It looks like the Wedding extravaganza of the Century is taking place in Italy, judging by the country’s level of excitement. George Clooney is marrying Amal Alamuddin this weekend at the fancy Cipriani Hotel in Venice. Stores selling souvenirs are already hawking t-shirts and statues (above) of the bride and groom for sentimental fans. The REAL bride and groom looked ravishing as they arrived at the hotel today.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News



  1. I really didn’t think he would go through with it. Lord, I hope we survive this weekend and all the Clooney updates.

  2. Aw, they look beautiful and happy, and their wedding looks like it will be the glamour event of the decade. Unlike the trashy kimye event.

  3. Clooney’s boyfriend isn’t happy about the new beard in his life, so my sources say.

  4. Tom whom it may concern, I just looked all this up:

    George was raised Catholic, but now is bordering on atheism.

    Amal is of the Druze reiogion, which is an offshoot of Islam. The mysterious tight knit Druze very rarely marry outside of their religion.

    Wow, she is still young enough to have kids. If the stud-puppy desires kids, how will they be raised? Something about all this is very strange. George Clooney is indeed looney.

  5. Medievel thinking prevails in some pathetic minds. Must be hideous being trapped like that.

  6. Great makeup job on this lady, sometimes she looks as ugly as Anne Hathaway, but in these pics she looks radiant.

    I don’t understand why a young intelligent lady would marry such an old goat. Me thinks clooney has something up his sleeves with this little charade.

  7. Amal is a weird mix of Michael Jackson and Anne Hathaway. And yes, she’s successfully bearding for Clooney, that successfully that they’ll soon gonna be married.

  8. Isn’t he running for office soon. It looks better to have a wife. I still believe he is gay and she is just in it for the money/fame.

  9. If the rag mags caught him with a dude in a gay bar/sauna/massage parlor, this would make super huge headlines. It would be bigger than big and make the lucky guy who caught him very very rich. Something is really weird above this quickie wedding, after him proclaiming himself to be a lifetime bachelor. Also, none of the other sluts he boinked could catch him….so why now?

  10. Patrick, did you notice a certain someone slipped up on their usual comments?

  11. Yep!
    Saw it post as Rita once too.
    Nobody else caught it though.
    Good eye, Bluejay.
    Quite the multi personality, eh?!

  12. I never bought the Gay George bit. I thought he was having too much fun w/ too many women to marry and am very surprised by this pairing. He never went for intelligence before.

  13. Didn’t he bet Michelle Pfeiffer $100,000 he would never get married again?

    Hope she makes him pony up.

  14. The Pied Piper must have gotten finished at the Global Warming March and came to JCH to coordinate the thinking of his flock.

  15. Each picture with her in shorter skirts shows a set of very skinny legs…..George may not mind but toothpick legs are not so appealing!

  16. All it really takes is the right person to make you change your mind. There are plenty of people who say they will never get married, or never have children, only to turn around and do the very thing they said they would never do. Where do you think the “never say never” phrase came from? I think they look beautiful. They also look very happy. Good for them!

  17. I think that they are double-bearding each other. It does not matter that she is a career-woman. People of her ethnic background are married by the time they are in their 30s because their parents’ influence is so strong.

    There is too much money for him still to be made as a leading man; he cannot come out as gay. Audiences do not buy gay men as the hetereosexual love interest.

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