Dita Von Teese showed off what she describes as the “first 3-D printed dress” in New York. We’re guessing 3-D glasses make it even better. It was designed by Michael Schmidt, who works with metal and unusual textiles – years ago we saved up and bought a Mad Max inspired chain mail top from him. Many rock stars clamor for his one of a kind punkish creations.

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13 thoughts on “WATCH OUT! IT’S DITA VON TEESE IN 3-D!

  1. When did she get those implants? I thought she was au natural? Those are horrible.

  2. did is my birtday present.
    I’M ABSOLUTELY HONOURED, dita!!!!!!!!

  3. Good Lord the only people who comment on Janet’s website are a bunch of freaks!
    That’s a baaaaad bitch tho.

  4. this is unacceptable this ho has no clothes on. I think that celebrity these days are becoming to desperate to the point that there selling body for personal gain. What a hoe.

  5. Shes pretty I like her outfit. and her boobs are incredible.How much does a boob job cost anyways…… anybody know?

  6. Whenever I see her photo I think of Marilyn Manson defiling her and I throwup a little in my mouth.

  7. Those breast are yucky, ditta. After all those richs guys’ she still hasn’t find someone to settle down with to have kids.

  8. Her face is not pretty and she takes herself way too serious.

  9. It does not look comfortable, and yes, the 3-D adds some weight to her abdomen, but it is amazing.

  10. She is basically a glorified stripper. All image no talent. She always dresses like a 50’s upper middle class housewife. How about concentrating on women who are known for their talent and brains not their bodies or who they have slept with.

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