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“Queen of all Media” Wendy Williams adjusts her sexy black dress while walking out of Mr Chow in Beverly Hills – her husband Kevin Hunter looks on in amusement. All dresses are short when you’re 6’2”! Wendy’s talk show is a hit (renewed to 2014) and so is her marriage despite her husband being quite a handful. He’s been accused of sexual harassment by employees and of having a predilection for trannies. Apparently Wendy’s perfectly happy with him however, and that’s what counts. He’s a lucky guy.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. SHE looks like a huge trannie, so no wonder it “works”! (By the way, her ginormous fake tits are beyond grosssssss)!

  2. ‘she” may well be a tranny. The show plays to the lowest common denominator so is a hit with the BLACK audience. Wendy was the first to call out Lesbo Whitney Houston.

  3. She knew what she was getting into and is really happy. Good for her.

  4. Williams married someone more unattractive than she is, dumber, with far less money and with more masculine features: compared with her mate, she is a catch!

    look at that horrible wig she is wearing, those elephantine legs and gigantic jawline of hers.

    based on this photo you would never believe this is a woman who is highly critical of other people’s appearance!

  5. REta? Right there between Forrest and Strom!
    Whaddya doin there?

  6. Is it just me or is Mariah looking like this sugar mama tranny every day.

  7. I love Wendy, her talk show is ok but I actually really miss her on the radio that’s really where she belongs

  8. Wendy williams was a fat ugly slob back in the day. Lipo, lipo, lipo, saved her looks, body and career. Yeah, her husband got her back but he fucks in front of her, behind her, on film, whom-ever and what ever.

  9. She is tall enough, big enough, strong enough, muscular enough to wrestle a croc and take it down.

    And how and why is she happy with a serial cheater and perv….unless she is dabbling in forbidden things herself.

  10. We can guess all we want about Wendy, but “she” has the best dish in town, and isn’t afraid to tell it. At least in the first 15 minutes of her show.

  11. like Wendy and her great personality, that woman could talk to anyone, as far as her husband, we don’t know what goes on in their house

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