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Lady Gaga is wearing THOSE shoes again! She even plans her head to toe wardrobe when she does a web interview like the one she just finished in North London. How she keeps her balance on the platforms without heels is a mystery – she’s not holding onto to anyone or anything so she must be getting used to them. And get a load of that studded Birkin bag!

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  1. keep those MONGOL-LOOKIN’ASSISTANCE in the united states.
    this is europe, you know?


  2. Talk about suicide shoes? Seriously, once upon a time a woman would spend five bucks to look good, now they’re spending $500 to look bad. Shame.

  3. She’s trying to resemble Madonna circa 1987, remember Who’s that Girl? I really despise this woman, all show and zero substance. Besides her tasteless attire, what’s so special about this tranny? Isn’t she way past her expiration date?

  4. Yes I agree with Sally, Lady CaCa does try to emulate Madonna. At first I found her style fresh and interesting, right now I’m bored. This is a slut outfit nothing more. And while Madonna couldn’t sing, so she needed to draw attention to her antics, this one can actually produce good tunes so it puzzles me why she chooses to look like a scarecrow.

  5. Sally & Meg are right. GAGME is nothing more than a REALLY bad joke. I hope she falls forward and slams her buck teeth backwards so they quit sticking out of her mouth like a rabbit. Why she doesn’t get those things fixed with all the money she’s made is beyond me.
    The stupid “shoes” are too much of a LOOK AT MEEEEEE… as is her open jacket and visible bra…hey “lady” you don’t HAVE anything to SEE…stop showing off your training bra! And keep your ugly man puppet in the dark closet where you both belong.

    PS… And the bag is really hideous. I wouldn’t take it if someone gave it to me for FREE! Is there any fashion today that is actually attractive? PLEASE…show me some!!!

  6. BIRKIN BAG, SHMIRKIN BAG…..who cares about ‘name brands’. I have a purse from Wal-Mart for $14 that looks way better than that one.

    Meg, Sally, and Reta^^^yes^^^^and the bottom line is she IS really really crazy nuts. Buck teeth and all her gimmicks, don’t care for them. PS: The man (?) looks like an escapee from a mental hospital.

  7. She should just have some stainless steel stilts surgically implanted into her legs so she could totter around on small points of rubber permanently since she likes to position her crotch perilously over dangerous sharp sticks and then try to flail about without falling over. Now THAT I would PAY TO SEE!!! Or how bout some pogo stick thigh-high boots that she could leap out windows with? She could have a paarachute dress to slow down her landing! I mean, might as well have her rediculous outfits have some actual USE to them, eh?

  8. Boring. Lady Gaga’s goofy getups distract from her music and makes her a carnval act. I can’t watch her peform anymore. It’s too ridiculous. Even Madonna leaves the costumes at home.

  9. Her getups are just plain wrong and she’s isn’t even fair. Let the talent speak for it’s self.

  10. God, she is so ugly. And that guy’s got his hand on her back so she’s still being propped up (haha, in more ways than one. Who is fronting her startup money and paying all and sundry to hype her?) I saw some pictures of her on a UK site — she was a beautiful child. What happened?!

  11. classssssssssssssssssssssLESS!!!! classless!!!! There will never be another Madonna…..

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