Since the first time Tyra Banks shared a stage with Oprah, she has wanted to BE her. A younger version of her, of course. Tyra admits Oprah has been her inspiration and her show is successful so she’s obviously appealing to viewers. Tyra has even gained WEIGHT and made a big deal out of her body image problems like Oprah. Tyra’s cool and her coworkers like her (like Oprah) but Tyra has a long way to go to touch Oprah in one department. Oprah is famously generous with her staffers – she’s given them Hawaiian vacations, cars, fat bonuses, and much more. This Christmas Tyra gave each employee a thank-you note and a ten dollar gift certifiate for iTunes along with a list of her recommended songs.



  2. well I guess thats why oprah’s staff never publicly complain about that phoney diva’s crazy primadonna antics….they are all compensated nicely.
    as for tyra, she looks like RuPaul, the drag queen popular in the early 90s. She steals her look from him. haha and he is prettier than her. I absolutely hate her Next top Model show….she is really freaking mean and absolutely impossible to please on that show.. so many times, i just wish the wannabe models would just tell her where to stick it and leave the show. they dont need her. so, it serves her damn right that a picture is floating all over of her looking absouletely unattractive. she is fug inside and out.

  3. hey speaking of drag queens, i heard that Tyra is dating one.
    Tyler Perry, the “director/writer/actor” Dragqueen who played the character Medea. I think that last one was called “Medea goes to Jail”. i never saw it.
    …..anyhow, i wonder if the mystery man in her bathing suit photos is that guy.

  4. I think that the first time Tyra was on Oprah’s show was to remind people that she is a model and to show people how she is frugal and you can be too. which actually is pretty interesting, but i just have to puke when oprah gets really excited and tells that audience what a complete freaking bargin those 300 dollar handbags are.
    i cant stand either one of them.

  5. Tyra Banks is screaming and yelling about how the media has been so unfair and mean to her because she gained a few pounds.Well Boo Hoo,stay away from the fried chicken cow or stay off the beach in your heffa suit.Ten dollar gifts?Do her wigs cost that much that shes a cheap sea muhr?……Oh No!

  6. Tyra Banks is screaming and yelling about how the media has been so unfair and mean to her because she gained a few pounds.Well Boo Hoo,stay away from the fried chicken cow or stay off the beach in your heffa suit.Ten dollar gifts?Do her wigs cost that much that shes a cheap sea muhr?……Oh No!

  7. Tyra Banks is screaming and yelling about how the media has been so unfair and mean to her because she gained a few pounds.Well Boo Hoo,stay away from the fried chicken cow or stay off the beach in your heffa suit.Ten dollar gifts?Do her wigs cost that much that shes a cheap sea muhr?……Oh No!

  8. I cant watch tyras show with all her head spinning and snapping fingers “YOU GO GIRL” shes simply doing a new version of ricki lakes show.And what happined to her singing career,anyone remember that god awful song she put out and did on top model? God awful.

  9. The writers of American Next Top Model went on strike in late July. They wanted to be able to join the WGA so they could get health insurance. That was basically it. The majority of those writers had been working on ANTM for at least four or five seasons. So in fact they along with others were directly responsible for making ANTM the successful show it is. Whether you like the show or not, is not the point. The point is that it is a financial success. Tyra refused to support her writers or get involved at all. These writers are just basic middle class people with families and kids. Her response to the strike could not have been more un-oprah-ish. And to top it off, the writers were fired. When in the United States Of America does someone go on strike and loose their jobs? That is what happened to the writers on her show and I guess this is what Tyra Banks wants to put out in the world. She’s not ready to be Oprah, nor will she ever be, because Oprah, I think has a conscious. (As much as one can in the media.) Tyra Banks does not.

  10. Tyra Banks has learned from Rosie on how to keep her show in the news.By screaming her big mouth off.She gained weight was caught in her bathing suit and cant deal with it.Americas next top Porker.

  11. she spent the rest of the gift budget on fritos and fried chicken.

  12. You can’t allways get what ya want…Comon Tyra is creedy and Oprah want to help and listen people. I don’t see any chance for Tyra to reach Oprah level with her behavior…Too much Diva and too many wigs too much BIG MOUTH and Tyra it’s the TIME to put the money where is your mouth…
    Six pack you nailed it Americas next top Porky!
    Hahaaa hahaaahahhah!

