Vanessa Hudgens was so brainwashed on “how to behave” by Disney when she was a child star that it’s hard for her to adjust to the fact that she’s grown up and independent now. She had to chop off her hair and gain 10 pounds for her role as an unwed teen mother in “Gimme Shelter” and as a result, she’s not happy with her looks. A photographer caught her deeply inhaling on a cigarette as a friend was driving her through West Hollywood, and Vanessa went bonkers. She jumped out of the car and chased the paparazzi down the street in a rage! Vanessa, you’re 22 now and smoking is not illegal, but it’s a dumb way to lose weight.

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  1. Good grief, she looks like that Kris Jenner person in this photo.

  2. Well, she can’t be that much of a smoker if she was able to chase the paps down the street.

  3. Yoko Ono, what might have been the never young., lovely early years but not because Ono always looked so sad, crazy, cranky, snobbish and dirty…. yes?

  4. What do Vanessa and Zac have in common? Both smoke poles!

  5. Well it is her body and her soul and if she has fun smoking and it takes away some stress for certain people and they feel relaxed and at ease and the world is already knows that it is not good for you and sooner or later…some one has to pay the price but this is a habit millions of people love to do and if you ever try to get a person to stop smoking…Then get ready for the temper and smart mouth and abuse…That a another person has to suffer…People love to smoke and it is better to enter a relationship with some one that loves to smoke as much as you do…Or there is going to be a problem? Smokers love to smoke after sex or in the morning with a cup of coffee and a cig to start the day and that is the way it is always going to be….

  6. Wait a minute…what happened to wigs and padded clothing? Sounds like BS to me. I have long hair to my waist and wouldn’t cut my hair off for nobody or any role. they can work wonders with the hair department today and you can EASILY pad a girl up 10 pounds which is actually not even really visibly a weight gain.

    As for the smoking, it seems to me ALL of “young-ish” Hollywood smokes. I don’t know why after all us older people have learned and gone thru in stopping doing it, and how many incredible stars we lost in Hollywood to cancers who smoked like chimneys.

    I have an adorable, pixie-ish neighbor girl who is 14 and charming and sweet and SMOKES!! I had a talk with her about when I was her age and smoked, all thru my teens (among OTHER things) and she says shes TRYING to stop. My advice was just to take whatever she had left and go flush them down the toilet and never smoke again. COLD TURKEY. I did it at 19 and I’m 59 now and never smoked again. I’m proud of myself and know other people can do it if they want. I was smoking a pack and a half a day when I quit, and cigs were 35 cents a pack!!!

  7. Reta, I am totally in agreement with you on smoking. Thank goodness, I never tried one, not even one. Before I got hitched, I dated two men (not at the same time) who smoked like a chimney. I mean they were good-looking, gentlemanly, sweet, and all you could ever want. Soon I realized all my furniture and clothes smelled like smoke so much, that my mother asked me if I was smoking on the sly. My cousin died at age 36 with an oxygen tank on his back, being a 2 1/2 day pack smoker. All smokers are damn fools, and that’s a fact jack. They should see a video of blackened lungs, but usually they are too far gone to quit.

  8. Disney groomed her, I wouldn’t be surprised if she was a cutter and a polymorphic drugs user. What we do know is she will never make a transition to grown up roles. Kind of like the cute Hillary Duff who can’t read at a grade 8 level but is a New York Times beest selling author.

  9. gross….she looks like a troll…a troll who smokes….she’ll be sorry one day

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