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Vanessa Hudgens might be considered a 22 year old cougar. Her new boyfriend, actor Josh Hutcherson is only 18 years old! But Josh (he appeared in Bridge to Terabithia and The Kids Are all Right) knows a good thing when he sees it. They look like a happy couple bowling in Studio City.

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  1. Did someone mention Donald Trump earlier? A thought about him….he is looking a wee bit portly in the gut area, no doubt from sitting behind a desk for decades making all those big-buck deals. Anyhoo, he is kinda sickly looking and needs to start exercising (surely he has a gym in Mar-a-Lago) (apology to Janet for getting off ….Janet could you do a heading about the Don for us? Thanx).

  2. Um, anyways.. Josh was pretty decent in the movie The Kids Are All Right. Anyone who hasn’t seen it yet really should.

  3. Rick and all: I’m sorry I didn’t comment on VH. But, anyway I think she is still devastated from the breakup with Zac Efron, who is reportedly gay. I don’t mean this to sound hateful, but she probably goes thru a tube of hair remover a week, she just looks hairy all over, sorry.

  4. Turn your attention elsewhere for awhile, get relaxed, and take long deep breaths. It’ll pass.

  5. Indy, I think she is stunningly beautiful, but if she is anything like the rest of them, only half of the hair on her head is her own.

  6. This ‘actress’ seems a little to ambitious, you know, posting pictures of her girly parts all over the Interweb coincidentally timed with any of her new projects. Bearding Efron hasn’t hurt her career either.

  7. Looks like the Josh fellow is pretty happy. I bet she makes him feel like a big boy (wink wink). lol

  8. I think she is a naughty little minx!! Seen the pics from a few years ago that were jacked from her phone. Maybe I am behind in the times, but I would never in a million years take or send some of the photos, that this young lady did. Being a Mother, I feel for her hers. She is very pretty though, too bad her self respect didn ‘t match.

  9. she looks all of 12 or 13 at present so I can’t imagine if these pics were years ago. As Muffin says, I too am a mother, but of boys/men now but i still can’t begin to imagine a child of mine having such low self esteem.
    These Hollywood “stars” of todays might as well give out tickets for the next “ride” they are that indescreet about their lives and choices. Guess no one told them about all the gross and deadly things that can befall one who behaves in this manner. This ain’t the 60’s anymore people and Aids wasn’t even around back then. The drugs are much stronger and deadlier today as well. it’s no wonder so many of these young “stars” become so hopelessly addicted or even die (like Heath ledger did).

  10. People!
    She and Zack were a fauxmance he’s gay she the beard.

    NEW rumors abound. She is now H’woods new hot drug taking mess.

  11. Isn’t she the typical money hungry Asian and was said to be pretty free with that clam in her younger days. Never was known for brains but that hasnt stopped anyone in LA.

  12. giggle giggle titter titter, I saw only one penis yet……….giggle giggle, MY DADDY’S ONE, titter titter!!!

  13. Casonia Logenberry...Hells kitchen..Is only for the few? Year after year people from all over the world want to prove themselves to Chef Gordon Ramsay..Why? He is very hard to please and that what makes him attractive! says:

    As long as he is not 17 years old everything should be cool and alright and..He is Handsome and has not gone throw the Drama that we all face with age and..He seems sweet and kind and handsome and really attractive..Good Pick young lady. Your doing great and…Massive Joy and Happy-ness follows you both!

  14. Listen you all, Zacky isn’t GAY! Just because he wouldn’t let all of you suck his diiicckk doesn’t make him gay, so stop bashing & go home already.

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