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Holidays can bring out the worst in celebrities – just ask Charlie Sheen or Tiger Woods. We can’t help but suspect this altercation between Gabriel Aubry and Olivier Martinez was masterminded by Halle “poor little me” Berry. She hopes that custody judge will change his mind about letting her move to France. She COULD have diplomatically kept her exboyrfriend and fiancée apart – but we bet she secretly hoped something bad would happen. (Above, Halle and Olivier return from hospital)
Photo via: Daily Mail

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  1. Janet, I don’t generally agree with anything you say. But, in this case, I think you may be on to something as I have mostly been on the father’s side in this case…

  2. What a self centered bitch she is! This man just wants access to his daughter and because he isnt rich and famous he has to put up with her shit. I hope this doesnt change his custody arrangement. What a sad excuse for a woman.

  3. Poor misunderstood Halle. She has made mistakes in the past but people need to move on and evolve. Hopefully everything works out for the best.

  4. I think it was a set up too. You know she had to try something after losing the court case.

  5. OF COURSE she wanted something to happen! I don’t think she is a nice person. She is full of herself and has no respect for her child, otherwise why would she let her current bf and her ex even be around each other? She WANTED this to happen so she would look like a victim. The problem is the victim is her child. SHAME ON HALLE!

  6. Olivier Martinez run and keep running…Halle is a crazy lady! It smells of set up using Martinez as a foil for Barry’s plans to get rid of Aubry. This women needs mental help ASAP.

  7. Gabriel can now claim that Olivier has a bad temper and should not be around his little girl. Even if Gabriel took the first swing, ol’ Frenchie had no problem breaking some ribs and causing other injuries, all while in the presence of little Nahla.
    Frenchie has no bearing in the little child’s life. His relationship with Halle could end tomorrow, and he would be gone. Gabriel on the other hand IS Nahla’s daddy and will always be.
    Gabe needs to keep getting therapy and ask the courts to keep ol’ Frenchie from being around little Nahla.

  8. Here’s my plan for Gabriel:
    1) Make the first family court date, even if you took the first swing. Olivier has a VIOLENT temper and should NOT be near your daughter. He IS NOT her father. He is French and wants to take your baby to France, not for her best interest, but for his own egomanic reasons.
    2) Enroll in parenting/anger management classes ASAP!
    3) Get counseling for Nahla. No doubt she witnessed the fight and is distraught about that French man hurting her daddy.
    4) Prepare your case with you criminal attorney.
    5)Arrange for a third party to do the custody exchanges. This will protect everyone, especially you!

  9. How come Gabriel breaks a rib, has facial injuries, is knocked out… but he’s the one who gets arrested?

  10. As the photo shows, Halle is a very plain looking bi-racial woman without loads of makeup and styling!

  11. From all reports over time, she is a mean sadistic diva who is no great actress either. When shopping for a man to impregnate her (such as Madonna did), she was too dumb to know there would be consequences.


    Gabriel should have kept it zipped up.
    Olivier should run far away from this witch.

  12. She was foisted as a great actress but is really as goofy off-script as Whitney Houston.

    Like the Jackson’s, Tiger Woods, and others Halle wants nothing to do with BLACKS (except when it can benefit her).

  13. Janet!! I agree!! And I don’t understand how Aubrey was arrested when clearly his injuries put him in the hospital at the hands of Martinez??? whattt?? Berry has a slick lawyer no doubt. I agree with the other writer that Aubrey needs to start his case with the fact that MARTINEZ is the hostile guy, not the father! Why does she want to take her child from the father?? she is a psycho and I think people in Hollywood know this about her. I hope this poor Aubrey guy can get it together, I hope he didn’t ruin his chances now of losing the daughter…

  14. Berry must have blasting away at both men before the fight, tales about the “evil” Aubrey to Martinez, and inflammatory words to Aubrey.

  15. A few things:

    Halle is an evil bitch, who has blasted all her exes post breakup. Olivier be careful of this Nasty witch!

