As if Demi Moore needed one more thing to make her life miserable. First she lost her husband Ashton Kutcher when the tabloids caught him cheating with various floozies. Now her own daughters, Rumer, Tallulah, and Scout prefer to remain friends with Ashton against their mother’s wishes, and they stopped speaking to Demi. Ashton has taken up with his “That 70’s Show“ costar, the adorable Mila Kunis, and Demi’s daughters reportedly LIKE Mila a lot and approve of the relationship. Time for Demi to rethink her strategy.


  1. Shacking up with an old Woman with no sex drive was his first mistake.

  2. “Time for Demi to rethink her strategy.”

    Time Demi to go back to sniffing Lysol cans. Ashton’s no loss & her only concern should be having a good relationship with her kids, unlike she did with her mom.

  3. Mila is just a quick stop in his continued quest for whoever crosses his path and looks good enough for Mr. Smooth. And to make up for all those lost years w/ his old ball and chain. Neither one are prizes.

  4. I think she needs some real friends. Maybe she should go to a nice town and just start over.

  5. Time to get some new kids. Family comes first no matter what.

  6. Demi Moore and Ashton were NEVER legally married! They had a Kabbalah marriage ceremony, but never made it legal. Basically Ashton was Demi’s boyfriend!

  7. Demi has a hot boyfriend. Better than Ashton. Haven’t liked Mila since I saw her in “Friends with Benefits”, so not special.

  8. Demi needs to move away to a small town where people are real and don’t play games. She’s an attractive woman, and I’m sure she could meet a nice, normal man and have a real relationship. Many famous people commute when they’re working on a project. She could, too. Also, she needs to get over her daughters being friends with Ashton. He was a big part of their lives for a long time, and she’s very immature to expect them to turn their back on him. No relationship breaks up because only one person had issues; Ashton loved her for a long time, and she had to have done something (or not done something) to make him look elsewhere. No, it isn’t fun to be cheated on; I have lived through it, but as I did, Demi needs to take responsibility for her faults in the relationship, otherwise she’ll never be happy again. She can do it.

  9. I hope she doesn’t let history repeat itself….she had no relationship with her mother, let’s hope she doesn’t repeat that with her own children. No husband or boyfriend is worth that.

  10. Kabbalah is not going to ‘fix’ her and her own mommy issues: family therapy is in order here He’s now an EX and truly ain’t that important in the scheme of things (not adoptive father.) Particularly since he’s so close in age, their ‘hanging out’ isn’t ‘fatherly’ at this point and their bio-dad has a new baby and wifey to deal with now. Sad for all.

  11. I liked That 70s SHow and I like The Family Guy but for these 2 I do not give a ditty.

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