Are we nuts or are Ashlee Simpson and Brooke Hogan morphing into the SAME person? A year ago they looked quite different, but lately we can hardly tell them apart. Do you suppose they have the same plastic surgeon? The same makeup artist? The same hair stylist? Surely those hair extensions came from the same donor. We find it creepy – isn’t ONE of these girls enough?

11 thoughts on “TWO OF A KIND

  1. I don’t know who Natalie Portman is, but how much plastic surgery has Ashlee had? She doesn’t even resemble herself – so much for the “natural look” from plastic surgery. Arghh! If these girls need all this plastic surgery at this age – they’re gonna look hideous by their 5th overhaul – kind of like Joan Rivers.

  2. I couldn’t stand Ashley even when she was on 7th Heaven–still can’t, even more so. Creepy family.

  3. Ashlee should adopt a baby from Malawi like Madonna did. I think she would make a super Mom.

  4. They definitely have the same dentist. Those bleached white buck teeth are ridiculous.

  5. I commend Ashlee for changing her appearance. She saw something she didn’t like & improved it–her perogative. She is no different than most of Tinseltown. The change seems to have boosted her self esteem & given her a take-charge atitude. Maaybe now she can give her sister some advice.

  6. I think Ashley looks amazing. She looks like a goddess! Good for her!

  7. Alas, they are still two distinct teeny boppers. Ashlee keeps looking prettier with every touch up–I mean, day. Brooke, while super sweet, still looks more like a Mini-Me Hulk in drag. No, dear.

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