    It seems like Halle has the paps on speed dial and some of the tabloid gossip sites have her version of what she wants everyone to think. We don’t know if Gabriel really cast the first punch, but it really looks like a guy who didn’t see what was coming his way. I’ve heard Olivier comes from a boxing background but there is clearly more to this story.

    Halle was clearly spurred on because little Miss former beauty queen didn’t get her way in court.

    And just another little personal observation, Gabriel nor Martinez come off as dirtbags but Halle clearly is a sociopath, entitled bitch that will stop at nothing to get her way. I can’t stand this woman and would love for a talk show to get all her exes on the panel and give us the real dish on this bitch.

  16. i feel sorry for anyone in hit and run halle…(including her daughter)…halle wants what she wants when she wants it and if she doesn’t get it…watch out!

  17. Aubrey was arrested because he allegedly threw the first punch. I’m guessing that he’ll file countercharges based upon the photo TMZ posted. He clearly got the worst of it.

  18. Halle Berry is a manipulative,conniving, evil woman whose past history reveals that she is incapable of being in a positive, happy relationship with a man. Every single one has ended either in violence or bad feelings….and she was the culprit. Berry played Aubrey like he was a classic violin…waiting to be used. She has a sociopathic personality and will not hesitate to use anybody or anything to get her own way. Unfortunately,this includes her very own daughter. Halle has systematically tried to eradicate Aubrey from his daughter’s life, and will continue to go to the ends of the earth to achieve this. The ulimate casualty is her beautiful, vunerable daughter. Shame on this woman – she is an absolute nightmare and should be stopped from doing any more irreparable harm.

  19. it’s the father Gabriel who apparently started the fight but Martinez did a few boxing during his youth so Gabriel lost the fight
    i’m only team Nahla

  20. Set up all the way and Aubrey fell right into it. He should have been advised to be on guard since Halle lost her case. Now he knows, but he has to defend himself!!
    Agree with you all, evil & crazzzzy witch. Poor Nahla. Good advice from Mama…….

  21. Halle Berry is a self centered bitch!! She always tries to make an ex the bad guy….but her 2 exes, David Justice and Eric Benet are both happily married with children! When she’s done with a guy she doesn’t just move on, she wants to destroy them!! I hope Gabriel Aubry files suit against both of them!!

  22. she is just as innocent a person can be.

    (game, set, match!!)

  23. Janet you are right on. She just ‘played’ Gabriel into this whole mess.
    I am just sorry he fell for it. Halle has rubbed me the wrong way for
    a long time now with her ‘oh woe is me’ attitude. To pull this with
    her child is really just plain rotten. But it is all about what SHE wants,
    isn’t it ? He should have known better but one can only imagine what
    was said to start it all ? hmmm Sheesh where was the paparazzi this time ???

    Frankly Gabriel should have a 3rd party with him as a witness from
    now on when he deals with Halle. She will do what ever it takes to
    get her way. He should protect himself.

    By the way I have seen Gabriel in public with Nahla, just having a normal day together. No attitude just spending time with his daughter.
    Seemed like a regular dad to me.

  24. I’m thinking Halle may be in for a lot of shit this go ’round. Clearly keeping your guard dog on a short leash is her responsibility. It was definately her intention to have a brawl break out. Any judge should be able to see this as being the case. Olivier should NOT be the go between for these two.

    Browsing the other gossip sites, you can clearly see Halle smirking. She is destroying her daughter, just to get even with her ex. Sicko

  25. I can’t stand her. The more I see and hear about her, the uglier she gets.

  26. Gabriels screwed in the eyes of the law because there are witnesses, unfortunately they are her people. It was a total set up, and I to will never spend a dime of my money on anything she is in.

  27. I think Halle totally set this up, and karma will get her back. Haven’t liked her for ages because she comes across as a nasty, vindictive, manipulative lunatic. She needs therapy, and I think Nahla should be placed with Gabriel. He may have lost his cool in this one, but overall, he’s only been behaving as any loving father would who wants his little girl where he can have access to her as she grows. Not that France is the back of beyond, but it’s more trouble for him to constantly fly back and forth. And Halle knows this. She’s a shitty example of a mother.

