Venus Williams decided to spice up her rather ordinary EleVen sports fashion collection by designing – of all things -a naughty boudoir inspired tennis outfit with black lace. She sexed up the tennis courts at the French Open, and whether she won was less discussed than her tennis garb. The trademark flesh colored panties left little to the imagination. It was a tennis getup that Dita Von Teese could sink her teeth into. Venus’s body DOES look more streamlined and less over-muscled. Maybe she cut back on the supplements.

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  1. this can be fun when you’re happen to be INCONTINENT!!

  2. Look at what Maria Sharapova is wearing. Or put it this way, Maria made in excess of $15 million last year from product endorsements, her winnings on the tennis court was only $2 million.

    So, they’ll wear whatever so long as they can make more money… This is just like car racing and all those stickers which are placed on racing cars.

    Hence, look what’s on the back window of most peoples cars – free advertising.

  3. One thing is for sure, everybody heard about her as per her outfit. As it was a one of a kind.

    As compared to the hundred or so other players who wore the same ole boring outfits.

    However, this was the FRENCH OPEN, and well. Wasn’t this something that made the French who they are a very sexual culture?

  4. She signed a $70 million endorsement deal with Nike, the biggest deal ever for a female athlete, and then lost in January in the first round of the Australian Open.

    But, won in Memphis.

  5. Maria won in Memphis and got that Nike deal over the next seven years.

  6. BEAT THIS Hormone shocker CHAZ Bono! Mike Tyson look-a-like tennis shemale dressed like a slutty trannie male complete.

  7. dang? I think she looks pretty amazing? The best I’ve seen Venus look in a long time!

  8. Classless. Isn’t there a law called “indecent exposure”? I’d say that’s what being forced to look at someone’s butt crack and huge butt cheeks is doing, indecent exposure. And the so-called “dress” looks rediculous, makes me think of those stupid french maid costumes people wear for naughty se play games. NOT APPROPRIATE for public, espiecially where people have PAID to get in to watch a sport. BE PROFESSIONAL Venus! You look like a cheap fool.

  9. This is not attractive. Or cute. Or sexy. Or art. It’s ridiculous.

  10. Looks like she’s lost weight, but maybe that was Serena who was larger…hard to keep them apart. Anyway, sorry, but I think she has a fugly face and is lacking in the brains department to wear a naughty nightie to play tennis with her ass hanging out.

  11. ^^^lol. you complain about how she looks, but not blossom’s look.

    never fear, they are both well-off and wealthy, and live lives that you can never afford. lol.

  12. Looking good, and perfect for the French.
    Nicely toned down body.

  13. Wow, could you see Martina Navtatilova wearing the this?

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