Tyler Perry, 45, broke some kind of record this week: First he supposedly announced that he was gay, to no one’s surprise. Just a few days later he denied that he ever made such a confession and instead announced that he has a pregnant girlfriend! This is a confusing chain of events. We always assumed the multi-millionaire Madea creator (and confirmed bachelor) was probably gay and we bet his friend Oprah did too. No big deal. What a surprise when Perry abruptly admitted he is about to become a father with his on again off again Ethiopian model girlfriend Gelila Bekele, that nobody seemed to know about. Good news, but perplexing.

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16 thoughts on “TYLER PERRY: GAY OR NOT GAY?

  1. eh who cares

    his private life is his business, not that interested

    I enjoy some of the stuff he puts together and will continue to watch what he puts out there that I want to see

  2. It’s called artificial insemination and yes by this procedure I believe mr perry will indeed father a child.

    His fan base are southern bapists. they will not accept openly homosexual men or women, he can’t come out without alienating his first and truest fan base.

  3. Blind Gossip just did something on this. He IS gay and his girlfriend is both his beard AND the mother of his unborn child. She is paid QUITE handsomely for both duties! He has never had sex with her– artificial insemination. 🙂

  4. It’s called bi-sexuality. I believe he smartly partakes with trusted males and females. Nobody’s turned on him yet with a tell-all. But people will keep quiet for the right price.

  5. He admitted on the Oprah show he’s been with both men and women.

    There are countless stories out there that he casts his movies looking for male lovers.

  6. Actors play parts.. his real life is entirely personal; unless he deliberately bullies someone for their lifestyle.. hurts children, kicks animals, beats up old people, makes fun of cripples. abuses or kills someone.. Oh wait.. he sometimes does.. as an actor..

  7. He’s gay. If Oprah could have hit it with him she would have. She is totally nuts over him.

  8. I think it’s hilarious how all of these power brokers in Hollyweird shill for one another. Oprah covering for Tyler; Tyler trying to be Oprah by worshiping at her feet.

    I really don’t think the Southern Baptists are that stupid or naive when all they have to do is look in the choir to see that half of it’s made up of closeted black men like TP. Everyone knows already!

    How long before an OWN exclusive “Tyler Perry’s baby interview” stay tuned.

  9. True, its the gay nation just like those who try and edit comments on JCH about gays and AIDS.

    T and the other gays are spreading AIDS. Pack him up and send him to BLACK Gay Island (Jamaica).

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