyed watching his reality show “Idiot Abroad”.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks he got a big head after making it big here in America? I used to think he was the greatest comedian ever and really enjoyed The Office (the British version). I used to read his blog and was put off by a lot of what he said. I think his ego got too big for his head and kind of tuned him out for the last few years. So sad because I really liked him.

  5. Good chance the reason he looks different is that he has AGED. My guess is he doesn’t feel the need to use plastic surgery to look younger

  6. Casonia Sade Logenberry...Is Elisa on Hells kitchen getting Buttered up to be next on the chopping block and...I don't like her and something gives me the creeps about her and her personality really stinks but she is great on making food that she enjoys.. says:

    What ever makes him Happy and what ever makes him feel good about himself and…He is who he is and his face and his smile and his nose and lips as time goes on..We all change and we all go in many directions and that is life and sooner or later we all lose something as we get older and it has something to do with all the stress and tention and frustrations in life and we gather wisdom and learning and are bodies are never the same.

  7. Yeah, who didn’t look better 30 years ago? A little graphic shop line ‘softening’
    This sort of crap really annoys me. What sort of standard are we all to be held to? That of a flawless 20 year old, or maybe a few years of life, and far more entertaining/ intelligent/clever,but not quite as pretty?
    I’ll take talent over a pretty face.

  8. I don’t love either version of “The Office” (sorry), but loved Gervais’s hosting gig!

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