  28. I completely agree. I suspect this is a pretty manipulative person and she finally pushed too far. I haven’t bought this act of hers in regards to the lengths she’s gone to smear her ex. It’s unfortunate he succumbed to anger and violence but I’ve no doubt it was a long time coming.

  29. What some people are failing to realize is maybe Oliver started the fight and Gabriel was defending himself. By, Gabriel injuries, I highly doubt it was the other way around. I’m sure Gabriel knew that Oliver is an “ex” fighter so I highly doubt that he would start a fight with Oliver. We will never know the real truth since the “witness” is one of Halle’s people. Halle totally set up Gabriel and unfortunately for him he didn’t have a third party with him. It’s very interesting how ALL her exes have issues, they are either sex addicts or abusers and it’s never poor innocent HB. I witnessed firsthand 20 years ago how narcissistic she is. I really feel for Nahla because she is going to grow up and be just like her mother.

  30. I predict that the same thing is going to happen to Oliver in a couple of years. HB will probably label him as a molester since she has accused her “execs” as abusers and sex addicts.

  31. Just saw the new pics of Gabriel’s face and read his account of what happened, I’m more inclined to believe his side of the story. His face matches his account of what happened. Hb is clearly ticked that she spent so much money trying to move to France and then it didn’t work.

    Someone should start a petition to remove her from revlon and other things she endorses, she’s a terrible brand representative. She makes this world worse for being in it and no amount of counseling will help her, she’s incorrigible.

  32. Cheap dirty Janet, well said, and I totally agree. Hopefully this bitch burns. Sorry, but when people use their children as pawns, they don’t deserve to have them.

    That bitch should be shaking in her boots now that CPS is soon to be knocking on her door. How humiliating and life changing for Nahla.

  33. I think Halle’s goose is cooked this time. Nothing Gabriel could have done or said justifies the beating Olivier gave him. Things just got serious, and I’m totally in Gabriel’s corner.

  34. Team Gabriel! First of all, Gabriel has not shown any sign of a violent temper. Second, Olivier has a reputation of being a hotheaded Frenchman, and third, Halle has to be livid that the judge ruled against her evil plan to take Nahla to France to live. I agree with the other posters that Gabriel might have caught a break, since his face proves how violent Olivier can be. No judge I know of would place a child in another country with a man who has a temper like he does. If Gabriel did throw the first punch, it was only because his heart was breaking at the thought of being kept away from his daughter by another man. Any father worth a dime would do anything he could to stay close to his child. It will be interesting to see if any judge agrees with me.

  35. Having a kid out of wedlock always always brings t.r.o.u.b.l.e. And Trouble is Halle’s middle name.

  36. Halle playing her best drama role ever. The mastermind behind getting your way, making it hard for a child’s father to see him and go to Paris….where its safer from the press. Yeah, right, isn’t this is city where Princess Diana lost her life due to the paparazzi?

  37. Lets play a game until somebody loses! 🙂
    -I have no feelings

    Lets do it bitch
    -Zack J. Bailey 🙂

  38. I would love a crack at smacking the shit out of Halle Berry. If anyone needs an ass kicking, it’s her. The judge will inevitably decide to grant custody to Nahla’s father. Then Berry can keep chasing dick after dick all she wants. The woman can never be happy with herself. She is not content being alone for even a very short period of time. Everyone needs to take a break from bad relationships. This bitch constantly goes from one man to the next. If she loses custody, her role as Dorothy Dandridge will come true to life.

  39. Ha…JC came back with a hopper full of new personalities! The Pied Piper can really have a time now!

    Halle is a VERY PLAIN looking bi racial woman without much styling and makeup. The implants helped as well.

  40. Gabriel Aubry is a FRENCH-Canadian,halle’s child will automatically have Canadian citizenship….maybe thats what pist her off

  41. Without major makeup and styling, Halle is an extremely plain looking bi racial woman.

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