  13. A few things… 1. Oprah turned me off BIG time whebshe went on that BS Hermes rant when they did not allow her in the store after hours – and she has the NERVE to blame it on Racism. Then when it backfires in her face, she tries to do damage control and blame the employees for HER blatant disrespect of them and their time. TRYA is a self-important BORE. She is NOT that attractive but she has the obnoxiousness of that other stupid bitch VIVICA FOX. I am sick of their militant – too busy being black – attitudes. Neither has any class. The best part of Dancing w/ Stars was when Vivica got voted off.

  14. So Janet, what did you give your people – especially the ones who give you inside info?

  15. Oprah gives away stuff so she can then go on her own show and tell the worldhow much she gives to her staff. It’s called publicity, and she’s the Queen of Publicity.
    It’s all about Oprah………I just wish she’d shut her yap.

  16. Wonder if Oprah told Tyra she would put her on the show is she would let her between her getting fatter legs? Janet do you know?

  17. Who cares if Oprah wants the publicity? I wish I worked for her and received all the gifts, vacations, etc. She could talk about it all she wanted, just keep the goodies coming my way. As for Tyra…a $10 gift card? With HER music suggestions? What an insult. I hope she pays her staff well, if she isn’t going to give them anything extra.


  19. Tyra probably couldn’t give her staff and audience members gifts like Oprah because Tyra doesn’t have Oprah’s $$$.
    However, I think Tyra’s doing a great job and NO she’s NOT FAT and so what if she was….

  20. Sorry but there will not be another Oprah until Oprah is long gone. Tyra can keep on dreamin’ girlfriend snap snap.

  21. Tyra is a cukoo clock all right but I like her now that she has a little more butt than before….I bet Ophrah likes it too….there was some diving action after that show!

  22. She is just an uneducated girl who got lucky modeling but with her nose job and fake hair (I think she is really bald under that mess) she was never a natural beauty. Her show is so simple, it doesnt seem like much thought goes into it at all. The topics are so blah, she should have stuck wit ANTM and thanked her lucky stars. If she really didnt care about her weight she never would have made such a big deal out of it in the first place.

  23. Tyra looks better with some meat on that monkey ass…doesnt make her any smarter though!

  24. I don’t think Tyra has an issue with her weight, I think the point is that we live in such a fucked up society that 160lbs on a 5’10 woman is considered fat. Being 5’10 and 120lbs is underweight but everyone is so used to being and seeing coke snorting twigs, people forget that a woman isn’t supposed to look like a thirteen year old boy.
    And sorry, but Oprah doesn’t need publicity. She doesn’t talk about half the stuff she gives or does for her employees and if she does talk about it so what….who wouldn’t want to know about a freaking great place to work that offered tons of perks. Google talks about everything they do for their employees, it’s no secret.

  25. Tyra is a self absorbed Bore.She gained weight and as a former top model it was seen as shocking.But instead of going on a diet, miss I need ratings goes on her ‘My ass is not fat”tour.And did anyone catch her show,?.Her wig was flying back n forth.I wish I could throw a ham at her and shut her fat mouth up.She will get fat,and I will laugh.

  26. thats what she gets for doing those retarded shows with her and others wearing fat suits to ‘investigate” what in the world it might be like to be overweight.
    tyra the egomaniac wants all of you to know that its okay to be fat unless its her.
    there needs to be an ivestigation as to whether tyra is really packing a weiner.

  27. I knew Tyra was a cheapo when I discovered how much Heidi’s winners received.
    Tyra makes a mint off those girls in ANTM and she gives them peanuts.
    She should be ashamed of herself.

  28. Tyra has got a growing booty all right and Ebony Babe may have the same situation. Oprah may be giving them both a closer look over at her place after the show!!!

  29. Tyra Banks, like most celebrities, has love for herself and not much else.

  30. tyra is obviously a very lovely woman, and she definitely seems to be edging in the right direction by asking people to see the beauty they alone possess … which is there true power. i hope that tyra eventually becomes comfortable enough with herself to be seen with out so much of a commercial expectation in place, i.e. make up… because she has always been a unique representation of height and symmetry. when tyra was beginning to become a major model in the early 90’s. she was always difficult to cast with her contemporaries because her looks were so extraordinary. i’m sure on her human side,as gorgeous as she is, she always wished that she looked more like everyone else, but it’s because she is different that she encourages others to see the beauty in there uniqueness. the money is more often a reflection of the stingey bottom line people, i’m sure trya will make amends to her staff, they are her chosen family, and they endevour tirelessly to present her in the light of her vision.

  31. hu cares if tyra puts on weight if thats what she wants let her go for it jus becouse she is famous doesnt meen she has to stay thin!!!!she is the model ere not u’s so stop comenting on her bet she is more pretty then u!!!

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