Mischa Barton FINALLY got what she wanted – a ring from Cisco Adler! And it’s a whopping diamond. Mischa’s been flashing it to all her friends, saying “Look at my promise ring.” She wears it on her right hand so it’s not an engagement ring – yet. It’s a promise to get engaged. Actually it’s more of a “compromise ring.” Mischa has been hounding Cisco for a commitment – she wanted an engagement ring. Cisco wasn’t ready for THAT, but he didn’t want to lose her. He knew he had to do SOMETHING to make her happy, so he compromised and gave her the promise ring. For the time being, they’re BOTH smiling.


  1. Dump that self-centered pathetic lady now!!!! She is only trouble and will make your life miserable. DO NOT MARRY HER, YOU WILL SURELY REGRET IT.

  2. What is up with her mouth? She looks like she French kissed a Mack truck!!

  3. She needs to run from this guy whoever he is..if he’s having such a hard time of it he’s not in love with her. Writing is on the wall, compromises like this never work out. But, she did get a bobble out of it.

  4. She only wants his money, Her career is in the TOILET and he has a few bucks. She’s desperate and I know she cheats on his ass cause he has the herpes and gets a lot of outbreaks. He got it from Kim Stewart. Mischa hooks up with a guy with the initials T.T, CHECK IT OUT

  5. I agree with the last poster. If she’s pushing for marriage and he’s just buying her this promise ring because he’s not ready, what’s the point? Sounds like a mismatch.

  6. His penis must be HUGE b/c he is butt ugly. Why do hot girls always go for fugly dudes? Lady, get a clue!

  7. MB is the one with juice in the relationship NOT Cisco (besides being a [former] TV star she’s a top model).
    Sadly like most young dumb drug addled young chicks, she wants an unavailable man.

  8. Those two are ugly as sin, and a non-news item. Please post something about someone interesting!

  9. Which is odd in light of the fact that Lainey is now reporting they’ve split up, which is why she was crying in those pics recently.
    Who’s telling the truth here? Or, more likely, are none of you.

  10. Give them a rest, is their problem, and come on, Mischa Is really beautiful, everyone can have a bad pic… He, well he is ugly, but if they are together. I dont understand how people can asure if theya re good together or not, you dont even know them!!!, besides she is very talented and is a good thing she leave the O.C, that sho is just stuck. He, well im not sure who really is he besides of a musician but he seems like a nice guuy to me…

  11. I know this sounds so mean, but does anyone else think he looks a bit ‘slow’? I don’t think she’s unattractive, and yes looks don’t matter if you’re in love and the person has a good heart. Still, the guy looks like a retard.

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